How to complete Princess Zelda Kidnapped?! quest in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom Princess Zelda Kidnapped guide

A kidnapper in the night

Undertaking all of the Lucky Clover Gazette quests in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is worthwhile in the long run. Even if you have to tangle with a certain band of banana-adoring assassins, as you do in the side adventure Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!

This particular side adventure is part of the Lucky Clover Gazette quest chain in Tears of the Kingdom. You venture around as airborne reporter Penn’s partner. At each stable in Hyrule, there’s a short quest that needs doing, and a reward for completing it.

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How to start Princess Zelda Kidnapped?! quest in TOTK

For this one, you’ll head to the Dueling Peak Stable, so named for the nearby mountains that form two halves of one whole.

More on those hills later. For now, you’ll need to do a different kind of climbing to start the quest. Rather than on the ground, your pal Penn is high up in the air, on top of the stable. It’s actually pretty easy to miss.

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Head up there, and you’ll learn that the Yiga Clan has announced they’ve kidnapped Zelda. They mailed their location into the newspaper with a code about the nearby peaks.

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Where to find Zelda in Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!

You could climb the nearby peaks to start looking, or even take a ground-first mentality, but I highly recommend teleporting to the local tower. Launch Link into the sky and float on down, and you’ll get a nice aerial view of the literal runway the Yiga have set up.

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Here’s the location on the map, if you’re having trouble finding it:

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Afterwards, you can Ultrahand the cage holding “Zelda” and discover this Zelda is not actually Zelda at all. She’s a Yiga Clan assassin, accompanied by three others to try and take Link down here and now.

If you’ve fought the Yiga Clan before, they’re difficult to just outright hit. Waiting for them to do a lunge from up high and dodging should give you a chance to attack. Fire is a useful tool too, as well as parrying their Naruto-run attack.

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Clear the assassins out, and you’ll send them all packing. Penn will arrive and discover the whole thing was a set-up, though he won’t quite connect the dots on why they specifically targeted Link. He’ll leave you with a nest egg contribution and any other rewards you may have accumulated thus far, depending on when you got this quest in the chain.

After he’s flown off, you can briefly take in your combat victory before heading back to the Lucky Clover and greeting Traysi for a new assignment. Surely there can’t be more Yiga Clan assassins, right?

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