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Rayman 2 Revisited

With Michel Ancel’s recent departure from the gaming industry and retreating to nature as is the most logical step for organic species, we can now turn our heads backwards to his first, and still best IMHO, foray into the world ...


Vigor: Everything a shooter doesn't have

Vigor has been an interesting and addicting game for not only me, Riku, but also Sil. I don’t normally play shooter games. The most you’ll see of them from me is during one of the rewards my viewers can redeem called ShootH...


What defines 'Games as a Service'?

Reading the discourse following the release of the Outriders demo has proven that the game is likely to be quite polarizing at launch. There seem to be an equal number of supporters and detractors on most gaming venues. What I find mos...


Band of Bloggers March 2021 Theme

After a brief hiatus in February, Band of Bloggers is back and well rested.  There are a lot of things that can keep someone coming back to a game. Some games have excellent multiplayer, others have fun moment to moment gameplay t...


Shog's Birth-month 2021 Gaming Journal

Recently, I found and started listening to audiobooks of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately, the LotR audiobooks were taken off of youtube and maybe I should just subscribe to spotify, but I don’t like commitment...


Final Outriders Demo Impressions

[I've been here a while and never blogged so pardon the bare-bones page and blog formatting.]     Synopsis/TL;DR: Generic, derivative, dated, schizophrenic. Wait for a sale. The analogy I came up with last night was: It's th...


I Miss Dead Space

I'm pretty fickle when it comes to horror. I'll happily skip most scary movies, but ever now and then I hit on one that I really enjoy, but it won't convince me to get more into the genre. When it comes to role-playing games, the horro...


[Spit take] Oh... Hello?

Well this is odd. I used to blog on here. The last time I did so was in 2016. I had a break from blogging for a couple of years - teacher stuff, family stuff, etc. - and when I came back to it, I couldn't get into my Destructoid a...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! This week went by faaaast. I was staying late at work last night and just as I was about to leave, I realized it was Thursday and I had the next two days off...


10 of My Gaming Regrets

Inspired by: https://grindingdown.wordpress.com/category/games-i-regret/ My teenage years English teacher, the same that encouraged me to write which was a debatable choice, once said that to read a bad book was as worthwhile as readin...


(Smash Shantae/Risky Boots Blueprints)

Ohaider I know it's been awhile lifes been rough lately I've had 3 characters done on the shelf for a long time now I need to get them out into the world like yesterday this is one of them. If any of you just want to see the moveset, n...


Raiders of the Ancient Backlog

After going through like 150 hours of JRPGs back to back at the end of last year, I was kinda tired of commitment, but I still wanted the satisfaction of getting games out of my backlog at a steady pace. So instead of my usual MO of al...


You Know What It Is

My first encounter with Zelda was my older cousin's copy of Ocarina of Time. I had cut my teeth on various NES and Genesis games growing up, but this was my first exposure to 3D. I still tear up sometimes when I watch the attract scre...




It looks like the Sinking City has been pulled from Steam

sp testure

I consider myself lucky that I live in a city with a couple of independent Video game stores still kicking I scored the fancy FF12 strategy in near perfect Should come in handy for my Zodiac Age run in the near Cept the job


Valheims pretty comfy


Im continually amazed at how good Persona 5 Strikers Blasphemous to say, but in some ways Im actually enjoying it more than Persona 5

Dr Mel

Alright, time for some good NES This ones from Vice Project

Sweaty Dungus

Support Cruelty Squad on Steam, the nightmarish and visually abrasive organ-harvesting fps about how capitalism David Jaffe hates it!


Despite no word on a PC release, recent news has me in the mood for Apparently, though, the Switch port of a 24 year old game is prone to constant crashing, and Ive experienced 2 in 30 HOW CAN YOU FUCK UP A PS1 PORT??!!!!?!?!!


My dog is an

Yue chan

Look at this cute boy that Juice and I have made 🥰😏😊


Bunker Punks, a lovely little roguelite Feels Available on Steam #Indietoid


Accepting girlfriend applications, boyfriend applications will be open as soon as my dad dies (I dont want to miss out on my inheritance)


Not #indietoid, but the ps5 version released today, and I specifically waited, so I could play this This game is FANTASTIC!!! The SSD really helps speed the game along, and i absolutely love that developers are offering 60 fps Great game!!


