Mahokenshi marries card battling and hex-based strategy


Those are two things I’ll endlessly give the time of day

Mahokenshi may not have come out in “Q1 of 2022” as originally envisioned, but it’s coming, and will bring cards and hexes along with it.

The PC Gaming Show gave us some new gameplay, and also confirmed a “2023” date, showcasing the Steam version of the game, with a wishlist option. You can find that here on Steam.

Here’s what our own Zoey Handley had to say about the early access build:

“I know I just said that I’m not one for Early Access, but I did check out the demo for Mahokenshi, and it was sublime. Taking surreal visuals derived from Japanese folklore and combining them with card-based hex-strategy proves to be a winning flavor. You build up your deck, dish pain to your opponents, and complete objectives. I already love what I see from Mahokenshi and am looking forward to the release of the full serving. I’m not necessarily a fan of deck-building games, but this one puts its cards to good use.”

Mahokenshi PC Gaming Show 2022 trailer:

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