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High Keep quest guide: How to climb the Battlements in Hogwarts Legacy

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As you approach the late-game in Hogwarts Legacy, even more core concepts will start to unlock. That includes Hippogyph flight, which you’ll earn after the High Keep quest. Here’s how to climb those pesky Battlements and get into the keep, so you can finish this mission.

Speak to Natty to kick off the High Keep quest

You’ll unlock the High Keep quest through the main storyline, following the beast tutorial. If you want some sort of marker as to how close you are, this is shortly after learning the Alohomora unlock spell.

Speak to your classmate Natty (who is in front of the titular keep) to trigger the questline. You’ll pick up a Floo Flame fast travel spot in the process.

To climb the battlements: Veer right, climb the small wall, then grab the crate

The main entrance is shut, so you’ll want to take a shortcut through the Battlements. Go over the bridge, then turn right. Climb up the wall there to enter the side of the keep.

Use Depulso on the contraption on the wall to open the door. Grab the crate with Wingardium Leviosa, and move it over to the wall on the right. When the crate is on the ground, use Levioso (the other levitation spell with the yellow icon) to lift it off the ground. Jump on the crate, then onto the platform. From here, the rest of the quest is a cinch.

Remember to use Revelio if you ever need a hint: it’ll highlight objects that can be interacted with (in this case, the contraption and the crate) to make things easier to discern.

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