Recap: Everything that happened at the Microsoft and Bethesda “E3” 2022 showcase

Microsoft and Bethesda recap

It was basically all games, which was nice

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So that wasn’t bad! No weird ads from The Rock peddling energy drinks and comic book movies. No awkward or cringeworthy skits. Just an hour and a half-ish of pure games: here’s a Microsoft and Bethesda recap for the 2022 “E3” showcase stream.

We began with a new look at Redfall, which gave us an endearing showing of gameplay: noting its stark differences to other similar squad-based shooters. From there it shot into Hollow Knight: Silksong, and although we didn’t get any concrete info on the release date, we know that it exists! I’m glad someone finally showed that thing at some stream in any form (how many Nintendo Directs was it rumored to be at? All of them?).

Those two kind of defined the Microsoft and Bethesda 2022 Games Showcase as a whole. We got some big AAA reveals and gameplay and a focus on indie games. I have to admit, it was weird to see Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV in there presented as “Microsoft” titles, but that’s just how things will be going forward. It’s wild to think about, if Microsoft can turn the company’s reputation around, what a future Microsoft “E3” showcase might look like.

The “one more thing” was actual Starfield gameplay, which I was beginning to think we’d never see. It looks…fine! Some people will think it looks more than fine, and others will want to see more before making a firm decision: such is the life of a Bethesda Studios game in 2022 after some tumultuous launches.

The biggest reveal was arguably Persona coming to Xbox. The total proliferation of that series is something that needed to happen as quickly as possible! And that “everything today is focused on games you can play over the next 12 months” quote from the stream was reassuring. Good one, Microsoft!

A 2022 “E3” stream Microsoft and Bethesda recap:

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