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Game Development: How to make a hat in Boss 101

Hello and thank you for joining us again in another weekly Boss 101 Update. Let’s get on with the show, shall we?How to Make a Hat in Boss 101With all the talk about hat contests we wanted to revisit how we make hats for Boss 101...


Are We Worrying Too Much Over Fire Emblem Warriors?

The promotional material and news leading up to the release of Fire Emblem Warriors have given me mixed feelings. A stew of conflicting hopes and worries stronger than any other pre-release ramp-up I can remember feeling in recent hist...


Cblog Recaps of 8/17/17 + Limit Breaking

This is the first Cblog Recap I have done in a few weeks. That's pretty dreadful. It isn't because I don't care, or that I'm lazy, no-one can accuse me of either such crime when it comes to Destructoid. No, it's simply because I have, ...


Backlog Review: Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein got it's start as a stealth series on early computers before transitioning into it's most recognizable form in Wolfenstein 3D. After popularizing the first person shooter genre, the series releases became sporadic. Flash fo...


Cblog Recaps of 8/16/17 + AMA

  I asked you all for questions and you fucking delivered! Here is the riveting conclusion to my very first AMA... Angie22: Which dinosaur you feel would be the best household pet? Dino from The Flintstones. What are you cu...


Tales From the RimWorld: Season Three

It's time for a new season of Destructoid community members taking on the hardships of life after crashing onto an uncharted planet on the outer rim of the galaxy. As the transport ship was destroyed in a catastrophic accident, Dere, D...


A Shoggy Look at Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XIII-Vs...shit...Final Fantasy XV then; Final Fantasy XV is the first major entry in the Final Fantasy series that has nothing to do with FInal Fantasy XIII although that’s assuming you ignore the history of this ga...


CBlog Recaps of 08/15/2017 - The Star Maker

Recent coverage of divides and shifts in the gaming landscape has got me thinking extemporaneously again, this time about how quickly plenty of us can rush to idolize and admire a person or collective who churns out something marvelou...


Lovepost: Rant about life and some huggin' pictures

This will merely be a stream of conciousness with some hokey pictures attached to it from various SMT/Persona games. If you wanna shoot the shit with for me for a moment, this blog might be for you! So, yup. I haven't been feeling 10...


OkändOnsdags 8-1/2017: Past Legends

To cover forgotten games, choosing "famed game programmers" as a theme is an invitation to fail to find forgotten games. Even worse would be to cover the said creators, who are often covered by other sites, especially Eurogamer. My sol...


My Collection - Part 5 - PS3 - Rocky Balboa

During the begining of the last generation of consoles (circa 2006) Sony launched the PS3 for a outrageous high price with the promisse of never seem before gaming (graphically and gameplay wise) using the power of the newly created ce...


Path of Exile 3.0 Review (PC)

People keep telling me I should play this over Diablo 3. Now that I've dropped almost 80 hours into this game. I have no idea why people like it. This is one of the most tedious and boring ARPGs that I have played. People keep telling ...


Gotta Go Fast! The 5 Best Sonic Games

Sonic The Hedgehog. What hasn’t been said about Sega’s spiky haired woodland critter that rolls around at the speed of sound, grabbing rings, and has a penchant for eating chili dogs and beating up fat people? Since his debut in 1991,...



Electric Reaper

I went to the local Wendys today for lunch, and of course, they had Fox Noise on their The more annoying problem was that they ran out of Pepper syrup, so I ended up mixing Pepper, Barqs root beer, and Cherry The taste was weird


Im in mourning, I closed a comic file Id had for 22 years today


After beating the crap out of Steamworld Heist, I moved onto XCom, which I played for 2 hours previously, and another 4

Spiders For Sale

Why is there a singular, really long hair popping up in my eyebrows seemingly over night every so often?


4 hours until I get to see the Westeros dream team in action! I cant remember the last time I was this excited for an episode of a tv


does everyone stand on the subject of Broccoli on pizza? A good topping or the single best topping?


