How to complete The Beckoning Woman quest in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom The Beckoning Woman guide

Following a creepy voice is usually a bad call

More than a few things give off bad vibes in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But rather than the vast caverns of the Depths or a set of malevolent hands, The Beckoning Woman side adventure is about just that: one unsettling NPC.

The Beckoning Woman is part of the Lucky Clover Gazette quest line in Tears of the Kingdom. For this series of adventures, you head to various stables with your partner Penn, helping the local people out with their troubles and searching for stories. In this one, Link deals with one woman who seems to be luring people all around the region in search of a certain friend.

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How to start The Beckoning Woman quest in TOTK

For this side adventure, you’ll want to head to the Outskirt Stable. It’s a stop on the way from central Hyrule out into the Gerudo Desert, right next to the Great Plateau where Link started out in Breath of the Wild.

Penn will be nearby, talking to a local person about their recent experience with a woman who beckoned them to follow.

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She seems to seek out targets with blond locks of hair. And Link has those locks on lock. You can find her down at the crossroads, waiting for the next person.

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How to keep up with the Beckoning Woman in Tears of the Kingdom

Now, the woman will jet off, leaving you to catch up to her. This isn’t a follow or chase activity, don’t worry; you just need to follow her directions and meet up at the noted locations.

She does mention sneaking around, but from one Tears of the Kingdom player to another: heed my advice and don’t. You won’t fail if you get spotted by an enemy. Please, annihilate those Bokobolins and flying jerks on the way there, and make your life easier in the process.

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She’ll have you play catch-up to three different locations. One is at the end of the gorge, straight down the road. Then, she’ll ask you to climb up the nearby cliff. Do that, and she’ll ask you to head over to an opposite cliff, which you can easily glide to.

Do all that, and the woman will reveal herself as… a Yiga Clan member. They were looking for a blonde overachiever, and boy, did they find one.

Beat up the Yiga Clan using your preferred method, and you’ll take care of the situation. Penn will fly in and comment on how strange it is that the Yiga are setting traps for Link, still not realizing who he is.

After getting some rupees and whatever extra rewards you may have garnered at this point in the quest line, you’re all set. Bask in the return to the Great Plateau, maybe even take on an extra side adventure, and head back to Traysi when you’re ready for a new Lucky Clover assignment.

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