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How I deal with ranked anxiety (not really)

When I wake up in the morning I find myself with a cup of coffee and Overwatch sitting on my desktop, staring me in my face. Those dreaded placement matches have been sitting for weeks and the season is almost near. Ranked rewards,...


Death Stranding Review

Death Stranding   After three years of cryptic trailers, teasers, glimpses, and messages from the acclaimed game designer, writer, director, and producer, Hideo Kojima has released the one of a kind game that not everyone will und...


(Smash Gabriel Belmont/Dracul Blueprints)

  (Castlevania)-(Gabriel Belmont/Dracul) Simon is in to represent the original Castlevania which is fine they could of done much better if they used more whip attacks from Castlevania 4 and relics from other games to be used like ...


Understanding Death Stranding

  This opinion article contains spoilers, but only takes a look at the first quarter of the game and the trailers. It’s best to expose yourself to a similar amount of content before reading, as this is a reaction piece to a ...


Stuff I've Played the Past Few Months

Here's some games I've played recently (since mid-summer to now) and some thoughts on them. Hope you enjoy! And be sure to let me know if you think I'll dig something!!!! Love you!!!!   I picked up a low-end laptop mainly for wor...


Game In Progress: October 2019

Life is weird. It can feel like things are going the way you want, but it can still feel like there's stuff holding you back. Or maybe you feel as if you should be farther ahead than where you are. That's where I am now, not only in m...


Traveller In Playtime - Tales of Legendia

Tales of Legendia is a JRPG developed and published by Namco on the PS2 in 2005-2006. After Senel and his sister Shirley capsize their boat, they wash ashore on the island-shaped ship known as the Legacy, said to be the remnant of an a...


Tips For Surviving Your Own Backlog

backlog noun a large log at the back of a hearth fire an accumulation of tasks unperformed or materials not processed The dreaded backlog, an all-too-familiar term, and not in reference to hearth fires. Every gamer that I know h...


Phils Game Music Similarities - Outtakes #3

Featuring Final Fantasy 6/7/8 and diverse. Greetings fellow game music lovers, for the semifinals of the Final Fantasy month, I decided to do another round of outtakes, that means findings that have some similarity to certain game song...


Puppet Combo: One Man's Take On Indy Horror Gaming

Why are there not more slasher games? This is a question I've thought about many times since I was a teenager, given that slashers are some of my favorite movies. Yeah, I get that if you involve kids and stuff it gets nasty. But you do...


Saturn REVIEWS: Burning Rangers

Burning Rangers is the kind of game that is difficult to dislike, even if it gives you every reason to do so. With date 3D polygonal graphics, stiff 3D controls that demand an analog stick, and some cheesy writing; here is a game that ...


Is my game too hard, or too easy?

So I finally finished my game and it's currently out on early access on Steam, but the release was delayed due to playthrough difficulties.  I went through the process of having about 3 other people play the game in its final form...


What If We Stopped Adding New Pokemon?

For the last 20 plus years I’ve been a loyal Pokemon fan. With a new Pokemon game around the corner I’m nostalgic to open that box again and begin anew. Since the wonder years of the original Gen1, and the fascination I had...


Hello Darkness: The Black Dog on the Leash

Heads up, this is pretty dark. Lots to do with depression and suicidal thoughts so... yeah...   She'd fallen alseep. In a way I was glad, it meant I could stop the act - I didn't need to pretend to be okay anymore. I was free to m...


10 Most Important Games of the 2010's

As the end of 2019 approaches, we begin to draw the curtain on what has been an incredible decade for gaming. With that, I expect many people will be looking back on their favorites and creating similar lists. But, I want to clarify th...




Hey, the new SpongeBob movie looks pretty good despite being CG for no They finally got SpongeBobs cheeks eight for the first time in like 15 years!


Yakuza on What a time to be alive!

Cloudman Sam

The full story is actually crazier than this headline makes it out to


If the Devilman Crybaby theme doesnt exit my brain, Im

able to think

Today is the start of Festival of Lights at the zoo and my housemate/cousin/best friend who works there is working late every night until So Im barely going to see him for Needless to say Im

Rad Party God

Sheesh, the PS2 era wasnt kind to

Shut Up Ace

Another thing to add to the stuff I now have to Baz announced for Shovel Knight board


Surprised no-one or nowhere is talking about Monkey Barells on Outside of a Dtoid preview havent seen 1 review or brilliant: great ps1 style visuals & fantastic Made by the guys who made Yoshi & Kirby games


This video explains cryptography using God bless the internet!


