This claim of walking through New York City today and not finding one StreetPass makes me sad


♫Those were the days♫

“Spent a whole day in NYC and not one StreetPass received 😭 (Nintendo Store included),” is such a simple Reddit title, but it speaks volumes. Spotted by Nintendo Life, this Reddit post from itsmefizzy [who also sports the image credit] says all it needs to say in one image and a quick title.

Remember StreetPass? When you’d go to a convention, spend 30 minutes walking around, then unload all of your hits to clear out room for more? Yeah, it was a pretty glorious time. Not only does this story subject claim that they spent the whole day in NYC, but itsmefizzy notes that they “hit up a few games stores and the Nintendo Store” (as noted in the title) and came up with nothing. And had StreetPass on in the airport with a layover just in case. I just have to say: I love the Yokai Watch 3DS lid.

This whole situation kind of makes me want to bring StreetPass back. On my next trip I’m tempted to bring my 3DS and see if I get even one StreetPass hit, hoping to connect to someone else who feels the same as me or itsmefizzy. It’s a long shot given how out of favor the 3DS is these days, but I still play it regularly, and there’s a heap of eShop games that will likely never come to Switch for a variety of reasons: either the studio is closed or the games simply aren’t worth the effort.

Long live the 3DS. You know I’m not going to miss any opportunity to celebrate it!

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