The Alters is an existential tale of multiplicity from 11 Bit Studios

the alters trailer 11 bit studios

Send in the Clones

11 Bit Studios (of This War is Mine fame) has revealed its brand new title, The Alters, during the PC Gaming Show.

The intriguing-looking adventure sees a space builder, stranded far off on a distant planet, who is forced to, essentially, clone himself again and again in order to find a way back home. The protagonist must create versions of himself sporting new and unique skills, but might find himself losing a little of himself each and every time.

The developer promises drama, mystery, horror, and quirky ingenuity as our hero finds himself surrounded by alternative versions of himself. Frankly, I know a few folk who would be super happy with that scenario. The Alters is currently available to wishlist on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store.

Chris Moyse
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