Riverside Stable location & directions Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

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Stables are relatively easy to find in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom if you know where to look. There are a ton of them, and they’re generally found in regions with crossroads. Here’s how to get to the Riverside Stable!

Where to find the Riverside Stable

The Riverside Stable can be found southeast of Central Hyrule. It’s a short walk away from where you begin the game following the tutorial. It’s also strangely easy to miss, as you’ll generally be going northwest, southwest, northeast, and due east for the main story.

The exact location of the Woodland Stable can be found at coordinates 0334, -1079, 0009, and on the above map.

How to get to the Riverside Stable

Go directly to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and launch out of it: glide southeast until you reach the Riverside Stable. That’s pretty much it! This is one of the simplest stables to find.

The Tajikats Shrine is directly beside the Riverside Stable.

Beedle’s stock at the Woodland Stable

In addition to using the universal pony point system at the counter, you’ll also find Beedle,¬†who will sell you the following items:

  • Arrow (x20) – 6 Rupeees
  • Arrow x5 (x2) – 30 Rupeees
  • Hylian Rice (x5) – 12 Rupees
  • Thunderwing Butterfly (x3) – 10 Rupees
  • Electric Darner (x3) – 10 Rupees
  • Tireless Frog (x2) – 100 Rupees
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