How to get Zelda’s Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda's Golden Horse quest guide

Stay gold, pony

Keeping on the trail of peculiar princess sightings in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, this section of the Lucky Clover quest line will see you heading north again. And this time, it’s for something quite valuable, as Zelda’s Golden Horse has run off.

Zelda’s Golden Horse is a side adventure in Tears of the Kingdom and part of the Lucky Clover Gazette quest series. Alongside heading to stables and racking up Pony Points, this particular series of tasks is great for unlocking a bevy of goods to help Link’s quest. Here, we get not just a new horse, but a quite excellent steed to boot.

How to start Zelda’s Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

To kick things off, head to the Snowfield Stable in the Hebra region. It’s on the northern side, beset by snow, but near the tower and another giant, flying landmark we’ll address in just a moment.

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Talk to Penn, and you’ll learn that Zelda actually kept a horse here, and a golden one at that. But the princess showed up one day and actually startled it, sending it running off to the north.

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While the strangeness of Zelda scaring her own horse is one thing, you’ve got a more pressing concern: getting that horse back safely, and the Gleeok standing in your way.

Yes, there is a Frost Gleeok here. If you’ve tackled a Gleeok before now and know what you’re getting into, best of luck. For those of you brave enough to try fighting it, especially if you’re not packing a ton of weapons and resources, you can experience what one of the tougher overworld bosses in Tears of the Kingdom is like.

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Or, conversely, you can take my sage advice and Fleeok to the east, heading wide around the monster’s patrol route and further north towards the golden horse. The choice is yours!

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Once you’re far enough north, head towards the pillars closer to the mountain and you’ll see the horse. Thankfully, even in the heavy snow, it’s not hard to spot. The upside of having a gold horse is it doesn’t blend very well. You can try sneaking up on it, or make use of the nearby architecture and glide down onto its back. Either way, you’ll need some stamina to tame it.

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Once the horse is soothed, you’ll just need to head back through Gleeok territory and towards the stable. I recommend giving the Gleeok a wide berth, and just focusing on soothing the horse, so it doesn’t buck you or steer you into a nearby pack of Bokoblins.

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How to get the Royal Bridle and Royal Saddle in Tears of the Kingdom

Bring the golden horse back to the stable, and you’ll get to claim it as your own, along with the Royal Saddle and Royal Bridle accessories. Time to finally trot around Hyrule in style.

All in all, Zelda’s Golden Horse is a side adventure well worth doing if you need a good steed to last through most of the game. Plus, you’re getting a nice horse away from the mean Gleeok. Trust me, after trying to fight that thing, no one wants to live near a Gleeok.

Once you’re all set, you can head back to Traysi at the Gazette for a pointer towards your next Lucky Clover lead.

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