Hogwarts Legacy quest list – Main quests

Just in case you’re wondering how far you are

In a game like Hogwarts Legacy, where sidequests can pop up at a moment’s notice, it can be comforting to know how far you are in the story. Here’s a full breakdown of every quest required to finish the campaign.

All main quests in Hogwarts Legacy


  • The Path to Hogwarts

Attend your first day at Hogwarts

  • Welcome to Hogwarts
  • Charms Class
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts Class
  • Weasley After Class
  • Professor Ronen’s Assignment
  • Welcome to Hogsmeade

Find the secret in the restricted section

  • The Locket’s Secret
  • Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1
  • Crossed Wands: Round 1
  • Crossed Wands: Round 2
  • Spell Combination Practice 1
  • Secrets of the Restricted Section
  • Tomes and Tribulations

Live as a student until Professor Fig returns

Tell Professor Fig about the Map Chamber

Complete the first keeper trial

Starting the first keeper trial

  • The Map Chamber

Prepare for your search for the next keeper

  • Percival Rackham’s Trial

Prepare for your search for the final keeper

Stop Ranrok and Rookwood

  • Fire and Vice
  • Professor Weasley’s Assignment
  • In the Shadow of the Mine
  • It’s All Gobbledegook
  • The Headmistress Speaks
  • The Polyjuice Plot
  • Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial

Prepare for your OWLS

Stop Ranrok

  • Wand Mastery
  • The Final Repository

Postgame (the story will end at The Final Repository, but you’re free to keep exploring)

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