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Social distancing brought me back to blogging.

Not to mention or remember what is happening right now, the title says it all. As a gamer since I was four years old and blogger since 2009, two have been my previous gaming sites where I used to blog, and then, someone told me about t...


The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Review

The Witcher 2 is not good, there I said it.Back in 2011, many of us were wowed by its charm and mythical setting. However, after nearly ten years, I have gone back to this game to look at it with a critical eye, and my god, what a mess...


Saturn REVIEWS REPORT: 20-11

As we approach the supposed pinnacle of Saturn videogames, we still see the familiar issues plaguing the console in its top 20-11 games as per the Retro Sanctuary list. At this stage, it should only be natural that there are at least t...


In Other Waters (Switch) Review

Note: review code provided by Terminals.io. When I think of exploration games, I think of games like Breath of the Wild, Fallout, or Subnautica. These games fill their worlds with unique location that are meant to catch your eye and k...


Vasara Collection: A Closer Look

Around the turn of the century, a game developer named Visco created a pair of shmups that take place in an alternate-history feudal Japan.  When I say “alternate history”, I mean samurais riding flying motorcycles, sh...


Saturn REVIEWS: Clockwork Knight 1 & 2

Out of every 10 platformers on the SNES and the Genesis, only 1 was good, and it most probably was not made on the Genesis. Generally, playing any random platformer at that time that isn't made by Nintendo is a huge gamble with your ti...


Shog's SMarch 2020 Gaming Journal

So how’s your March going? I don’t want to make light of what’s going on in the world, and when I say that what I mean is that I use comedy to cope and I hope you don’t take offense when I do inevitably make fun...


Mortal Kombat 11 Review

Game title: Mortal Kombat 11 Available on PS4, Xbox1, Switch, PC. Stadia (Reviewed on PS4) Release date : Windows, PS4, Xbox One WW: April 23, 2019 Nintendo Switch NA: April 23, 2019 EU: May 10, 2019 Mortal Kombat 11 is...


Band of Bloggers: Hand it to the Master

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a really fun game that I have spent a lot of time with. I wanted to write about it for this months prompt, but I couldn't really think of a way to make it fit. This month's prompt is Rule of Fun, those mom...


Ten After Ten: 3/20/20-3/29/20

Note: I apologize for missing the past few Ten After Tens. Due to the busyness of my schedule, I will be suspending these indefinitely. Three News Stories Gamestop Closes Its Doors to Coronavirus Concerns Coronavirus has been sweepin...


Game Pitch: 'Katamari Racing'

I saw a gif of someone glitching out in Forza the other day - the road suddenly disappeared underneath the car, and the car was suspended in air doing 600 miles per hour.  It got me thinking about how fun it would be to have a gam...




Cool! are back from a 10 year hiatus with a killer new record! This track is terrific! Fans of Porcupine Tree, The Pineapple Thief, or Gazpacho should love this!


This cant be


I am exceptionally okay at video games! RE 3 is Took a bit getting in the mood for it (not the games fault, just life stuff), but it was a good Not REmake 2 good, but not everythings REmake 2 Still enjoyed it!


Current Status: #arbitrarynotmetalnottuesday #dirtyseamen

Dr Mel

Well then, just a PSA on Xbox 360 emulation at the moment: That stuff still needs time in the I was able to rip my copy of Lost Odyssey, the emulator saw it and ran it only as far as the main menu

Chris Bradshaw

the PS5 controller looks like what someone in 2002 thought the PS5 controller would look That, or the controller to Nintendo On


Arent you a little white for a playstation launch


A unique artist ever since Ive heard about Comedy antics aside, he genuinely has a good Mix of a lot of different styles #musictoid | Oliver Tree - Let Me Down

Gus TT Showbiz

I randomly got sent some dudes It was a pretty dick move if you ask


I know Im late to the party but the FF VII Remake demo is really Wow, oldman jet bringing you all the hot


For those still wondering the pie was actually filled with orcs!

Dangus Taargus

Not having to monitor thirst and hunger meters is exactly what BELOW Was there an amazingly evocative, engrossing game under here the whole time?!


