How to complete An Eerie Voice quest in Tears of the Kingdom

An Eerie Voice quest guide

I’ve seen enough movies to know this isn’t a good idea

Sometimes, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be a pretty creepy game. There’s gloom, monsters, and impossible depths below the land’s surface. And in the case of An Eerie Voice, one very, very creepy well.

An Eerie Voice is part of the Lucky Clover Gazette quest line in Tears of the Kingdom. Partnering with Penn, you’re seeking stories of Zelda’s appearances across Hyrule. And in this particular region, you’re looking for a scary, supernatural phenomenon.

How to start An Eerie Voice in Tears of the Kingdom

After doing the set-up quest for the Lucky Clover, you can head to the Highland Stable in the south of Hyrule. It’s situated squarely between the Gerudo Desert and Lurelin Village,

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Once you arrive, Penn will tell you about an eerie voice the locals have been hearing. It calls to them from a nearby well, asking them to lay down their arms, lest they be met with harm.

It will need to be nighttime to complete this side adventure, so take a seat at the nearby fire or sleep at the inn for Pony Points if need be. (Also check in with the stable; the Lucky Clover Gazette quests all head to different stables, and this is a great way to accumulate Pony Points.)

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Once you’re ready, speak with Penn and head out on the search.

You can use the sound and text boxes to play a game of hot-and-cold with the voice, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find the well nearby, situated by a pair of trees.

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Head down the well and you’ll find the source of the noise: a local has been practicing their singing. The acoustics are great, but apparently, the echoes sound eerie and also make the lyrics sound a bit different. You’re free to help yourself to all the discarded weapons nearby if you need a restock, at least.

Head back to Traysi if you need a pointer to the next stable, but otherwise, you’re ready for your next gazette assignment.

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