Stylish action game Soulstice is still looking rad, and it’s out this year


Slated for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S

Soulstice is due out later this year, and it has serious Good Action vibes if the development team can really deliver on it. It’s got style, that’s for sure! Here’s the new trailer from the PC Gaming Show today, which provides a more cinematic flair (though plenty of gameplay is available at this point, see below).

I’m a sucker for any stylish-looking action project, though how that action actually ends up paying out drastically differs from game to game. A lot of similar titles attempt to marry an intriguing world and a technical action system, but fall short of either, or both. Hopefully Soulstice manages to sidestep those sins.

The folks over at Modus confirmed a PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X release for Soulstice, with a Deluxe Edition to boot. It’s out on September 20, 2022. The Deluxe version comes with a digital artbook, digital soundtrack, and the “Ashen Blade item pack.” The cover art is good enough to warrant a look in a local gaming store, too! I’ll be keeping an eye on Soulstice come September.

Soulstice 2

In case you missed it, the team provided a 10-minute look at the Soulstice combat system last month:

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