So about my vague post from about a week (Dets in Comts)


Hot take: While Im not sure about the color scheme, the new PlayStation controller looks hella

Mike Sounders

Finally managed to get to Eden and beat the boss with accidentally had Revas support ability trigger in the Selicy fight so was locked out of the pacifist ending as a Still unlocked her alternate costume though so Ill take

Spiders For Sale

Hope everyone is


Am I the only one that thinks that the ps5 controller is really cool? Looks like a gadget straight from start trek or looking too much uncomfortable!

Patrick Hancock

After finishing both Outer Wilds and Half-Life: Alyx in the same week, I feel like I need a Both games are masterpieces in their own right, and I think Valve, at the top of their game, is I cant see anything topping Alyx as my


Ya boi couldnt help Had to get Etrian Odyssey Nexus and Untold 2 on Between those and my copy of Etrian Mystery Dungeon I forgot I had Im gonna be set on Etrian Odyssey until the (hopefully) eventual first Switch

sp testure

Im back! Got a low income phone thingy and that will work till stimulus package comes Then net goes back Bananas get I miss much?


I love the classic skin in Doom Eternal because it makes you look like just some regular guy in a helmet rather than a super Really hilarious that everyone is afraid of you looking like


Tried to make burek again, using a yogurt/butter salve on top of the pastry while it So much Whole thing is rich, fatty, tangy, salty, and Highly recommend making!

Wes Tacos

Ive been rocking out to this song I havent been through a breakup, but its Also, the comments are miraculously good/fun/not racist for

Rico the Penguin

I love hideous So Im definitely down for the new PlayStation I hope the console is equally (No sarcasm


Blew through Nioh 2 a second time, guess I’ll try this NG+ thing

CaimDark Reloaded

In Fire Emblem, when you class up with a master deal your character usually looks the part, fancier or more powerful, or In Tokyo Mirage Sessions, the upgraded Mirage usually becomes hideous for some


Gonna take a well deserved break from Animal Crossing before I go ham on that Resident evil 3 is next on my list and One Step from Eden is



Punished Nietzsche

I havent played Dead Cells since it left Early Access, but yesterday i was watching VoltaicOwl play it on PS4, and it picked my interest Man has this game changed since EA! it looks better, it plays better and it has so many new stuff! i love it!

Anthony Marzano

#ArbitraryMetalTuesday Trent Reznor got his start in industrial metal and eventually gave me an album that would get me through a global Ive been listening to this almost Dont @

Virtua Kazama

I need to break that last chest, but how am I gonna use the supercharge from a distance? Lets fine out on the third session of Spyro 1!

Electric Reaper

The Humble Bundle Store is having a big sale on games published by Namco Bandia and Gearbox Ace Combat 7 and God Eater 3 are quite cheap right

Rico the Penguin

Woo Made (apparently) just over 5 million bells today in turnip sales! Halfway to the final stalk market achievo!




I find myself hoping the PS5 will let me use my PS4


Im including an hourglass puzzle into my next D&D I think the players will hate Im okay with Can you use a 3 minute and a 7 minute hourglass, started at the same time, to measure exactly 11 minutes?

the navi is a lie

Am I the only that thinks the new PS5 controller is real ugly? Sounds like it has great functionality, but those colors are

Sweaty Dungus

Is there an existing Animal Crossing dtoid discord community out there? It’d be nice to have a small community to play the turnip game


I beat Deaths As an RPG, its kinda crap, but the bosses and areas you explore are really Im curious about the big update thats in development, as its basically gonna rework the whole game and add Metroidvania


Man, this new Testament album fucking shreds! This track reminds me of something straight from The Ritual, and I LOVE that about That solo straight up gives me


Also I made

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

This is the PS5 Looks about what youd expect, with some stuff moved Glad theyre not abandoning the light bar!




I too enjoy being moist and


Detroit become


I ordered Persona 5: Royal because Im an Ive only just started listening to the soundtrack and damn, how did they make an already perfect OST even better?


Well this made my I want this on a t-shirt very