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Nintendo Switch Themes & Internet Applications

Nintendo Switch Online is just around the corner, with the service launching this coming September. So, with this, Nintendo should be bringing an array of new features to the Switch owners who subscribe, right? Correct. We already know...


On this Friday the 13th

Probably on this day, 16 years ago — a day like any other, people assumed — The Mothman Prophecies was released in theaters to the masses. A smash-hit, all would agree: but one with sinister undercurrents. Friends, The Moth...


Daddy's friend Atlas

So today my daddy learned of a sale on the PSN and was very excited about some game called Bioshock. I don't know what it is, but dad is really excited .Before starting the game he told me he was playing on really hard, whatever that m...


First 4 Figures Majora's Mask Review

The Legend of Zelda is my favorite game series of all time and Majora's Mask is one of my favorite games in that series. Not only is the game great, but the titular mask is undeniably one of the coolest items ever featured in a video g...


What is your favorite Splatoon character?

Hey readers! Welcome to BGH reviews, where woomy is enough said. Today’s topic is, guess what, about Splatoon. What is your favorite character in the games? Keep an eye out for new reviews and posts. Stay off the Fresh!


The Leaning Tower of Babylon 5

Man, I really like Babylon 5.  I started watching it about a month ago, having missed its initial run on television in the mid-nineties.  It’s strange that I didn’t watch it, because I’ve been a space dork f...


E3 2018 - Microsoft Surprised Me

So E3 has come and gone about a month ago now, and the Fallout has settled (pun intended). We had our surprises and our disappointments, but I just wanted to talk a bit about Microsoft's conference in particular, and why it stood out t...


I'll write something, just give me a Minit

Ask and you will receive. I won Minit from a giveaway here on Destructoid and so I thought I would write something about it. Courtesy warning: possible spoilers below. We all have to deal with death. We lose our pets, our friends, our...


Video game locations I'd actually like to visit???

You're up late watching E3. The next big company has just started the next big conference. You see the stage. The lights dim, as the camera switches to what's about to appear on the screen. A few seconds of darkness. What you're then ...


R.I.P. of John "TotalBiscuit" Bain

(Artwork for this header image is a very slightly modified version of artist DarrenGeers work, you can see the original on his Deviant Art) So I know a lot of people have written things about TotalBiscuit since his passing and well whi...


I Don't Want To Lose My Handheld Consoles

One of the first blogs I wrote here on Destructoid was called: How the GBA changed my perception of handhelds, it was a short piece on how one pink Game Boy Advance at a yard sale turned into years of passion for handheld gaming. That ...


Is Gaming Reaching its Peak, or its Downfall?

Video Gaming has been around for many decades now, and has only grown more and more popular as the years go on; 20 years ago you would never have imagined eSports and the mass following around the general gaming industry. However, gami...


9 clues series: Is It Worth Playing?

  9 clues The story is quite boring and full of clichés, the usual scenario: a girl decides to investigate a haunted place, she suddenly is attacked by an entity and calls her friend for help, the friend comes to that place...



Khalid Eternal Nigh

Hot take: Video games are

Raiku Destructoids Champion

The comments from Octopath are giving me PTSD


First sex thing


Ordered Octopath Traveler awhile ago and got $15 off through Google Express, but the blasted thing says its still in I do have my Haanit alt box art These My Nintendo alt covers look pretty

Electric Reaper

Ah, so thats why this ancient revolver uses that lever on the A pair of these is the starting weapon for the gunslinger in Killing Floor 2, and that lever is only cranked once on the

Marcel Hoang

Details dropped on the Behemoth Apparently enmity will carry over from FFXIV, and Behemoth’s signature attack will be impossible to avoid, so you use the fallen comets as cover


Hey all, once more the recap teams looking for new full time full blown recappers as well as possibly some Toss a comment below if youre


I had the greatest dream last There was a new Smash trailer that had Dixie and Rool fighting on a pirate The camera zoomed in on a banana pile and a character slowly rose from the It was Crash I laughed my ass off!


mayro krat

Khalid Eternal Nigh

We need an HD Zork


Whats your opinion on 3d anime?


