How to complete Serenade to a Great Fairy quest in Tears of the Kingdom

Serenade to a Great Fairy quest guide

Sing with me, sing for the year

Everyone in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom seems to be on the lookout for Zelda. And as the Lucky Clover Gazette quests take you all around Hyrule, they’ll also introduce you to all its different residents, through side adventures like Serenade to a Great Fairy.

Serenade to a Great Fairy is a side adventure in Tears of the Kingdom and part of the Lucky Clover Gazette series, but it’s not just about keeping the quest line going. Finishing this task will open up some other opportunities for you, too, and is very much worth doing if you want to see all there is to see in Hyrule.

How to start Serenade to a Great Fairy in Tears of the Kingdom

Much like other Lucky Clover quests, this one takes you to a stable. Specifically, the Woodland Stable on the northeast side of Hyrule, between central Hyrule and Death Mountain.

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Once there, you’ll find your partner Penn conversing with some traveling musicians. They wish to see the Great Fairy that’s nearby and coax her out of hiding, but their wagon was run off the road by the mysterious appearance of a certain princess. In order to learn more about the mystery, and Zelda’s possible involvement, you’ll need to undertake two tasks.

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The first is easy enough: the musicians’ cart, Breezer, had its wheels broken off. Nothing that a little Ultrahand can’t fix, and there are wagon wheels right next to Breezer.

What will take a little more work is getting a horse. The band lost its horse, and you’ll need to get a new one; not the same one, mind you, just any horse. You could, theoretically, just get a horse you already have from the nearby stable and use that.

Or if you need a horse, or simply want a new one for the Pony Points and/or fun of it, you should find some horses on the road just north of the stable. Sneak up on them quietly and carefully, and then head to the stable to get a harness attached. You’ll need the harness reward from Pony Points, so make sure you’re stocked up and have the harness ready.

Then just hook the wagon up and roll on out, towards the Great Fairy. You can tell where she resides from the massive bulb and colorful fog spewing out.

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Starting a Great Fairy quest

Once there, the artists will play their melodies, coaxing the Great Fairy out of hiding. She apparently went reclusive thanks to a certain princess’ words about the outside world, but that will be something to explore in further Lucky Clover Gazette quests.

For now, you’ll get a reward of rupees from Penn, as well as any rewards you might have accumulated from doing Gazette quests so far.

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Additionally, this will kick off a new branch of side quests involving the Saddle Trotters, the traveling musicians you’ve helped out. They’ll now want to head out and wake all the other Great Fairies across Hyrule. And since Great Fairies are how Link can upgrade his armor, it’s very much worth chasing this quest line down.

As for the Lucky Clover, you can head back to Traysi for the next assignment, and get to work on a new scoop with Penn.

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