How to add traits & upgrade your gear in Hogwarts Legacy

You need the loom

Hogwarts Legacy locks a lot of its mechanics behind story quest gates, including the trait/upgrade system for gear. Here’s how to get to the point where you’re able to do both!

How to unlock the Enchanted Loom in Hogwarts Legacy to upgrade your gear

You’ll unlock the loom item through the story quest The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom.

Following an excursion that deals with saving beasts from poachers, you’ll return to The Room of Requirement, with the option to build a loom for eight Moonstones. The loom uses items from beasts to upgrade and alter your gear, so if you want to partake in that particular element of the game, it behooves you to catch more beasts, and groom/feed them to farm more materials.

What does upgrading your gear or adding traits do?

Upgrading gear raises its statline, typically through raw numbers. These changes are incremental, but if there’s a really snazzy piece of gear that’s crushing it for you, upping its statline can help give you an edge, especially on higher difficulties. Plus, it’s a very small price to pay if it’s an item you expect to be using for a lengthy period of time.

Adding traits completely changes your build however, as you can tack on bonuses like decreased damage from certain factions, or more damage with select spells or combos. These can get really specific, but something like “increased damage with Incendio” is a no-brainer for a player that uses that spell a lot.

To acquire more traits, you’ll discover them through missions as a reward, or through in-game challenges. Always remember to constantly check your challenge log in the main menu!

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