Sega is publishing Endless Dungeon, a tactical roguelite now in open development

Endless Dungeon

It’ll be made with player feedback in mind

We’ve seen a few games so far at the PC Gaming Show, and while a few were old, Endless Dungeon looks intriguing, as the name literally just tells us what we need to know about it: dungeons are the focus. Duh!

It’s from the development team Amplitude, published by Sega. Here’s a quick roundup of what to expect from PC Gamer:

“Despite being known as a 4X developer, Humankind and Endless Space‘s Amplitude Studios also knows its way around a tactical roguelite. 2014’s Dungeon of the Endless zoomed in on the Endless sci-fi universe, creating random adventures through monster-infested dungeons instead of tales of galactic-scale conquest and intrigue. And while Amplitude isn’t calling it a direct sequel [it]┬áhas that same spirit.”

Yep! It seems to be a loose follow-up of sorts to Dungeon of the Endless, which some of you folks may have heard about. Note that this one is hero-based, and there’s a preview of Zed and Bunker now on the company’s YouTube channel. While “open development” is typically something I don’t really pay too much attention to until the thing is actually out: I can add this one to my endless list of “things I will probably try eventually.”

If you’re interested, there’s signups here.

Endless Dungeon reveal trailer:

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