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Vane: Ain’t Got No Right

 I had impossible expectations for Vane. From its earliest tease to its final trailer everything about it seemed so mysterious and intriguing. The comparisons to Team Ico were there, sure, but this genuinely seemed like a fascinat...


What I Played in 2018

Through 2018 I kept a list of all the games I started playing. This is going to basically be a copy/paste of that list. Kinda boring, but figured I still share it. You can consider all the games on the list played to the end of the st...


(Some of) The Fighting Games Of 2018

Welcome back to the stage of history ladies and gentlemen. It is now 2019 and the world was not ended yet. I wanted to get this article in December last year during the sales period but life decided to get in the way. But I like to ...


Darktoid: While we're on the subject of opening up

I don't wanna feel like I'm taking any thunder away from Ninja. He might pull out a shuriken, slice all my clothes off, and embarass me in front of that girl I like from home room! But, in all the bluntest of honesty, I have issues th...


My Top 10 Movies of 2018

Last week I wrote a blog about my top TV of 2018. Before that I wrote a blog about my favorite games and music of 2018. I'm finishing off this trilogy of blogs with a look at my favorite new movies of 2018.  It was a huge yea...


Gamepass is making me Jaded

The Xbox Gamepass has sold me a console and lots of games for the next twelve months. With such a choice of games though, I’m finding it pretty difficult to commit to any one of them. After just three weeks I have become more jad...


The Orville Spoiler Space-"Home"

Welcome back to this week's discussion of The Orville! I'm a smidge behind my time this week, so I have this up later than I would like. But hey maybe more people have time to read blogs on Sundays? Guess we'll see. If you missed last ...


Opening Up

As 2019 begins, I've realized my interactions with Destructoid have been limited. While I recently decided to announce my lurker status here in the community, I've decided to partially alter those plans. Over time, I've realized how mu...


One Week of Fitness Boxing

First off, let me say thanks if you are reading this! And if you are not reading this, that's fine too. This is going to be the first blog post that I actually finish (hopefully). I tried to make a post with a direct game-by-game break...


Geek Love: The Nintendo Gamecube

So it'll be my birthday kind of soonish, so I'm using it as a flimsy pretext to write this. I don't really care about my birthday, in all honesty, it's just another day to me, but sometimes they can be awfully nice. I get some rather n...


PStoid Episode 94: No More Words for 2018

Another year, another GOTY episode. I wanted to post this earlier, but life and illness prevented it. We also talk a little about the rumored (now confirmed) Persona 5R, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, and the first round of PS+ games for 2019. ...


Pat's 2018 Reading Accomplishments

New York Matinee called it "A playful, but mysterious little dish" Two blogs in less than a week? That's crazy talk, or rather, normal blogging. Actually, this is Blog Post 1.5, since I split my last one in two. Having foolishly boaste...


½ Review: The Messenger

If there was a witty subtitle to this review it would be “A game of two halves…” – BECAUSE THE GAME CHANGES HALF WAY THROUGH. Is that a spoiler? Probably, if you didn’t know that already; if you hadn&rsq...


My Top 10 TV Shows of 2018

Being that it's the start of a new year, I like to look back at the past year and reflect upon the pop culture I consumed. Last week I wrote a blog about my favorite video games and music of 2018. This entry is all about the TV shows I...


The Grind Corps Podcast 66 - Happy 2019!

Heyo! It's me, your lovable friend, ZombieCorps. You might not have known this but I am the host of a mostly weekly podcast with my good friend Johnny Grind.We've been going at it for nearly 2 years now.Just this week, we recorded...


Zer0's 2018 Top 10 (+some other stuff)

  *phew* We somehow made it. 2018 is behind us and from what I gathered from many an interaction, online and off, it was a trying year for a lot of folks and the world in general. Can't take myself out of that as well. I switched...


The Orville Spoiler Space-"Primal Urges"

Hello friends and welcome to another discussion of The Orville! This week sees The Orville move to its new time slot on Thursday nights. Moving forward, these reviews will appear on friday or saturday most likely. If you missed last we...




Yo wes! Happy birthday my guy! Have a great day and dont party too hardy!


Happy birthday Wes! You make Destructoid a better I hope you can take a little bit and do something that makes you happy Or I can send you an old picture of me wearing a thong with a dick pouch for my Yup, I ruined your yw


Wes loves He works hard on his precious limited free time to help make this place the best it can We are a better community thanks to I am a better human being for having in my We love you, my Happy


I made my own #Opiniontoid


Happy Birthday Wes! ~Time to paaarty!~


Another day another Blood Angel He is not as shiny as the picture makes em out to be I swear!


