Highland Stable location & directions Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

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The world map in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is fascinating because the game leaves a good chunk of it out for the critical path. It’s one of the reasons why people have gravitated toward this long-awaited Breath of the Wild follow-up, and why folks are still talking about it weeks after launch. Here’s where to find the Highland Stable, which may or may not be a non-critical location that’s, shall we say…a trek.

Where to find the Highland Stable

The Highland Stable is south of Central Hyrule, deep into the Faron region, near the edge of the map, in the Fural Plain. The exact location of the Highland Stable can be found at coordinates 0523, -3431, 0047 and on the above map.

How to get to the Highland Stable

To get to Highland stable, your best bet is through Lookout Landing, where you can catapult yourself south and glide down to the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. Shoot out of that tower and continue your journey south. Unlike another stable in Faron, this one is easy to see at a glance from the sky. The Utsushok Shrine is just a jog away to the northeast, up on a hill.

As an aside, we recommend that you don’t try and visit fringe locations really early into the game unless you have the Vow of Tulin. It’ll make finding these far-off spots that much easier.

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