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Comments of the Week 51: Delayed. Delayed! DELAYED!!!

Hey there everyone. It's ooktar bringing you a fresh round of Comments of the Week. We've gained some great members to our team at COTW. WilfoftheBlues, Goofierbrute and Xeo. all made their debuts the last few weeks and I'm stoked to ...


Saturn REVIEWS: The List (Update)

With the Saturn, Sega have completely dropped of the console space in a lot fo the world. Sony were dominating with the Playstation, and Nintendo's late entry into the market with the N64 completely buried them. In many ways, the decis...


Bloggers Wanted: Warframed

My experience with Warframe is not a unique one. Like many in the recent wave of people rediscovering the game it was something I had played years ago and decided wasn’t really my speed. The Galaxy map was sloppy and confusing, t...


A Shoggy Look at Xenoblade Chronicles 2

I did not like Xenoblade Chronicles. I didn’t like the over-the-top English voice acting, I didn’t care about the characters or plot and I really disliked the MMO style auto-combat with special attacks littering the bottom ...


The Xbox Game Pass taking us for a ride?

Wowza so who doesn't love that this here newfangled Xbox Game Pass? "It's Netflix for video games!" I hear the eager masses howl. "Every new Microsoft exclusive will come to the Game Pass, no extra cost to the consumer, just the exist...


Free-to-play: Get in Tenno, you look cool

A couple months ago, I listened to Pat Fucboivin talk about getting into Warframe after sinking hundreds of hours into Monster Hunter World. Thousands of hours of playing Monster Hunter has culminated into Capcom's largest and most am...


E3 2018 Wishlist

Last year I wrote a blog describing the things that I expected and wished to see at E3 2017. I wanted to do another for this year. However, I am going to skip the expectations. This is going to be purely a wishlist. Some of t...


Free-to-Play: Gwent (beta)

For this month's blogger's wanted, I wanted to write something about a game which I've been playing these past few months, Gwent. For those of us who didn't play the Witcher 3, Gwent is played in 3 rounds. Each player takes turn playin...


Game Start 5

When we last left off, Krillin had just been blown to bits by Frieza and I had completed my first good game via one of the project tutorials. Exploding Krillin aside, I had burnt out immediately afterwards and put game-making aside fo...


Jet Set Lucky

What a year it's been, so much drama and chaos, for little old me. I dropped my toast just after New Year's, crumbs everywhere. On Valentine's day I farted in a queue while waiting for coffee, it stunk as bad as the coffee. During East...


Let's Reflect #1: The Early Days

Welcome all!  This is the first post of a series of reflection blogs I'm writing that describe my journey and experience with video games. As a first time blogger, please comment and critique what you like and dislike, or feel fre...



Gus TT Showbiz

Exit sign manufacturers are reporting a shortage of the stencils needed to create the In the meantime, price increases for the signs have become an exit stencil


Leaving a jobs a weird thing, as you come to terms with no longer being somewhere youve spent a long time Leaving a full time job and towns even I feel an odd mix of melancholy and hapiness on my second to last Just a weird


I just got out of Show It was the unedited That was definitely a

Rad Party God

I pulled the trigger on a pair of cheapo headphones ($38 USD), they have a nice classy breathing glow to them and despite their massive size and weight, theyre surprisingly comfortable! Ill keep ya posted after I get to use them for a few




The Memorrhage is slowly coming The sickle-shaped cog fingers, crab claw-ridden tail and cerebral-looking cranium serve as symbolic details that convey the fears of societal and mental restraint embodied by the


Just got an Amiibo box without the Amiibo in the Thanks,


For a while there Mega Man 3 seemed like the easiest of the Then it went “lol you can do without checkpoints before a boss fight right?” That’s okay, Mega Man 3; that just means I no longer like


Aside from nostalgia, how can people like Bruce Faulconers work on DBZ? Seriously It REALLY fucks up the tone,

Drew Stuart

Some of you are likely playing Dark Souls: Good on Me, I just picked up Dark Souls III for I havent played the DLC yet and I hear its Lets hope!


