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About Destructoid

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Destructoid is a Webby Award-winning video game-focused blog that was founded in March 2006 by Yanier Gonzales. Since 2008 Destructoid has organized annual charities in conjunction with their gaming activity, the first ever charity was an organized gaming marathon that raised money for children with cancer.

Mr. Destructoid, the mascot for the organization, has appeared in various video games starting with Bomberman Live in 2007.

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Destructoid is part of the Gamurs Group, which includes other quality journalism sites such as PC InvasionPrima GamesGamepurTwinfinite and Dotesports.

Meet our Editorial Team

Chris Carter – Managing Editor/Reviews Director

Chris has been enjoying Destructoid avidly since 2008. He finally decided to take the next step in January of 2009 blogging on the site. Now, he’s staff!

Chris Moyse – Senior Editor

Chris Moyse has been playing video games since the 1980s and writing about them since the 1880s. Graduated from Galaxy High with honors.

Eric Van Allen – Senior Reporter

While Eric’s been writing about games since 2014, he’s been playing them for a lot longer. Usually found grinding RPG battles, digging into an indie gem, or hanging out around the Limsa Aethryte.

Zoey Handley – Staff Writer

Zoey is a gaming gadabout. She got her start blogging with the community in 2018 and hit the front page soon after. Normally found exploring indie experiments and retro libraries, she does her best to remain chronically uncool.

Timothy Monbleau – Guides Editor

Timothy started writing community blogs for Destructoid in 2012. He liked it so much he decided to write articles for the site professionally. His love for RPGs and the Ys series will endure forever.