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Does Hogwarts Legacy have house-exclusive quests?

Let’s hear it for Ravenclaw! And the other Houses too.

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Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of Hogwarts Legacy is the ability to choose your House. Yeah, flying and spellcasting are great, and the story is engaging, but every single player was pumped to be able to choose their own House. It does beg the question: are there house-exclusive quests in the game?

It turns out that there is only one that we know of. A small side quest leading up to a major quest is slightly different for each House, though the result is the same. Each quest has a different name too, so you will know what to be on the lookout for as you play.

Gryffindor: The Hunt for the Missing Pages

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It wouldn’t be Gryffindor without Nearly Headless Nick! To get this house exclusive quest rolling, meet Nearly Headless Nick near the Great Hall and then follow him. As you walk down to the kitchens for a little side quest, the ghost explains that the missing pages we’re looking for were with Richard Jackdaw when he died. He’s currently part of The Headless Hunt, an exclusive club for headless ghosts, but to get to him, you’ll need a little offering.

Nick drops you in front of a painting and tells you to “tickle the pear.” Doing so lets you into the kitchen where some treats, chests, and the rotten roast beef you’re looking for. Once you have it, you can go back to Nick, and both of you head to The Headless Hunt. After giving your offering, you are allowed to speak to Jackdaw. First, you have to find his missing head! Destroy pumpkins with your wand until you find the ghost holding Jackdaw’s head five times. Then you’re set up for the “Jackdaw’s Rest” quest.

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Hufflepuff: Prisoner of Love

Hufflepuffs have a surprisingly dark quest leading to Jackdaw. You will kick things off by finding and speaking to the portrait of Eldritch Diggory in the Hufflepuff Common Room. He will tell you about his niece, Helen Thistlewood. Now retired, Helen was a former Auror involved in the case of Jackdaw’s disappearance and presumed murder. A girl named Anne was accused of his murder solely on the testimony of Apollonia, whom we’ll revisit later in this post.

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Once you find Helen Thistlewood, she will take you both to Azkaban to learn more from Anne. However, Anne’s mind has been damaged by her time spent in prison. While she does give you the next stop in your quest, she also injures Helen. Afterward, you find the cave with the puzzle Jackdaw left for Anne. By using Revelio, you can pull on the glowing blue handles with Accio. This unlocks another opening for you to explore. To finish the quest, head out of the cave.

Richard Jackdaw’s ghost will appear to you, unlocking the “Jackdaw’s Rest” quest.

Ravenclaw: Ollivander’s Heirloom

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Ravclaw’s quest begins with a trip to Hogsmeade to visit Mr. Ollivander. He heard about the missing pages from Professor Fig, and he remembered the story of a former student named Richard Jackdaw. Jackdaw worked for the wand shop as well and stole a rare family heirloom in the form of a wand. He died following a map he stole from Peeves the Poltergeist. He left behind a puzzle in the Owlery that you are sent off to solve.

Inside the Owlery are small doors with handles. Pulling on them with Accio reveals gold, nothing, or a Jackdaw bird statue. The goal is to open all of the doors while gathering all of the statues. You will even have to climb the ladder. That’s where you will also find the “Ghost of Our Love” side quest map.

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Once you have all of the statues, there are spaces for you to place them all together. There will be two rows of three and then a gust of wind will take you to the top of the Owlery. Richard Jackdaw’s ghost will be there to congratulate you on solving the puzzle. He’ll also inform you that your wand and missing pages are on his body, unlocking the “Jackdaw’s Rest” quest.

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Slytherin: Scrope’s Last Hope

Slytherin gets a series of notes to kick off their quest. By heading to the Clocktower Courtyard to find the not-so-hidden note, you are asked to find another note across the bridge in the rock circles. That note sends you to a nearby pumpkin patch, where utilizing Revelio will help you find the final note. It tells you to head to the water’s edge, where Scrope is waiting. The Black family house elf has a win-win suggestion for you: find your missing pages where you find the treasured Black family ring left behind by Apollonia.

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Once you agree to take on the quest, the map will lead you to a cave called Apollonia’s Grotto. Not so fast though! You will have to do some swimming and fight several Dugbogs to get there. Once you’re in, Richard Jackdaw’s ghost will let you know that he sold the ring long ago, but the missing pages are still on his body. The “Jackdaw’s Rest” quest is unlocked.

Jackdaw’s Story

Yet another detail added to the Hogwarts Legacy world, these four house-exclusive quests tell a story. Richard Jackdaw was a student, working at Ollivander’s Wand Shop and involved in a bit of a messy love triangle. He had a relationship with a girl named Anne, but he was also trying to impress a girl named Apollonia Black. While he stole some pages from Peeves to impress Apollonia, she remained unimpressed.

Instead, Jackdaw stole Ollivander’s heirloom thinking that it would be a powerful enough wand to get him to whatever treasure on the map. While he hoped that the new treasure would surely impress Apollonia, he also asked Anne to join him, but only if she could solve a puzzle that he left her. Jackdaw died in the cave with Ollivander’s heirloom and the pages still on his body. Apollonia accused Anne of his murder, likely out of jealousy, and Anne spent the rest of her life in Azkaban.

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During each of these house quests, a side quest called “Ghost of Our Love” is unlocked when a cryptic map is found. Beyond these four scenes, the rest of the game is relatively the same. Your common room experiences and gear can look different, but you will have to learn the same spells and complete the same tasks as everyone else. Taking on the Pensieve Guardian is one of the major hurdles awaiting you, but we have a handy guide on how to destroy its orb and take it down. Before you head into the arena, keep in mind that you can use more than one potion at once!

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