Redfall is Arkane’s co-op vampire-blasting game, coming in summer 2022


Sure to please the stake-holders

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Today, Xbox and Bethesda hosted their first joint showcase since the two joined together. And the “one more thing” of the event was a new game from Arkane, with blood, magic, and vampires.

Redfall is a new game coming from the team at Arkane Austin, where the town of Redfall, Massachusetts seems to have a nasty vampire problem. In the announcement we got a cinematic setting the stage, with a team of four characters blasting ghoulies with stakes, while also employing some magic of their own.

Much like Bethesda’s StarfieldRedfall will be an Xbox console exclusive, coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S in summer 2022. It’ll be an open-world co-op FPS, where players will get to choose their hero from a roster of diverse characters to take on the vampire infestation.

While we don’t know much more for now, this was certainly a way to end the showcase: something new, unique, and certainly eye-catching. I’m pretty dang eager to see more of this in the year to come.

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