Everything that happened at the Microsoft conference at E3 2021

Microsoft conference E3 2021

A full recap of the Microsoft conference, coming at ya

Was today’s Microsoft conference the most explosive E3 conference ever? No. But it was fun and breezy, which is just what we need after a stressful year.

The image below pretty much recaps the entire conference: at least as far as first-party games are concerned. We got tons of Game Pass confirmations, as well as new Halo Infinite multiplayer info, and a few surprise indie developments.

The big stuff? Starfield is an Xbox console exclusive and actually has a real date of late 2022. Sea of Thieves is getting a bizarre Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, and it’s licensed and everything. Hades will be a Game Pass game by August, which means a ton more people can experience the modern classic. Outer Worlds, our Game of the Year when it was released, has a sequel confirmed. And Arkane’s new vampire hunter project has a ton of style and attitude.

Microsoft conference E3 2021 recap

A full recap of the Microsoft conference for E3 2021:

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