Resident Evil Re:Verse has been delayed to 2022

resident evil re:verse delayed

Hold onto those download codes

Multiplayer survival-horror experience Resident Evil Re:Verse was set to launch sometime this month. But today, the team announced that Re:Verse has been delayed, both out of July and out of 2021.

On Twitter, the team says it’s being pushed back so it can continue to work on delivering a “smooth gameplay experience.” Updated launch details will be shared later. In the meantime, they recommend that folks who bought a physical version of Resident Evil Village either keep track of the download code that came with the box, or go ahead and redeem it now so it’s tied into your account.

So, this is another delay for the multiplayer experience that was intended to arrive alongside Resident Evil Village. It’s a bit of a tough spot, as reception to the betas that have been hosted so far wasn’t exactly warm either.

A little extra time might make this more of a multiplayer Resident Evil experience that might be more appealing, though I’m still personally a little iffy on the idea of a deathmatch in Resident Evil. PvE seems much more fitting, and it’s not like the series hasn’t approached multiplayer in that way before to some more positive results.

Either way, it looks like we’ll see how Resident Evil Re:Verse turns out sometime next year, rather than this month. It’s a bit of a last-minute delay, but hopefully it gives the team the time they need to make the Re:Verse they want to create.

Resident Evil Village, on the other hand, seems to have been a pretty well-received Resident Evil. And even more than the game itself, the mod scene has been fantastic to follow as it develops weirder and weirder things. Who doesn’t love the massive Lady Dimitrescu hat mod, or the Thomas the Tank Engine alteration?

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