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The Penn and the sword

Shortly after touching down on Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can take on a number of quests hinted at around Lookout Landing. Purah specifically points Link towards the Lucky Clover Gazette, a newspaper that’s helping in the search for Zelda, and the starting point for Potential Princess Sightings.

A reporter job in Hyrule might seem strange, at first. But not only do you get a rad reporter pal and some decent pay, you can also pick up a special set of armor that will help on rainy days. Plus, starting Potential Princess Sightings will add new things to do all around as you explore Hyrule and find stables. It’s worth doing, and here’s how.

How to start Potential Princess Sightings in TOTK

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To kick this Tears of the Kingdom quest line off, you’ll need to head to the Hebra region. The Lucky Clover Gazette is in a converted stable, across from Rito Village. So if you’re on your way there for the Regional Phenomena quest, you’re already on the right path.

Head inside and talk to Penn and Traysi. The former is a reporter for the Gazette, while the latter is the editor. Traysi will realize who Link is right away but keep it on the down low. From here, you’ll need to complete all of the Lucky Clover Gazette side adventures.

To do so, you’ll head out to each stable in the game and assist Penn with a local happening that’s related to Zelda sightings. There are 12 side adventures to complete in total, and you’ll get rewards for each one. Here’s the rundown of all the side adventures.

Every Potential Princess Sightings side adventure in TOTK

Potential Princess Sighting quest rewards in TOTK

At the outset, Traysi will tell you that alongside some pay in rupees, Link will also be able to get the Froggy armor set. This gives Link some Slip Resistance, so he slips and slides less while climbing in the rain. It gets doled out in pieces as you complete each side adventure in the bunch. Here’s when you get each reward:

2 quests done: Lucky Clover Gazette glider fabric

4 quest done: Froggy Sleeve

9  quests done: Froggy Leggings

After you’ve finished all 12, you can head back to the Lucky Clover Gazette for the final piece, the Froggy Hood.

That will complete the main quest, but if you want a nice little coda, speak to Traysi. She seems concerned about how Penn soared off after their last talk, and mentions that he went to a bluff where a certain bard once honed his craft.

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Head to Washa’s Bluff, a place where you might remember talking to the musical Kass back in Breath of the Wild. Here, Penn is hanging out, looking out over Hyrule.

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He’s contemplating how he can become a better reporter, and match up to Link’s own investigative instincts. Penn seems determined to grow and to become even better from his travels with Link, much like Kass.

That’s the end of the Potential Princess Sightings plot line, but hopefully not the last we see of Penn. Until next time, soar long!

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