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Updated My Journal: TLoU2 Notes

There's plenty of The Last of Us: Part 2 reviews going 'round the internet these days and most of them are quite interesting. Lots of polarizing opinions and what not. And while not everyone loved the game as much as I did, Naughty Do...



After the debatable qualities of the top 100-91 games on Retro Sanctuary'stop 100 PS1 games list, the selection was only going to get better. Surprisingly, it got better by quite a bit. While I actually reviewed only one game in t...



There is so much that I wanted to say about this game that in a review, but I wanted to try to write a 'professional' review because I had seen so few.  With that being said, a lot of the soul of things that made me love the game ...


Review: TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children

Fire Emblem with Seoul Sometimes there is just nothing going on at work or in my life, so I go and check out the upcoming section on Steam to see if there is anything I can get excited about.  I saw a bright yellow rectangle with...


Ori and the Will of the Wisps (PC) Review

Ori and the Blind Forest was a special experience for me. Moon Studios took advantage of the freedom that comes with indie game design, and combined it with beautifully honed platforming, and iced that cake with a powerful and moving s...


PS1 REVIEWS: Silhouette Mirage

While they are not a very well-known developer, Treasure managed to carve a well-regarded niche for themselves. They are known to make all kinds of solid action shooters from Shmups like Radiant Silvergun to Run 'n Guns like Gunstar He...


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PC) Review

The Star Wars franchise is going through some interesting changes. While its recent films have disappointed many, the franchise has found success in other mediums. Television has been one of those successful mediums with the recent sh...


The World Begins With You

YOU HAVE 7 DAYS... Adolescence is the strangest thing. It's that confusing period between childhood and adulthood, where you're expected to act more like the latter but can't enjoy any of its perks, and at the same time, you can't fall...


Should Video Games Cost More?

Hey Folks...!   There is a golden rule with questions in headlines. If a headline asks you a question the answer is almost certainly no. We can see that I've opened this post with a question but perhaps...maybe this time we are bu...


Band of Bloggers July 2020 Theme

I live in a literal desert in the northern hemisphere. Here at the start of July the temperatures are getting unbearable, and I am forever glad that someone figured out Air Conditioning before I was born. When things get this hot, many...


Shog's June 2020 Gaming Journal

June is here, and June means Steam Summer Sale! In addition to the sale Steam has also hosted a ton of demos for upcoming games. My list this month is lengthier than usual, but it’s made up of a lot of these demos and games that ...


My Retro GOTY Awards 2019

As June draws to a close I am putting an end to that one blog I have been wanting to publish since December 2019. A month ago I wrote the corresponding awards for 2018 and that felt amazing. To write the games I played during a year an...


#SoYouThinkYouCanStream - Leaderboard

UPDATE: The poll to vote for the fan favorites is now live! https://eglive.typeform.com/to/A9oU3DeC  A while ago, Destructoid had announced a new streaming competition that is taking place on Destructoid’s Twitch channel. I...


Shog Gushes about the Coromon Demo

Out of all of the demos I played this month, Coromon is the one that I’m most looking forward to. I’ve played the demo for nearly 9 hours which is more time than I’ve dedicated to many full games. With the Coromon dem...




Apparently I have an IGN reporter in my WoW Classic guild He can’t raid on Sunday cus he’s covering the Ubisoft


Honey is That is

Sam van der Meer



Ghost of Tsushima pre-orders on the Phillipines get these posters with the collectors (Two more in


Happy birthday Prins!!