While white people debate whether hot dogs are sandwiches, I found this This is the final

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Another VA-11 HALL-A character study! This time its all about Betty and what she brought to the game as a Good stuff!

Pixie The Fairy

Watched Moana this Lovely movie from start to


Family photo day, and my sister made me take a selfie with Came out so good i thought Id share it!


I decided to start writing my next C-Blog now that I have a little bit of Been listening to one of my favorite indie artists to help me form my thoughts and the theme of the


Anybody remember Zoo Tycoon? They remade it and gave it a new


So, its going to be named Roady McHighway Face It will be an

Rad Party God

First Impressions of Pyre: NBA Jam made And it has a talking I like


I cant stop watching this guys


Am I the only one who gets really annoyed when checking out Kotakus Sunday Comics, and the characters featured in the header arent correct? By correct, I mean the most recognizable and zoomed in a manner thats Is it just me?

Bob The God Lawyer


Nathan D

Aww yeeeah!


No recap today, Im choosing

Donley Time

Check out our latest game development blog post right here at Destructoid! How do you make a hat for Boss 101? Find out right now -->


Going through old shirts in storage (see


Summer breaks almost


Oh man, I just wanna lie down and be still for an extended period of


This is how much my foot injury set me vs three months ago (3 mos ago pic in go ahead and stay It just means I have potential, or


Ive been watching a Nioh Lets Play today, and it led me to some musings: When does a popular and highly influential game (or style of game) become a genre? When does a game like Nioh stop being a ripoff and start being a Soulslike?

Chris Moyse

Hope youre having a great weekend guys xxx Heres a tune that sounds like my brain operating


Audio from British bombers flying over Germany in


Suggestion: in Sonic Mania TMZ, let the boss grab you in the In my case, he grabbed Tails and Im 5 minutes from having the time run out (Ive waited for three minutes now and I dont see what I can do while the hands are grasping


Found a dead mouse in a bin in the A live baby mouse was holding onto the the dead I was Told the wife and she told me to kill the baby mouse Im apparently married to a Roman

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

For some reason a lot of people in my life are My Mom randomly wanting to clean more stuff, my Supervisor changing up my hours, and even a friend deciding to travel out of town instead of hanging out as


What are you up to Platinum


I subscribe to the idea that the current STEM drive is actually an effort to drive down STEM wages via market


#ScreenshotSunday part 2 - the window borders on Virtua Cop 2 are actually quite nice to what Sega Touring Car Championship looks like right It also created an Internet Explorer Setup shortcut in the Windows Start menu?


The Sonython goes on and Childs Play needs your cash! Today its Ace Combat 2, Metal Gear Solid, Entwined and Gran Turismo Go here to check it #ForTheKids


End of second day! Will start uploading pics of the events and the cosplayers grabbing some of you guys within 2-3 days!


#ScreenshotSunday - Sorry for missing Instead, I shouldnt be this happy to be able to see something like this on Windows

Sir Shenanigans

What are your favorite fruits? Traditionally-considered fruits, for the sake of For me its probably Bananas, Rainier cherries, and Pears (Anjou or Bosc, had a few great Asian Bonus, think Im becoming obsessed with

Spiders For Sale

Post some video game soundtracks with prominent funky/smooth bass,


#SurpriseCatboySunday I cant think of things to post often enough so heres a cute cat for your Sunday


Wifes birthday Shes a pretty cool Lets do everything she wants to do today

Papa Niero

Mesh gaming router thats actually a tiny helicopter slash chilled cupholder

Gus TT Showbiz

A littler earlier than normal, but Im afraid of the So is this pun of the day: I should have been sad when my flashlight batteries died, but I was

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Happy Sunday! May it be calm and chill~


The perfect song doesnt exi-

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Posted a cblog actually mostly about video games, the first in a long


Dont we


This is a surprisingly insightful death Ok, new Im with you for Nostalgia defense system


My cat has a little cowlick and its the cutest thing