How to get every beast mount in Hogwarts Legacy (Hippogriff, Graphorn, Thestral)

This is in addition to your broom!

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Hogwarts Legacy allows players to unlock broom flight semi-early into the game: at least, earlier than proper mounts. Here’s how to unlock the Hippogriff, Thestral, and Graphorn mounts for use, all of which are tied to the main storyline. In other words, you can’t miss them.

How to unlock, use, and change mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

Once players complete the flying class at Hogwarts, they can use their broom and fly around. However, the next step is unlocking the Hippogriff, which will in turn enable all other flying mount-related activities. To queue up flight you’ll hold L1 (LB on Xbox), then press Triangle (Y on Xbox) to fly with your mount. To change your mount (essentially, to another skin), you’ll go to your gear page, then highlight and select “flying mounts.”

To do that, you’ll need to finish The High Keep main quest. We have a full rundown of when you should expect it, and how to clear it here.

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How to get the Hippogriff mount

Once you’ve finished The High Keep quest, you’ll get your own Hippogriff automatically. Again, this an automatic quest reward; you’ll fly it out of the mission itself, then gain full access to it permanently.  There’s no need to find it, groom/take care of it, or buy one from a vendor. When mounting it, you’ll instantly call upon it from your magic bag on your person, and can take flight.

If you want to change its look (like say, to a Thestral), you may need to rely on pre-order/deluxe/collector’s edition DLC.

How to get the Thestral mount

The Threstral mount will be unlocked at the same time as the Hippogriff, with a catch: you need to own the DLC to use it. The DLC is included in pre-orders for the deluxe and collector’s editions of Hogwarts Legacy, with the option to buy the pack after-the-fact. If you own the pack, you can just head to the gear page (as noted above), and change your flying mount to a Thestral.

As a reminder, you cannot use the Thestral mount until you finish The High Keep quest, even if you own the DLC.

How to get the Graphorn mount

Similar to the Hippogriff, you’ll unlock the Graphorn ground mount through a story quest. In this case, it’s called “San Bakar’s Trial,” and it’s one of the last story missions in the game. And just like the Hippogriff, you’ll get the mount for free (no extra work needed) as part of the quest, following a boss fight.

To access the Graphorn mount, hold L1 (LB on Xbox) and press Square (X on Xbox) while you’re on the ground. With your broom, Hippogriff, Thestral, and Graphorn available, that’s every mount in Hogwarts Legacy!

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