3DS: Nintendo launch and preloaded software

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Nintendo of Europe talked about their 3DS launch line-up and preloaded software some more, and here’s what they had to share.

PilotWings Resort will feature a hang-glider, a plane and a rocket pack. The new Nintendogs and Nintencats will have more difference between species than Nintendogs had before. Expect differences in body size, body shape and leg length, as well as 3D fur. Also, the front camera allows pets to recognize your face and remember you. If they have never seen you before, they will get scared and bark.

Steeldiver, an arcade submarine game, will have a 2D view for sideways submarining, as well as a 3D periscope view for torpedo aiming. You’ll handle the 3DS itself for piloting the submarine.

Preloaded software includes the Mii maker, which lets you take photos to turn into Mii’s and then lets you edit them. You can also insert your picture into a shooting gallery to “shoot yourself in the face!” with Face Raiders, as part of the “Streetpass” functionality.

Augmented Reality cards will be scannable for AR games. A rudimentary trading card monster game was shown that used this. An activity log will let women smile at graphs when they are outside. The 3DS also comes with an internet browser, and a new “eShop” for downloading games, including Game Boy and Game Boy Color hits like Super Mario Land.

Not a lot of hot new stuff, but there you go!

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