Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu hat mod casts some serious shade

At least she’ll never be in direct sunlight

It took scant hours for the mod community to jump on Capcom’s Resident Evil Village, with a fistful of weird, twisted, and fun code tweaks that added Barney the Dinosaur, turned Lady Dimitrescu into Thomas the Tank Engine, and swapped the heads of Chris Redfield and baby Rose Winters… Amusing and disturbing stuff, for sure.

But this new creation from modder Kallialee, while not quite as horrific, is equally as bizarre. The mod once again features everyone’s favorite bloodsucking hostess, Lady Dimitrescu, chasing down the hapless Ethan Winters as she is wont to do. Only this time, each and every time Alcina shows up, her hat has grown in size. While modest at first, the good lady ends up blocking out more than a fair bit of light by the end of the video below.

As noted by several commenters, the freaky, super-sized chapeau recalls Trooper Champlin and her ever-growing hat in Scary Movie 3… NOT THAT I’VE SEEN IT. But given the people’s love for Lady Dimitrescu, her eye for style, and her timeless fashion, I’m hoping that we’ll be seeing real-life versions of these monstrosities on the catwalks of Milan this year.

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