Alternate Reality: Blog recap

Goodbye July!

Under the jump is a list of all the Monthly Musing blogs for Alternate Reality. We got a lot of really interesting submissions this time — thanks to everyone who participated!

The Musing for August will be going up sometime tomorrow evening. Stay tuned!

Om Nom On Souls: A Revolutionary Invention from the geniuses at Microsoft
Kytherno: The Land of Spira
LawofThermalDynamics: My Vacation Log
Wodashin: The Red Menace
SAMA1984: Good or Evil, or just Sadistic?
Beyamor: Super MarioOH-NO
Amazing Rando: The Hilarity of Evil
Apsup: In a land of videogame violence
Kinjiro: A Day in the Life
Wrenchfarm: Alan Wake, Synchronicity, and the Dark Presence
garethxxgod: For Science…
mollygos: It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!
Son of Makuta: All Your Boss
Rei Lanzo: Effort Should Count
3uho: No console owner gamer
ThePhil: One Boy’s Limit
Gilthalas: The Curse of Medium Sized Walls
Stevil: My other car is a Trotmobile!
AwesomeExMachina: Time for a new job
Ross Purcell: Pacific City is your City
Xandaca: The Crate Escape
chaotical: Once more with feeling
Chiben: My Love life evolves with Mass Effect
Trebz: The Beam Katana!
knutaf: If Cars Couldn’t Kill
Nathsies: 1.21 GIGAWATTS?!
SAMA1984: Your Character and You
BrunoDeckard: Potestas puniendi
MuddBstrd: Too Much Information
Manic Maverick: More Details Like Hearts
Shodan: Instant History
garethxxgod: A Father And Son
tomothy25: Subconscious Security
Nathsies: Dreams Within Dreams
burningsoup: I’ve got friends!
randombullseye: A memoriam stanza
nekobun: Without  your eyes getting wet
Danny Merritt: Scholarly Pursuits (Mostly)
IceCreamSocialist: No Victory on This Road: A Real Pokemon Trainer, 14 Years On
SteezyXL: Making the Right Decisions