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We literally get 400(!) emails every day, so make it fun/obnoxious. Of course, you can also blog about it yourself, but please don’t spam. Here’s some guidelines on what’s cool to post. Gamers are the canniest internet crowd, so be on point.

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How do I log into Disqus? For our long-time readers with old-school Disqus accounts, logging into the Destructoid front page can be tricky. We’ve got a full guide over here.

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Yeah, no. Please don’t mail us anything. You should probably email us first and arrange for one of our writers in America to look at your thing. Hit us up: [email protected].


Is something factually inaccurate on the home page? Get in touch asap to our proof team and we’ll patch it as soon as humanly possible.

Is something that already exists broken or not working exactly as you’d expect? Please email our engineering horses: support team


We try to keep all copyrighted content off our servers, but we also host 200,000+ blogs and unfortunately some stuff slips through the cracks. Our apologies in advance.

For DMCA takedowns please email SUPPORT. We typically take down anything stakeholders ask without question within 48 hours. To expedite this process, please clearly provide proof of ownership in an informal letter.

Pro tip: Don’t send your lawyers after us. A quick note will do.

General Support

Did someone do something naughty, like spam or ugly comments? Does a feature of the site not work? Reach us directly at Support Line. Please make sure you read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Common Sense.

Site Bugs

Get in touch at [email protected]. In many cases the bug can be to your specific device / browser / browser extensions / antivirus, so please provide as much information about your computing environment to expedite the fix. Please include screenshots, urls, etc if possible. If you have a query about advertising-related problems, please let us know where you are geolocated, as that helps us track down and block the offending supplier. We generally don’t do ads in-house.


Destructoid does not accept any in-house direct advertising, we don’t accept sponsored articles, we will not let you buy a text link, and if you’re even remotely associated with gambling don’t even waste your time, we’ll block you. All ads must be purchased through third parties. Church and state!

Where to buy ads: Contact [email protected]

Jobs at our publications

We’re always looking for talented people that understand that this is a job where you write daily. If you don’t write daily, or the thought of doing that sounds annoying, then this gig is not for you. This job is for lovers.

Please send us your writing samples. Show us that you can argue with clarity. Send us links to your personal blog or published works at: [email protected]

I want to contact a specific editor to do a thing

Please understand that Destructoid functions like a vortex. Every story is scheduled in advanced and out in the open — whatever you tell one person is going to end up going through a rigorous proofing and approvals process anyway, so why not just email everybody instead and save us the time?

Product reviews and Junkets

Please DO send press releases and products to our contact email.

Ethics, Parties, and Acquaintances

But seriously, we really care about transparency because we get the whole distrust in media thing. We investigated the magazines and websites that came before us, and so we understand that you should rightfully be investigating us. Go at it! We welcome it and we think we do it better than anyone else — I don’t think you’ll find another media publication who completely outsources ad sales and has a wholly independent editorial team who doesn’t care who buys ads.

Regarding press events and “junkets”: We’d be happy to attend your event, but we will never deliver a review on the spot at your event – forget about it, please don’t ask, end of story. Our readers want us testing stuff in our homes on the same type of equipment they would use, not a controlled environment or after doing shots with Jay-Z. We hope that alleviates future awkward conversations.

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