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Vivendi photo

Report: Vivendi moving forward with hostile takeover of Gameloft

French media conglomerate Vivendi (which once owned Activision Blizzard) has won the backing of a majority of Gameloft shareholders to complete its hostile takeover of the company, Bloomberg reports.  Vivendi owns a 29.9 percent stake ...

Nippon Ichi Software photo
Nippon Ichi Software

NIS horror game Yomawari: Night Alone creeps to Vita, PC this October

As horror games are wont to do, Yomawari: Night Alone is launching in October. Here's the game's  premise straight from the developer, Disgaea studio Nippon Ichi Software: A young girl is walking her dog Poro aroun...



Today's Most Commented
XboneVR photo

E3 website adds Xbox One virtual reality filter, multiple companies register

The ESA recently added the ability to search E3 2016's official website for the category 'Xbox One virtual reality' and it appears as though multiple companies have registered under said category, including: Maximum Games, Rebellion,&n...


BlazBlue: Central Fiction hitting PS4, PS3 this winter

Aksys Games has announced plans to localize BlazBlue: Central Fiction (the fourth main entry in the series) for a North American release across both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 sometime this winter. In addition to a new (...

Deals photo

Fallout 4 hits 46% off, plus a new low on Resident Evil 6 in GMG sale

Green Man Gaming is running a "Deals of the Dead" weekend sale on a bunch of PC games with zombie/dead/horror themes. The deals span a variety of genres, with the most notable discount being Resident Evil 6 hitting new the low price of $6 f...

Tencent photo

Riot Games owner Tencent invests in Paradox Interactive

You should've heard of Tencent by this point. It owns Riot Games (and League of Legends by extension), has a majority stake in Epic Games, is helping Capcom produce Monster Hunter Online, was partially responsible for bringing Call of Duty ...

No Man's Sky
Earlier this week, there were rumblings that No Man's Sky would miss its June 21, 2016 release date. Kotaku had it on good authority that the space exploration game might not make it out until August, much to the chagrin of e...   read

Total Warhammer photo
Total Warhammer

Warhammer is the fastest-selling Total War game

Sometimes, I wonder if we aren't collectively burned out by the incessant Games Workshop adaptations, but then something like Dawn of War III is announced or Total War: Warhammer comes along and clearly, we aren't. I'm more than happy to pu...

Fallout 4 mods photo
Fallout 4 mods

Take a look at the Fallout 4 mods coming to consoles

Mods are headed to the console versions of Fallout 4 soon, which is good, because after the way Far Harbor turned out I think some of us could use the pick-me-up. Xbox One players are getting them first, on May 31, while Bethesda says they'...

Steins;Gate 0 photo
Steins;Gate 0

El Psy Kongroo: Steins;Gate sequel to get localized in 2016

You can stop rubbing your lucky metal Upas and chugging sacrificial Dr. Peppers, folks! It's happening! PQube has announced that Steins;Gate 0, the sequel to one of the better visual novels available in English, will be getting a localized ...

Hitman photo

Be on the lookout for this congressman in Hitman

How are we going to take out The Congressman? He'll be in Hitman's Sapienza for 48 hours as of today and once he leaves, he won't return. We have to make it count. I'm thinking about coming after him as the hippy, if only for the simple r...


Friday Night Fights - Goodnight Sweet Prince

So it's catgirl day in the qposts. Figured I'd stay with the fuzzy theme, kind of. Honestly makes me sad as hell though. Tuesday I came home to find my best friend (non-human, or man this story would be weird), curled up where I park waitin...

Xbox VR photo
Xbox VR

It sure looks like Xbox VR is coming next year

It's almost a foregone conclusion that Microsoft will unveil at least one new and upgraded model of Xbox One at this year's E3. It was originally believed that a souped-up version of what released in late 2013 would serve to fix the perform...

Battleborn photo

A graphics card overclocking program has more Steam users than Battleborn

When Battleborn launched a few weeks ago, the response was uh… muted, to say the least. At best it’s an okay FPS-MOBA hybrid, at worst it’s not much more than a wet fart in a lift. It’s also leaking players like the...

Inversus photo

Inversus is far more technical than I thought it would be

With a low-key announcement in February, it was easy to forget about Inversus. But after actually playing it at MomoCon, I won't make that mistake again.

SSX photo

I should give SSX another shot now that it's playable on Xbox One

SSX (2012) is one I've been meaning to go back to. I liked it well enough at launch, and it was nice to see EA acknowledge the series again, but for whatever reason it just didn't grab me quite like the others. It didn't have that exact rig...

