Nintendo of America’s localization of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes added memes

Are you okay with this?

I’ve been playing and enjoying The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes a great deal on my 3DS, but some people are up in arms over Nintendo of America’s localization of the game.

As you can see from this image that has been making the rounds, the American release added in some text referencing the popular doge meme, while the script in the European version plays it straight. Nintendo of America does its own localization of games, separate from Nintendo of Europe’s, and they often vary to a degree, but seeing a meme that will surely fade with time does seem a bit out of place.

That being said, Legends of Localization points out that previous localizations of Zelda titles have referenced everything from disco, to MC Hammer, and even condoms and politics; most of which were in non-American localizations, though this might be the first time a Zelda game has referenced an internet meme. 

So what’s your take? Has Nintendo of America’s Treehouse gone too far, or is this just playful fun, like the spoopy Fatal Frame trailer? I’d like to think it is fun, though I feel like doge memes are pretty over.

The Latest Zelda Game is Such Doge [Legends of Localization]

Jed Whitaker