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Stables are key to a lot of useful bonuses in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, like vendors with ample stock of unique items, sidequests, and of course…horses. Here’s where to find the Woodland Stable, which is in all likelihood going to be one of the first settlements you’ll reach in the game.

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Where to find the Woodland Stable

The Woodland Stable is a nice little hamlet northeast of Central Hyrule and Lookout Landing. If you’re going to the Eldin region disturbance first, you’ll find it on the way: otherwise, it’s a decent jog from where you kickoff your adventure following the tutorial.

The exact location of the Woodland Stable can be found at coordinates 1042, 1157, 0022, and on the above map.

How to get to the Woodland Stable

The easiest way to reach the Woodland Stable is via the Lookout Landing tower, which you can use to rocket yourself northeast while gliding. If your stamina wheel is on the low side you might not make it across the Hylia River: that’s perfectly fine, as you can take the bridge to reach the Eldin region, and pick up the Ekochiu Shrine in the process.

After a short walk south, you’ll see the Woodland Stable!

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Beedle’s stock at the Woodland Stable

In addition to using the universal pony point system at the counter, you’ll also find Beedle,¬†who will sell you the following items:

  • Arrow (x20) – 6 Rupeees
  • Arrow x5 (x2) – 30 Rupeees
  • Brightbloom Seed (x10) – 8 Rupeees
  • Cold Darner (3) – 10 Rupeees
  • Fireproof Lizard (3) – 25 Rupeees
  • Hearty Lizard (1) – 100 Rupeees
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