White Goats Gone Missing quest guide
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How to complete White Goats Gone Missing quest in Tears of the Kingdom

A GOATed quest

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As you undertake different dispatches for Penn and the Lucky Clover Gazette in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll get to see a lot of Hyrule. The quest line takes you to different stables and locales, and in the case of White Goats Gone Missing, really loads you up on pine cones for your next recipe.

This side adventure in Tears of the Kingdom is one of the cases you can take on for the Lucky Clover Gazette quest line, and sees you tackling a fairly straightforward problem at a local stable. No story is too small for the intrepid Penn, though, and the White Goats Gone Missing will turn out to be their own story, even if you’re really on the hunt for Zelda sightings.

How to start White Goats Gone Missing in Tears of the Kingdom

This side adventure kicks off at the Tabantha Stable in the Hebra region of Hyrule, in the northwest of the map. It’s between Rito Village and central Hyrule, and there’s a less-than-slim chance you stopped here on your way to the main story quest in the village.

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As you approach, you’ll see Penn standing in an empty pen. Head over and chat with him, and he’ll fill you in. Apparently, the caretaker of some white goats had been using a special feed recipe he’d been given by Princess Zelda. But his goats ran away, and now he needs help finding them.

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Finding the goats won’t take much detective work, though. A telltale trail of Hylian Pine Cones marks a dotted path toward their location. The sparkles will tip you off as you go, and if they get a little difficult to see, you can also detect them using your Ultrahand view.

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Eventually, you’ll discover the white goats that have, indeed, gone missing, as well as the recipe left by Princess Zelda. It turns out that the goats’ caretaker was not grinding up the pine cones. Yikes!

Either way, you’ll get a pat on the back and reward in rupees from Penn, and bring White Goats Gone Missing to a close. It’s fairly easy compared to other Lucky Clover side adventures, but makes fun use of items.

Plus, now you’ll never be left wanting for Hylian Pine Cones. You can head on over to Traysi at the Gazette for your next assignment.

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