Everspace is pretty fun in

Raiku Destructoids Champion

Just got a Shiny Lugia in


Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon is on sale this it worth it? I heard Black 2/White 2 were incredible but it sounds like USUM is mostly the same until Its only $10 off at Target but Im curious and Nintendo games hardly go on


People keep talking about wanting Captain Toad Don’t they know we have a couple already?

Spiders For Sale

When I was a child I spent the summer holidays with my parents in It was 1998, the football world cup took place in France and they That day I saw a naked man who had painted his pierced dick in the french national

Nathan D

Went on a little day trip out of town yesterday and did some shopping on the way Pretty satisfied with the


This is the greatest thing Ive seen all summer! I literally belly laughed; havent had one of those in a Thank you Tohsaka and the glorious Matt Damon!


And thats a wrap! A well deserved Champion, and a fantastic effort by Id loved to see them won, but France did a great job the entire World


I hope the French don’t let this World Cup win go to their


An odd quirk of Mormons (particularly those living in Utah) is that instead of praying for rain during a drought, they ask God to send Heres a meme about On another note, The Joel McHale Show is back!

Pixie The Fairy

Finished Now a different hoont


I think Ive figured out the major reason why Chrono Trigger is so Compared to other JRPGs, it really goes for quality over Maybe the whole genre would be better if the expected game length only was 30 hours or

Dr Mel

Humorolahraga sounds like the name of a minor prince of hell that presides over the tellers of tasteless


Parenting perk - I get to buy Captain Toad for Switch as a bday present for my son and play the absolute hell out of it on my Bonus!


UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late Coming to steam August 21st


As a huge DBZA fan, how have I not seen this already?! I guess episode 3 will be a thing once the Cell Saga is complete and fades into the recesses of the


Hope youre enjoying your weekend!


A bunch of brazilian people at that GOG article keep saying that our previous 12 years of government under the Workers Party was a socialist Except it wasnt? It was center-left, at best it was left, but I dont think

Bit By 8 Bit

16 hours into Octopath so far, and its absolutely brilliant! Reminds me of the days I used to have with Dragon Quest if the delivery was a day Gotta love Royal


in a last minute impulse I just bought DOOM, Darksiders 2 Deathnitive Edition and Overcooked Gourmet I bought my PS4 this year and Im already on the 50 games


No one will ever guess the code to my secret pornography


Its probably not going to happen but I would love for Squeenix to remake Final Fantasy VI in the Octopath Traveler It might be a project that can be completed before the decade is over

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So I get called by Staples, and they want me to get there in an And work for 7 And Im really sleepy


As far as Destructoid is confirmed, is Octopath Traveler the biggest game this year since God of War? Im seeing similar levels of mentions about This makes me I love it all far, but only have three character chapters

Czar Kazem

Anyone have recommendations for some solid earbuds/headphones? Primarily for being out of the house: walking, using the Switch in portable mode, I have nice Sennheiser headphones, but theyre a bit cumbersome and really just for home

Chris Bradshaw

I want stardew valley on Vita but its never on


Know your swords!

Chris Hovermale

So, scratch my statement Turns out theres a hidden challenge in Hollow Knight that was added in the DLC and doesnt count towards Good thing todays a


Hey I received a 25% off code for the new God of War, its not something Im interested in getting at this point in time so Im gonna just leave it First come first Just post so other people know its BCJ5DGNM2P Chee


Going to try to force myself through some of my Switch backlog before buying any new Bayonetta 2, Ikaruga, and BoTW is on the short Celestes post game, Hollow Knight, and Noire is on the long


I got this Lego container ship (unopened) that Ive long been planning to It apparently went out of production years ago, yet now Im seeing people offering them for less than retail Way to RUIN EVERYTHING!


I somehow got fucked into working 44hrs this Not But two 18s and a regular


Reading comprehension isnt an alt-right


It was been a long time since Ive burnt that kind of manpower on a game in a day or sos The entirety of the crews first chapter is And a good portion of that time clock was done in areas well outside the intended


yeah amazon, you got me, I really need :(

CaimDark Reloaded

Well I just got an email from Crunchyroll support confirming that my email has been changed to one that is most definitively not