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I have a week working at home with roommates out of town. My goal is to play Metroid: Prime, Metal Gear Solid, and Catherine, all for the first time. Knowing I might not be able to finish all 3, in what order should I prioritize?

FP: 8===D

Pewdiepie apologizes for offensive jokes, claims media bias against him

There's a pretty interesting Youtube video about how "the marketplace of ideas" is a load of crap powerful enough to help get an unthinkable candidate elected president. It speaks to the idea that "The Discourse" in today's social media tri...   read


I have only one thing to say to Comcast; who have in the past five years, slowly but surely hiked my internet bill from 50 dollars to 85 dollars a month.


I didn't make this, but I'm currently spending my Sunday making something based off of its design for that show I have coming up in NYC. It's in Time Square somewhere but I don't have the details yet. Pics and details when I have them...


#Confessiontoid I've actually never watched a single real wrestling match, despite having a undying love for Macho Man Randy Savage. I fell in love with the Macho Man because of this scene in Spiderman.


Bought and played the 'Oh, Deer!' beta. It's pretty dang fun on the controller, but personally I found it easier to drive with KB/M. I've yet to play it under the tunes of dem funky Euro Beats, and will post my impressions soon.


For Honor ain't bad! Though I hate this new trend in games of holding the X/A button to select things. Just let me pick my character. If I fuck up I fuck up.


I'm finally done with Devil Summoner 2. It was a step up from the first game, but lacks as an action RPG. It's was less tedious than the first. The style and story was pretty great. The final boss and the alignment system is one the best in the series.


Just Beat the Slayaway Camp "Slayaway Camp 3D" set of levels. Just wow this game really does keep bringing more and more to the table. As I was having to deal with explosive mines and trying to kill campers while avoiding killing cats.


If you're on the Xbox 360 and Mass Effect 3 indefinitely hangs at the "Checking Downloadable Content" screen, just start bashing "Y" as soon as the main menu starts up to force it to connect to EA's servers. It should work fine after that.


#Confessiontoid: Back in middle school I had a huge crush on this girl, and she moved to a different state. Before ahe left, she gave me her old handbag that she always had be carry around, and I would smell it at night when I felt sad. Cont. in comments


I have work in 2 hours and I'm still kinda sleepy. I'll feel better once it's over (and I'm paid), but I never really look forward to going in. I hope my next job at least has something applicable to my intended field(s)...


Happy chocolate mint day, to my American associates, go buy some thin mints

FP: 8===D

Nintendo alleges that some Switch consoles were stolen from a U.S. distributor

Just a few days ago, a NeoGAF user by the handle of Hiphoptherobot managed to acquire a retail Nintendo Switch unit two weeks ahead of its official March 3 launch. At the time, his statements on the matter were somewhat vague, although he d...   read


Did a DOOM stream yesterday, I apologize for not informing you guys about it before the stream started but the stream is here for people who want to watch it.


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