I think I dont appreciate a lot of trails music til after I beat boss theme for anyone interested in this series*


Im having a serious case of writers Kinda hard establishing yourself as a writer when your brain says


Meanwhile on my one man hype train for is a Doctor Who VR game available on PSVR!!! When did this happen??? Super excited!

Jetter Mars

Sadly, another school shooting this morning in Santa Clarita, 7 young people shot, hospitalized and one young lady just passed Suspect is in custody and may be dead Absolutely Please take care

Forsaken Knight

Whats the story on Pokemon? I see a lot of posts about it maybe being bad or something? I dont keep up with Pokemon, but I was thinking about getting it to play with my nieces and

Electric Reaper

Today is my Theres still lots of snow on the ground, but a fair amount of it has

Kyle Yadlosky

Theres a website called BangGood, and its somehow against all odds not pornography(???)


Hey, sup?


Super tired from work this Ive got an article finished now, and Im sending it in After that, no matter its just want to catch some damn


I would like to co-opt OK Boomer for OK Rando for dealing with random haters on the Cause sometimes all you can do is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Growing up is

Shut Up Ace

I did not know that a Paper Mario styled rpg with bugs was coming nor that I wanted it this badly!


Number 1 on the list is a cure


Our boy Caspian has a Kickstarter for his gaming magazine, A Profound Waste of Time The first is one of my favourite kickstarters to have Was very happy with Give it a look! (Link in

Shut Up Ace

Finally unlocked trucks in Death I want to go back to the first area and work on that but not until I get Guess Ill deliver something else in the


Ive been playing a bit with Pico-8, will try to make a game with less than 560 character of code for a Hopefully will have something playable by Monday!


Please be better than Definitive Edition Age of Empires


Im watching Game Explain play through Sword/Shield, and on the positive side, a Pokemon who Im really excited about can be caught fairly early Still not planning to buy it myself, but Im determined to not be too down on it even though I kinda


And also bought Legend of Bumbo yesterday, but was only able to play a little bit today before The polishing/juiciness/menus are kinda rough, but gameplay and art direction are rock solid so far, digging it! (edit: typo)


Is there anything more romantic to be said?


Any takes on the Fallen Order review predictions? My heart says 9/10, but my brain says


Welp, thats my 5-day weekend Time to work for 2 days, run a dollar store mtg draft on Saturday, host a dnd session on Sunday and THEN go back to the 5 day work


I dont want to go to work today, I want to stay home and play video


Finally watched Frozen, and couldnt help from making constant Kingdom Hearts 3 references to my So this is the part where Hans turns into a werewolf so Sora can fight him, right? Its a good movie, though a bit overhyped (not its fault


Hey Dere, found a mood-ring toilet seat while browsing Just thought Id let you know so you can add it to your wishlist for


Forgot to post about it, but Ive got Celeste on my birthday and then finished it last What a fucking great game, really heartwarming, and I may or may not have got teary eyed a few times while playing


Look what the mail delivered early!


Every day I feel like Im closer and closer to getting a cat


Ive been playing Death Stranding and Luigis Mansion This about sums up what my dreams have been

Kevin Mersereau

I’ve probably posted this here before, and I will almost definitely post this here again, but Magic Sam is just stupid fucking


Finished up another Gloomhaven session This game is so goddamned Well worth the money I spent on it last Playing as a Scoundrel in a party with a Mindthief, Spellweaver, and


And Pretty good book in my estimation, cool overview of winemaking

Electric Reaper

They actually went through the entire alphabet, rather than only doing a short


PSA: has a really good deal on an Xbox One X right


Walmart finally put up their Black Friday ad, seems kinda Same console deals as everyone else as far as I can Some good 30 bucks switch games I


It feels like Thursday


Hey, my physical copy of A Hat in Time for Switch finally came Now I can finally see what all the hubbub is

Electric Reaper

Happy Birthday, NeoTurbo!

sp testure

Thank you Wes! You sexy 🌮 you! I feel like a winner!


Friendly reminders: Never eat a heated They Claussen doesnt fuck around with their spice level on hot