World vs World shenanigans with my guild in Guiod Wars I wish ANet would do more for the mode, but I love a lot of whats there Hopefully, well get something soon or have a another MMO close to what GW2 has to


Got this today and it has a clip with Ramsay in

Jetter Mars

YAY! Skarlet is back! MK11 is looking really good so far! \(^,^)/


Seriously, John Wick 3? Halle Barry? Still watching it day one, but I have never found her charismatic enough to elevate a

Pizza in a Tangle

Happy birthday, Now to recede back into hiding for another 10 years or




After watching the new footage for MK11 I noticed Skarlet is dressed kinda like one of the Ghitu from Magics Dominaria Just with blood instead of Weird observation aside, Im looking forward to I just hope WB doesnt ruin

Barry Kelly

Yay! Granted, its not exactly informative but its been a month since the VC4 DLC just didnt come out when it was supposed to with total radio silence over it, so Im calling it a


That dark haired, bespectacled chum behind the blue shirt-donning lass? Yours truly in the Crikey, I should quit sticking my neck out like 🙃


Happy birfday Wes! I would have made you a taco cake, but that would have been nasty and awkward eating your fellow So heres a picture of your fursona, taco Did you know taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat? #MindBlown




Happy Birthday Westopher! Heres to many more you magnificent deviant!

Boxed Swine

Mlady, we cannot slay you, for you are too high! (Lady Liadrin, Arathi Warfront, World of Warcraft, the final boss we need to kill to


I love trivia

Dangus Taargus

Are we not talking about the elephant#80 in the room? Lets talk about Wes baby, lets talk about you and Lets talk about all good things on his taco that I Lets talk about


Am I alone that decided to delete Pixel Junk Monster 2 because of the horrendous loading Trying to play Online coop also add to I played it on


Happy Birthday Wes! Your ol uncle Terry got you a gift, but uh, youll have to come over to pick it Dont worry about what happened last time, Ive definitely been taking my meds


Ive been struggling a bit, I dont want to talk about Lets talk about Super Mario Land 2 Ive got a review for it on my blog


Meet me in the bathroom,


Excited for the new Dog Wick film!

Pixie The Fairy

Happy birthday Wes!


Wasnt it your birthday last year?


Happy birthday, Wes! Youll always be a level 100 Tacomancer in my May your harvests be plentiful and your loins remain

Remo Williams

John Wick 3 Cannot

Keiichi Morisato

The hype is


Happy birthday May your tacos be black, swollen and teeming with


Heck yeah, YIIK releases today Oh, it doesnt uses Steams default BR currency exchange rate, so it is BLR instead of BLR Allright, guess Ill wait for a sale, and I havent had much gaming time anymore

Chris Hovermale

Ni No Kuni 2s main story chapters feel a lot shorter after unlocking the I just put off progression on one of them until resolving a bunch of sidequesting for days, and when I got back to it, I finished the entire chapters main quest in 1 hour?


Happy Birthday Wes! Youre the best!


Happy Birthday to you, Wes! I was gonna send you a taco pic but then decided to change it Behold: The Hot Cheeto Burrito!


There are personalities that sometimes define communities; people who make a place feel like Wes is certainly one of those Thanks for being a rad dude! Happy birthday!

Jetter Mars

Wes, I love you Will never forget that drunken 2 hour conversation we Or how the D-Toid Dong Dudes ride or Keep on being you Happy

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Yo! Just wanted to say happy birthday to the homie Enjoy your day,


I deleted Steep, but forgot to deactivate my Ubisoft Apparently I have to personally request this through their customer Good


Happy birthday Eat I


What are your thoughts about who should pay on a first date? Ill put my thoughts in the

Rad Party God

Last night, I went to a taco restaurant where, I shit you not, they have racoons as pets and theyll actually steal your taco if youre not careful, they did steal a burger from some guys at the table behind It was a lot of Happy Bday Wes!


Happy Birthday You deserve 100x the generous amount of love and support youve shown everyone


Happy birthday, Wes! You were my first real deep contact here at Dtoid and Ill never be able to thank you know shits been real lately, but youre an amazing person and we cant do without you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY you old, dirty


Happy birthday to everyones favorite lover of White! Just Happy birtday Wes!


Well I start my new position at my old job Hope it goes Also happiest of birthdays to our resident taco man! If only it were yesterday as then I would shower you with bunny