Tabantha Bridge Stable location & directions Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

Back in the eighties Link was in a [not-very] famous TV show

The search continues! It’s time to find all of the stables inĀ Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and the Tabantha Bridge Stable is what I’d call a trek! Here’s where to find it on the far-reaches of the western part of Hyrule.

Where to find the Tabantha Bridge Stable

The Tabantha Bridge Stable is out of the way to the west, near Mount Rhoam: beyond the reach of the Rito Village to the north, and the Gerudo Desert to the south. You may not even come across this zone unless you’re hunting the nearby Tear of the Dragon (located to the southeast).

The exact location of the Tabantha Bridge Stable can be found at coordinates -2914, 0554, 0169, and on the above map.

How to get to the Tabantha Bridge Stable

One of the easiest and most direct routes involves using two Skyview Towers to glide all the way over to the Tabantha Bridge Stable. Head to the Lookout Landing tower in Central Hyrule, and launch yourself northwest to the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. After reaching it, launch yourself again southwest.

Pick up the Makurukis Shrine slightly to the northeast to visit it again on command!

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