How to buy your first broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Quidditch isn’t in, but you can still fly

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As we’ve established, Quidditch is not part of Hogwarts Legacy: not as a minigame, or even a story component. You do, however, get to fly around the game world, including the Quidditch Stadium at Hogwarts. Here’s how to unlock flying in Hogwarts Legacy and buy your first broom.

You’ll unlock flight as part of the story

Continue with the campaign until you clear the story mission featuring Jackdaw. After that, you’ll start the process for unlocking flight. Speak to Madam Kagawa near the Quidditch stadium outside of Hogwarts to kick off the questline.

You’ll briefly take off and tour the Hogwarts grounds, getting a free flight school in the process.

Head to Spintwitches Sporting Needs

Fellow student Everett Clopton tells you where to go next, but it’s pretty easy to miss. Once the quest ends and you hand in your broom, you’ll want to go to Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade (exact location found in the gallery above) to buy a mount of your own (conveniently, it has a Floo Flame fast travel spot right next to it).

Walk in and speak to Albie Weeks, who will give you a choice of several brooms (all of them are ostensibly the same, minus aesthetic differences).

How to fly on your broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you have your broom, from here on out, you can fly in specified outdoor locations. Note: that includes basically anywhere in the open world, with the exception of indoor locations, dungeons, and much of Hogwarts. To fly, hold L1 to open up the inventory wheel, then press Circle (B on Xbox).

Altitude can be controlled with a nudge of the right stick, R2 (RT) allows you to raise your speed in the air, and L2 (LT) is like a “boost” feature, governed by a yellow meter on the lower right. Use this meter liberally to get around, or strategically to zip out of trouble.

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