Nintendo 3DS uses DSi power cord

F*ck year. Well, I’m not really that excited, but it’s still good news. Knowing that the Nintendo 3DS will use the Nintendo DSi or DSi XL power cord connector means that I have at least one more power adaptor available. You lose one? Who cares! You’ve got a backup.

Well, you might not have a backup AC adapter if you sell that DSi to fund your 3DS.

There’s other almost useless factoids on the 3DS from a recent roundup by GoNintendo:

  • 3DS boxes are slimmer than DS ones
  • the system can send 12 Street Pass transfers at once
  • in-game home menu can be accessed to take notes
  • bottom screen only has 256×192 pixel resolution

I’ll take any and all silly little reasons to get a bit more excited about the 3DS. I’m doing my best to secure a Japanese launch unit. I’ll let you know how that goes.


Dale North