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How to finish the House Cup quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Just level to 34, and you’re good to go

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Hogwarts Legacy has one more final story quest after Ranrok is taken care of, and that’s the House Cup. Here’s how to level up and what the “quest” (which is more like a cutscene) actually entails.

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If you need to get to level 34, there are some options for quick XP in Hogwarts Legacy

Literally all you need to do to finish this quest is reach level 34 and visit The Great Hall in Hogwarts. There are no bosses to fight, and there is no Triwizard Tournament or anything like that to complete.

Once you finish the Ranrok storyline you should be nearly pushing level 30, but those last few levels to work up to the House Cup can be a pain.

Here are a few suggestions for leveling up fast in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Grind out battle arenas and complete all the challenges for each wave
  • Fly around the map casting Revelio constantly, completing all of the side objectives you find like Merlin Trials (this is great for breaking up some of the grind sessions)
  • Do every single sidequest that pops up on the map, and clear them all out of your quest log

As a reminder the level cap is 40, so you’re not too far off from basically being maxed out at this point.

Once you’re level 34, you can watch the final epilogue cutscene and win the Hogwarts Legacy House Cup

After reaching level 34, simply go to The Great Hall and interact with the waiting spot outside of it.

You’ll get a short-ish cutscene that wraps up the game’s story, the quest will automatically be completed, credits will play, and you’ll wake up in your common room so you can go finish the rest of the game. Just like the ending of a select few Harry Potter stories, your player will win the house cup and celebrate with their classmates (both from their given house and from other houses).

You’ll also unlock “The Seeker of Knowledge” achievement for finishing the House Cup quest.

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