Nitro Kid puts a cyberpunk kung fu spin on the deckbuilder roguelike

Check out the Steam demo

Slay the Spire has eaten through a few hundred hours of my time, and ever since I’ve been scouring Steam for another great deckbuilding roguelike. While the crossover subgenre is relatively small, we’re seeing more and more of them these days, including the new cyberpunk kung fu-themed title Nitro Kid. The game was revealed today during the PC Gaming Showcase, and I’ve already added it to my wish list.

The trailer shows off bombastic action gameplay (or at least how bombastic card-based play can be) as the player climbs through the floors of a giant skyscraper that has been taken over by an evil megacorporation. The soundtrack features over thirty Synthwave tracks that have been composed specifically for Nitro Kid, which should add to the game’s exciting atmosphere as well.

We don’t have a release window for Nitro Kid just yet, but there is a demo currently available to download on its Steam page.

Noelle Warner
After a few years of working in game development, Noelle joined the Destructoid team in 2021. She particularly loves interactive storytelling and cuddling with her cats!