Everything that happened at Microsoft’s good E3 2016 press conference

Dead Rising 4! Two new consoles!

I think Microsoft did a pretty good job today at E3!

Whereas they normally sluggishly move on games in favor of entertainment, this presentation had two new console announcements that heavily favored the gaming element of the business, as well as a full, not half-cocked Cross-Play initiative.

There were also plenty of games, some good reveals (Dead Rising 4), and the pacing was pretty on point with no cringeworthy skits (outside of the Sea of Thieves yelling gameplay segment). Microsoft was smart to unveil both the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio today, since Sony is not showing the Neo at E3.

With a holiday 2017 date for the Scorpio, I guess we have a tentative date for the battle for the next generation? Is it a half generation now?


Tekken 7, featuring Akuma for whatever reason, just had its first localization information drop at Microsoft’s E3 stage. The fighting game will head to our shores early next year. They also showed a badass fight between Akuma…   read


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