When you are in your new girlfriends bedroom for the first time and you sneak a peek in her top dresser drawer and there is a bottle of #NotMyBattlefield


Man, Im having I need some new Fire Emblem on


Tales of Zestiria beat, 50 JRPGs


Just got back from It certainly didnt do it for me in terms of giving me Han Solo, but it was a pretty good movie tbh, exceeded Also, I did not see THAT Spoilers in comments!


So its do or die time for my If I dont pass smog then my car is officially done since due to California law most catalytic converters are illegal here so Id have to special order one, which would cost a fortune given the year of my


When you find out who put the screw in the #NotMyBattlefield


Oh Link in comments


Mothergunship demo on steam from the makers of Tower of guns i Good fun and gun crafting reminded me of Resonance of

Anthony Marzano

Finally got around to seeing Infinity War My spoilery thoughts in the


I have an interview next week that is a culmination of a whole lot of One that will triple my income with day one benefits and great insurance for me and Not nervous, Just breathing like I am about to kick down a


If yall want to see something funny then I recommend trying to play fifa 18 without It breaks the Like it cant Even the single Even my controller inputs wont EA youre

Wes Tacos

When you feel ok about buying Oreos because theyre certified as #NotMyBattlefield


The demo for Sushi Striker is now up on the European Switch Check it out, its pretty fun! Still features Top 10 Anime OP (masquerading as videogame


When your mom puts your vape pen in the box to go to the #NotMyBattlefield


Heads up: Dark Souls Remastered up on Thought it was for pre-loading, but just booted it up and Good

Pixie The Fairy

Ah, yes, World War II, where the authentic military strategy of loopzooking was born and no women existed at all in any facet of


My sweet baby boy brought me his teddy and God love him!


And so my spring term has I passed all my classes, and now I can take it I have summer classes to get ready for in a few weeks, but for now Im just going to sleep, eat, play video games, and touch my wiener to anime I earned


These must be the horrors of war Ive heard so much


I went from considering ditching my game for next months Band of Bloggers to barely being able to put it It chugged at first, and the frames still dip from time to time, but I think Im slowly falling in love with this

Nathan D



Why is Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle so good? Like, its so much It should not be this Has someone spiked Ubisofts drinks? Even the Rabbids arent as nauseatingly annoying as I thought theyd Weird times

Mike Sounders

PSA: If you get a PM or email from a PR rep to write a blog for their game, you need to ask staff if its ok It is them trying to get around our ToS and can result in the blog being




Made some tasty


LEWD #willnotbegettingthatforawhile


Im debating if I should get Butt Stuff: Im really interested in getting my asshole extroverted in true 4K and at 60 thrusties a What does everyone else think?

Electric Reaper

Killing Floor 2 is more of a roguelike than All the equipment and vehicles in Brigador are acquired through a permanent unlock Better equipment in KF2 has to be purchased in every different


Ima keep showing this to people who keeps talking shit about people being on their phones in Like, no its not like No one wants to talk to random strangers in public Id just avoid eye contact with ppl either way cause I dont know


Lol they gave me The words are


My Uncle, who works at Nintendo, sent me a photo that was taken during the first week of Star Fox Grand Prixs I cant wait for this to be officially revealed at E3!


Welp, it’s all I got my car I couldn’t do it without some incredible community members helping me out with purchases and donations to make that impound fee Thank you so I love you


Your welcome

Mike Sounders

My face when Im trying to juggle too many things at work at


Has there been a story-driven game (say, RPG) that lets you choose how long a game you want (10h, 20h, 40h, 60h) and then scales the amount of XP needed to level up to get the game fit approximately that length?


Whelp just got notification that Bloodstained: CotM free codes will be delayed for all console this just Sorry but we should be top priority as backers (all


Arkells released a music video today for their latest politically-charged song, Peoples Was excited to discover my favourite donut shop featured as a set! #nvgr #donuttoid


Edit: I did a