Recap: Here are some of the bigger games from the PC Gaming Show 2022 stream, which did not need to be two hours long

PC Gaming Show recap

A Half-Life: Alyx mod ended the show

So another PC Gaming Show is in the bag! And as usual, it was a bit uneven. There was some cool stuff in there! And some not-so-cool stuff like ads for stuff no one wants and trailers of old games. We sifted through the bigger things so you didn’t have to.

Below you’ll find a collective of the main headlines, but the big takeaway: this showcase did not need to be two hours long on a US Sunday afternoon/European night. I know some things absolutely need to be done to pay the bills (where was Drake’s Cakes?!), but the PC Gaming Show has been around for seven years. At this point there are a lot of lessons learned to impart over the years that could be used to create a slicker show with less downtime.

It wasn’t the worst that PC Gaming Show had to offer, in a historic sense. But part of me can’t fathom that myself, and several other staff members (alongside of thousands of people around the world) sat down for two hours for this on a Sunday; directly following an hour and a half conference from a major publisher.

If there is something you’re interested in, you can check out the wide-reaching wishlist page here. This is basically the email that could have been sent to cut 30 minutes or more off the show.

2022 PC Gaming Show recap:

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