A new look at Agent 64 gameplay, the legally distinct GoldenEye homage

Agent 64 gameplay

You can still play the demo now

Roughly a year ago, our own Jordan Devore gave us a pretty in-depth look at Agent 64: a GoldenEye/Perfect Dark/TimeSplitters homage from studio Replicant D6. The PC Gaming Show today gave us another look at some Agent 64 gameplay via a new trailer.

While we didn’t get a ton of new info, we did get some kernels due to a new piece from PC Gamer. It’s “out in early access later this year,” and no multiplayer is re-confirmed, alongside of multiple difficulty modes. The game will feature a CRT visual filter, and some portions of the game have been shored up as a result of the 2021 alpha testing: including quicker firing control considerations, and a more arcadey feel with hip-firing. The team also reminds us that the demo is available now on Steam.

A lack of multiplayer could be seen as a missed opportunity, but it’s actually kind of refreshing in a way. I know I’ll be able to just dive into this, finish it up, and put it on the shelf. In an era of endless games as a service, it’s a welcome respite. “Early access later this year” doesn’t quite grab me though! I’m in when it’s done.

2022 Agent 64 gameplay trailer:

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