South Akkala Stable location & directions Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

Keeping Things Stable

Stables are a great place for Link to deal with all his horse-related issues. They’re also the perfect spot to rest, stock up on basic supplies, and speak to NPCs who occasionally trigger side quests.

The South Akkala Stable is not to be missed, as there are shrines nearby, and travelers have rumors to share. Getting to South Akkala Stable in Tears of the Kingdom isn’t the easiest job, but can be done by following the right directions.

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South Akkala Stable Location

The stable is found in Akkala, which is the rightmost region on the map. The precise coordinates are: 3160, 1690, 0201. This point lies south of Kanalet Ridge and north of Akkala Citadel Ruins. The nearest landmark is Myachideg Shrine, and the area is filled with trees with vibrant, orange leaves.

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South Akkala Stable Directions

It isn’t a simple process getting to South Akkala Stable during the early hours of the game. Completing shrines and Skyview Towers on the way there will make it easier to return. From Lookout Landing in Central Hyrule, travel eastward and follow the road which passes Mabe Prairie and Romani Plains. Before crossing Orsedd Bridge, complete Yamiyo Shrine to score a convenient save point.

Orsedd Bridge features a moving Battle Talus, so proceed with caution. On the other side of the bridge, the road leads between Crenel Hills and Crenel Peak. At the intersection, the correct path to go is north, though taking a quick detour south leads to Wetland Stable where Link can grab a horse or have a rest.

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The road headed north leads to Thims Bridge, followed by another intersection. Once again, there are a few options. The direct route to South Akkala Stable heads south, though it is wise to detour north first and visit Woodland Stable. The smartest – and fastest – move is to head directly eastward and soar from Endin Canyon Skyview Tower.

If Link paraglides eastward, he can aim for South Akkala Stable and make a spectacular landing. Finding the right spot to descend isn’t an issue because the stable emits a tower of smoke that can be seen from above. A few stamina-replenishing dishes are necessary to make the journey if stamina isn’t upgraded to about two wheels.

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What To Do At South Akkala Stables

At South Akkala Stables, Link can register, take out, board, and customize horses. Talking to Parcy will trigger the One-Hit Wonder side quest, and speaking to Jana will reveal a rumor about a horned beast that has been spotted. Inside the stable, there is a recipe for meat stew on the wall.

It’s a good idea to visit all the stables in Hyrule, as they hand out Pony Points which can be traded for rewards. Link can also rest on a Malanya bed, and this will give him visions from a mysterious horse god.

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