E3’s PC Gaming Show is coming back this year

Dear God

[Update: On May 5, 2016, it was announced that the PC Gaming Show would be moved up to 11:30 AM, between Microsoft and Ubisoft’s press conferences.]

One night at E3 last year, I distinctly recall sitting in one of Destructoid’s Airbnb rooms and wrestling with the Wi-Fi so I could finish a preview. Our video crew was also there, scurrying about the place in search for a mislaid item. But the rest of the Dtoid team was mysteriously absent that evening.

I would later learn they were all at the “PC Gaming Show” having a terrible time.

The program lasted more than two hours, and much of that time was used advertising for event sponsor AMD and parading around special guests who had nothing interesting to say or show off.

Hopefully the organizers have learned from those mistakes, as PC Gamer has announced plans to host another event at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, on June 13, at 12 noon PDT (7pm GMT).

“In 2015 it was really important to us to get a big variety of participants on stage to help convey the spectrum of exciting stuff happening on PC, but an inevitable effect of that was that we ran quite long,” PC Gamer admitted alongside the announcement, while promising that “this year’s show will be more focused, but packed with tons of new announcements and exclusive reveals.”

Let’s hope so. The horror stories from last year’s show still keep me up at night, probably.

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Kyle MacGregor Burleson