Rebuild a beautiful post apocalypse in I Am Future

Welcome to Eden

When I think post-apocalypse, I usually think dark, dull, and depressing. The upcoming farming simulator I Am Future is ready to change that narrative with a sunnier outlook on the end of the world. Taking place about six months after the event that supposedly ended it all, the game is full of vibrant blues and greens as nature has reclaimed the urban landscape in an area named Eden.

I Am Future‘s protagonist is as optimistic as they come, too, as he is seemingly unperturbed that he’s the only human as far as the eye can see. He’s at least excited to get started on rebuilding, and I have to give him credit for being a man who knows what he wants. According to an article from PC Gamer, you can play I Am Future at your own pace — there’s no one to answer to, no grinding to reach the top of the proverbial pile. It’s farming, building, and good vibes, and I honestly couldn’t be more here for it.

I Am Future is set to release for PC sometime in 2022.

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