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Alternative Reality: Dreams Within Dreams


We are the frog, we jump and skip around the pond. Then, we enter the dream, and we are flying. We do not need to be pulled back to the reality to enjoy it, we might even feel more comfortable in an alternative domain. Much as the character is going deeper into his own inner thoughts, we too are travelling with him, hand in hand.

Think of 'alternative reality' in films being something of a linear pyramid, with each giant block representing a reality. One that is bound and printed, we know that the character will wake up back in reality or stay in the alternative realm. We are not upset by this unless it comes abruptly. In a game, imagine a circle, anything is possible. The circle can turn and turn, and we will not feel discomfort in the slightest, since the game is not designed to stop anywhere and we can experience more alternative reality than we can find in linear fiction.

Perhaps I've rambled on a bit there, but alternative reality within alternative reality is something that I want to see. It already happens in the real world, dreams within dreams and all that malarkey, but this needs to go hand in hand with games. Let me be a space pirate and then suddenly wake up as the Captain of Moonbase Alpha Delta.

Also, see Inception.


I know I need to.
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