Queen of Philosophy

Hey, everyone! Ive just arrived and Im still trying to figure things out (like how to post my bio; not sure if its my fault or if the website is not working for me!) but Im hoping to stay awhile :D


Hey You didnt hear it from me but today is Prins She means the world to me and Im thankful she decided to be a part of my *recedes into the shadows*


Oh a weather alert I wonder what it is? Temperatures will reach up to 36 degrees Celsius today and will not fall below 20 overnight The combined values of temperatures and humidity will produce humidex values between 40 and 44 FUCK


Definitely not

Mike Sounders

Well CrossCode bought and Going to be a nice and quiet Friday night after how busy work has been


How does the moon cut his hair? Eclipse


I think I have ever finished only two survival horror Apparently Cursed Mountain (on Wii) was more memorable than Project Zero 5 (Wii U), since I had forgotten finishing the


Started replaying Mirrors Edge Mechanically its quite satisfying to play, although the writing is quite Also dont understand the point of gating basic movement behind I fully support the decision to go open world


This is like Berserk


What do you think are some games that have the best side quests? Its hard to tell if side quests are good or just seem good in comparison if the main story


So now CrossCode is out on console, but it looks like almost no big sites have reviewed The PC release didnt get much Whats up with that? Did they not send out review codes?


I finally finished And Wow, incredible I truly cannot understand any actual controversy surrounding this I can understand its dark, violent no compromise tone not being for But aside from dont get


Since Hamilton is all the rage these days that gives me an excuse to sing praises for The best hip-hop group around these Fronted by Daveed


How has it escaped me all these years that the Terran Confederacy (Starcraft) flag is just the Confederate flag? xD


Wait so if I wanna fight Alatreon I gotta do that Safijiva recon first!? Ffffffffffffff-

Dennis Carden

Well, I finally got myself the desk Ive been saving Theres a touch panel on it thats used to adjust the height, as its one that can be used for either sitting or So thats


Crosscode has a character who has all the same abilities as you and if he beats you the plot keeps Damn you apollo!

Electric Reaper

Whenever I toast a cold Walmart sub in my toaster oven, the cheese always gets wrinkly when it melts, even when I use Sargento


Disney is inexplicably airing Tron: Uprising right now from the Im very curious as to why this is

Pixie The Fairy

Crease yourself and be reborn!


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Just finished Kings Quest and the way it ended left it wide open for a sequel that should have happened by There were only 2 puzzles that I really disliked out of the 5 chapters, and the story had me It also made me cry a couple Woo!


Finally watched Noclips 2018 Half Life doc on TreasureCats recommendation (which was super weird to see in a post-Alyx My biggest takeaways: god damn this franchise was a groundbreaking and Valve as a company kinda sucks?


Wasnt there going to be a sequel to Psychonauts in addition to that VR game?

Black Red Gaming

I think it well last time, so Ill hint at my next This one is going to be a doozy, so its gonna take me a few days to write This is the most current release in a large franchise thats only been around for a little over a

Rico the Penguin

Wife told me she was concerned about our packing speed because one of the closets hadnt been 30 minutes of grunting later it is Not about to let concern enter this household


Got another fabulous defender of black fire pass done, Im not gonna be a coward on the next one and do the color alternations that are expected of

Czar Kazem

Akiyama might be a scumbag but, dammit, hes MY scumbag

Jetter Mars

Happy Birthday to all the Speedy Frosty Ninja Flakes out there!


I enjoy eating They are delish!


I thought Id finally give Persona 5 Royal a I am very


Here is my baby trying out her new skills from med I had a hard time staying


Holy shit it finally cooled down some! (Yes, Im completely serious)

Rad Party God

oh Happy birthday to Ninja and Frosty! Hope yall are having a great day!


Lets bring back #CatboyThursday!


Curse of the Moon 2 is out tomorrow!!!

Virtua Kazama

SEA this salt? That means its time for another Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stream!

Mike Sounders

RIP disqus


I believe one of yall mentioned it before and I decided to order the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart I always liked the starter boxes to DnD and Pathfinder and I want to see the preview of what Red is going to be


I feel like at this point you’ve already made your decision as to whether you’re getting this game now, later or never but here’s a heads up


inb4 the swarm of clickbait articles: Devs arent Yes, this is promising, but they also noted that they likely dont have enough staff at the moment for a full-console based

Yue chan

Got my hair cut today!


streaming the Crash N sane Trilogy(should work this time, stream was borked last time dangit)