Today I learned that Nintendo owned the Banjo-Kazooie IP, but sold it back to Rare in exchange for the Donkey Kong characters they had created so Microsoft wouldnt own


Our first post here is about Vigor a fun game that started on the Xbox and moved to the Hope you guys love what we had to say about


Sproggiwood is another fantastic semi-traditional roguelike, available on Steam, GOG, and Its even on sale on Steam for right now! Originally discovered it on GOG, but shoot, Ill double dip since Ive got #Indietoid


Since were still doing #Indietoid, Ill drop a couple more N++ and Football, Tactics, and Glory


A mix of HoMM3 and Xcom was all I needed to Fort Triumph is a great little game, that got nowhere near enough On #Indietoid


You people are a bunch of Where would I start if I wanted to get into Kamen Rider?


From the makers of DoomRL: Jupiter Leaves this But is more than worth your dollars Steam and


The Pathless, the game that no one seems to be fussed about but I absolutely loved and just vanished And its on PS5 (which is a pretty bare market at the Go buy it #indietoid


I dont think Ive ever wanted a game to be good more than I have R-Type Final

Virtua Kazama

YOULL NEVER GUESS WHERE THE LAST PIECE OF HEART WAS LOCATED! Its time for more cleanup on tonights session of Links Awakening! (God, that felt like


I cant believe I didnt think of this earlier for #indietoid (especially since I literally just beat it two days ago) but seriously, play Aer: Memories of Its worth it for the excellent flying mechanics


lol but the game was fun as Im


One of the best traditional (coffee break style) roguelikes out, Alchemic Dungeons DX is on Switch and #Indietoid Wish Switch had Its this and Quest of Not enough traditional, let alone coffee break style ones on the


So Switch eShop now has Robotech: The Macross Sage HD Store description says, revitalizes the GBA retro I think Ill


I am a fan of Salt


#Indietoid shameless self promo - mech design for my upcoming This is just the rough form and still needs work


I hope this feature survives all the way through If nothing else, its a middle finger to


If The Sims had an IKEA expansion, itd make a pretty good start for a horror I mean, how many Sims do you think could get out of those stores before starving?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Since seemingly no one has mentioned it yet, its up to me to recommend one of my favorite visual Please give it a chance! #indietoid


#indietoid A gory approach to Fatal I love this The folkloric creatures they portray comes with an explanation of its Quite interesting to see another cultures depiction of


Listening to ace combat 7 ost, yt recommended this gem:


Making giardiniera tonight, because it sounded really good with roast beef and I wasnt sure if store brands around here would be Also, Friday Im going to drop the king of all mukbang


Oh boy! Now I get to create my wifes Wasteland biography, this game is great! Edit : Finished my squad, what a fun #indietoid


I still keep seeing Cooking Mama Cookstar on store shelf for It keeps getting harder to not get it just for the story behind it, even though I doubt Id ever play


Took a look at my most played games, and there was one standing atop the heap for RimWorld is such a great little survival Also special credit to Dwarf Fortress for inspiring


Gotta say the more I play CotDG the more Im digging It definitely needs some weapon balancing and it takes a few runs to click, but the core gameplay is incredibly Worthy addition to my rougelite Anyone else playing? #Indietoid


Nice #indietoid going First impulse was to name FTL because NO ONE DID YOU WEIRDOS but Im gonna pick the excellent The Curious Expedition In short its Apocalypse Now + Around the World in 80 Days + And its wonderful!


#indietoid - Badass twin-stick shooter!! Also, my physical collectors edition, for Switch, should be here I already own it digitally on the PS4, and Switch; I guess I kinda liked it?


#indietoid - Badass twin-stick shooter!! Also, my physical collectors edition, for Switch, should be here I already own it digitally on the PS4, and Switch; I guess I kinda liked it?


This is why we cant have nice


#indietoid Oatmeal raisin Highly


I Why cant these cowards just make Isolation 2?


You guys asked for Pokemon fishing lures, right? No? Well too fucking


I am here to second maycausecancers post about Road Redemption because that game is But also as my own addition to #indietoid I would like to nominate Tooth and Tail, which my partner and I have played a ton Great strategy couch co-op!


A local radio broadcaster died a couple of days Russ Martin wasnt perfect but he sure did have a good sense of Only 60, they found him dead in his RIP


Gliding again on the go while witnessing this beauty #indietoid


Pretty sure yall saw this one coming, but hear me out: its a budget game with a ton of content, and many really interesting A mix of XCom and Final Fantasy It has rough edges, and is a slow burn, but I still adore


Mistwalkers long teased RPG has a story and gameplay This game is set for apple arcade(which means no microtransactions), and hopefully willl show up elsewhere down the line as most exclusives