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Lookout Landing Stable location & directions Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

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Lookout Landing Stable is one of the first stables encountered in Tears of the Kingdom. Unlike other stables, it takes some work before Link can use it. Furthermore, even when it is running at total capacity, it lacks some of the conveniences typically found in stables.

Nevertheless, it is a convenient spot for Link to swap out his horses before exploring the Hyrule Field region. To discover the Lookout Landing Stable location and activate it, follow these steps.

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Lookout Landing Stable Location and Directions

As the name suggests, Lookout Landing Stable is located in Lookout Landing. This settlement is the first that Link encounters, and it is found in Central Hyrule, facing the floating island that holds Hyrule Castle.

From Lookout Landing Skytower head south to reach the stable at Lookout Landing’s entrance. It is easy to miss because small stable with a hole in the roof and an old man standing next to it. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a stream of smoke rising from it like other stables.

The precise coordinates are: -0251, 0052, 0019.

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How to Use Lookout Landing Stable

Before the stable can be used, Link first has to do a favor for a Hyrulean in need. This is completed via a side quest titled “The Incomplete Stable”. Karson, the NPC standing next to the stable, points out that the stable isn’t running because there is a hole in the roof.

This problem can be quickly mended by activating Link’s Ultrahand ability and using it to move a nearby piece of wood onto the roof of the stable and cover the hole. After this, the stable will be open for business.

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Lookout Landing Stable Facilities

Lookout Landing Stable is a mini stable, so it lacks the things available at the bigger ones. Here, Link can only register, take, and board his horses. There is also no inn to rest in, and the Pony Points register is missing. For a bigger stable, visit New Serenne Stable, which is not too far away.

Though the stable is smaller than most, it is still worth visiting, as Lester is around, and he offers information about the Great Fairies. He will also reward Link if he finds his lost horse, named Spot.

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