The Last Guardian photo
The Last Guardian

Oh great, Last Guardian's boy can swim

It's not just Gravity Rush 2. IGN has (part one of!) another exclusive to end this week, this time the fabled The Last Guardian which is certainly, definitely coming out this year. It's hands-on with the first 45 minutes, mind, and doesn't...

Dimension Drive photo
Dimension Drive

I'm really glad the troubled Dimension Drive got back on track

Dimension Drive...Dimension Drive...where have you heard that name before? Probably from the trolled Kickstarter debacle. After not hitting their goal they came back for more, and, they've made quite a bit of progress about a year later. I ...

Mighty No. 9 photo
Mighty No. 9

Did the Mighty No. 9 pizza commercial deter you from checking it out?

Seeing a Japanese Mighty No. 9 dev trash a commercial from his western publisher as "unforgivable" had me in stitches for a while. That specific choice of words is pretty amazing, and not something you see every day. Most people are ta...

Cat Girl without Salad photo
Cat Girl without Salad

WayForward's April Fools joke 'Cat Girl without Salad' now a reality

Three years ago, WayForward put out assets for a really intriguing game called Cat Girl Without Salad -- the only problem was that it was announced on April Fools, and definitely wasn't real. But our own Jonathan Holmes didn't give up, and ...


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan"Half-baked heroes in a half-shell"


Overwatch"Cheers, love!"


SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Headset"Excellent sound quality, poor comfort and volume"

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Conflicted between the need to watch Tekken 7 at combobreaker 2016 or doing the college Priorities are messed


As far as I can tell, this was a wristband that makes a living selling other The Wristband Slave Trade is alive and doing


The pills my urologist gave me were working great, but I started to have a reaction to them after a He switched me to something else on Tuesday, but its either not working as fast or not working at Pains back!


Master of Orion is pretty, really pretty, but it is kind of doomed in a post-Stellaris environment, especially when it doesnt bring anything new to the table; theres basically nothing to elevate it above Galactic Civilizations III or Endless


Its time to be happy ! Sing Along Boys & Girls !


why destructoidf


Community manager corner: email your Discord screen caps and E3 report cards to Question: what are you Americans doing for Memorial Day weekend? Non-US Dtoiders, whats your Monday looking like?


On summer break now that school is I need an RPG that I can finish in two weeks


Feeling bored? Feel free to check out my blog about being bored! Pwease? :3


AW SHIT, did I really finish all of Rick & Morty in two days?! Now what am I gonna watch?!


Pc gamers, how would you compare a good pcs graphics to uncharted 4? My son is playing uncharted and I am blown away by the Needless to say, I have never played on a good

Nathan D



Its been decided that this afternoon, my cat Tommy will be put Hes had a good life with us for the last 11 years and will always be My family and I want to thank everyone for your condolences, this has been hard on


People who watch Baccanos sub over the dub and use authors intent as a defense are the Baccano takes place in They should be speaking ARGH


I hope everyone enjoys their You know Whos not off this memorial day

Sarah Jane Farron

Ive not been feeling too great the past few Tired, headaches, not much energy, low moods and Really hope things improve soon because its not pleasant as


I thought the playing with a friend bonus would be small in Overwatch, but its actually pretty significant!(+20%)

Original Onii-chan

A message to all the Overwatch players on PS4, no team needs 4 That is


Des Moines: Home of the breakfast pupusa


Finally an rpg in which the world seems alive and Where dynamic interactions you divinity: original sin, thank


@Nekrosys confirmed for Metal Jesus?


I never revealed what I ended up doing for that Evangelion question in SRW did I? Welp, guess Ill share that in the


Coke that comes into those glass bottles is the true way to drink You can even use the glass bottle to attack someone afterwards, which is a Take that Chad, you

Sir Shenanigans

Yay/nay: every Overwatch loot box should give at least 50

Khalid Eternal Nigh

FUCK Rock Jones, bassist for The Ohio Players died SO MANY GOD DAMN GREAT MUSICIANS His bass was like the driving force in the Shit was SO thumpy, feel it in your ass and makes you


So how am I spending my night? Importing obscure Japanese Thats


Im actively digging into my main Windows mouse settings right now to optimize them for Does this mean that Im a real boy now?


Just wanted to share with you this fantastic Rolling Stone write-up detailing the post-id Software careers of Romero and

Ein on Shrooms

Damn, how did I miss Friday Catgirl day? Am I too late??


Since Final Fight was originally intended as a sequel to Street Fighter, maybe the blond guy in the SF2 opening is Cody Travers? Heard this in one of Guru Larrys


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