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A Serene Stable

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Hyrule is littered with stables where Link can register, store, and retrieve his horses. The stables have improved since Breath of the Wild, as players can now earn Pony Points and exchange them for some very worthwhile rewards.

One of the first stables encountered is New Serenne Stable. There, Link finds a familiar face and learns more about how to get the most out of his horses. Anyone trying to find New Serenne Stable in Tears of the Kingdom is in luck because the directions to get there are pretty simple.

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Where is New Serenne Stable Located?

To find New Serenne Stable, the Great Sky Island tutorial must first be completed. This does not take long at all, and it does a fantastic job of introducing the new gaming mechanics that will be used extensively throughout the campaign. Once Link has leaped from the Great Sky Island and landed below, he will find himself in Central Hyrule which is where New Serenne Stable is located. It is near the middle of the region, in a place called Noth Hyrule Plain, and surrounding landmarks include a geoglyph and Sinakawak Shrine.

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Directions to New Serenne Stable

From Lookout Landing, take the road headed westward. This will lead Link past Passeri Greenbelt, as well as Mount Gustaf, which is opposite the Quarry Ruins. Ishodag Shrine is located in the Quarry Ruins, and if it hasn’t been completed, now would be a good time to do it. After the shrine, continue westward until Carok Bridge is reached. Here, there is a well leading to the Depths, as well as a humongous Hinox sleeping on the bridge. Either deal with the bridge troll or sneak past it.

Carry on moving westward and Link will eventually encounter a column of smoke rising in the distance. That’s the next target to aim for. The source of the smoke is a building with a huge horse’s head on its roof; it’s New Serenne Stable!

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What Is Available at New Serenne Stable?

Here, it is possible to interact with registered horses, sleep in the inn, exchange Pony Points for rewards, transfer horses from Breath of the Wild, and chat with Zumi, who knows a lot about horses and carriages. Ariane also makes a return from Breath of the Wild, and she has moved from Rito Stable to New Serenne Stable, though she is having a bit of trouble adjusting to the change.

Chatting with Akrah will give a hint to Link regarding the Malanya quest, and Dophi alludes to the Lucky Clover Gazette questline. Beedle the merchant is also around if there’s a need to stock up on goods. Sinakawak Shrine is just behind the stable, and in front of it there’s a geoglyph that contains a Memory. Several of these geoglyphs are located all over Hyrule.

Stables are an important part of Tears of the Kingdom, and New Serenne Stable is one of the conveniently situated stables that are likely to be frequented. Other stables encountered throughout Hyrule include South Akkala Stable and Woodland Stable, to name a few.

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