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Comments of the Week 22: Get Over Here!

Choose Your Destiny Welcome back everyone, to Comments -- Komments I mean -- of the Week 22! With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to give this week's edition a fun little Mortal Kombat theme! One of th...


Sonic's Favorite Games #11-20

Back in July I made my top 10 favorite games of all time. For something I’ve spent so many years putting off, it was surprisingly easy to come up with those and properly arrange them. What’s even more surprising is how much...


The Error Report: EA unveils physical loot boxes

As if determined to 1-up Activision after the recent revelation that they had filed a patent for matchmaking-based transactions, EA today has announced their own new system for handling loot boxes. "We've heard your concerns," said EA...


Destructoid CYOA Chapter 5

Quick Notes: This is a Choose Your Own Adventure type story. To full understand this story you will need to read the previous chapters. You can find them here: Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 2.5   Chapter 3   Chap...


31 Days - Day 22: Shattered Memory

Hello everyone and welcome to the 22nd installment of 31 Days. Today’s song is: Silent Hill Shattered Memories: Devils Laughter Shattered memories for those of you who may not know is almost effectively a Wii exclusive Silent Hi...


Mental Health Struggles and All That Jazz

"Listen closely: the only time it’s too late to change yourself is when you’re dead. Until then, you’re simply making excuses or lying to yourself." - Some cunt on tumblr.  Firstly, this blog was originally post...


Book Club Rebirth (Sort of)

The original Unofficial Destructoid Book Club crashed and burned in spectacular fashion. And that was totally my bad. Sorry again.  But I no longer plan to dwell on the past. It’s time to look toward the future. And what fut...


New Music Album: Spectrum

Hello, friends. Alphadeus here with another music release called Spectrum. The album is available for free (pay what you want, with free being the recommendation) on my Bandcamp. You can also listen to the songs on YouTube if you prefe...


31 Days - Day 21: It came from the Forest

21 Installments down (today included), and only 10 more to go. For the sake of transparency I backed this game on Kickstarter, today’s song is: Among The Sleep: Forest Let me start by saying that Among the sleep is one of the ga...


The Evil Within 2 Impressions - 12 hours in.

 The Evil Within 2 is a sequel that improves on the original 100 fold. I don't say this lightly, but I'm about 12 hours into the game and I like it more than Resident Evil 4. That's my 3rd Favourite game of all time. So, let that...


Team Rocket invades Southern Japan

Southern Japan's Saga Prefecture has partnered with Team Rocket for a big "Sagaprise" next month. 🦄 On what appears to be the prefecture's official website at first glance, Meowth can be seen lurking above a pink button that r...


31 Days - Day 20: Like Clockwork

Hello Everyone and welcome to the 20th installment of 31 days. Todays song is from a classic that I personally feel is often overlooked or forgotten. Clock tower (SNES): Don’t Cry Jennifer I think crying is the least of her conc...


Overcoming Fear: Call of Poopy

  I swear this isn't about a poop fetish Believe it or not, there was a time when all I played were the latest AAA games. I mainly stick to smaller indie titles now, but that only started after XBLiG and XBLA showed me the glowing...


My Horrifying Backlog: Limbo

Welcome fiends, to my horrifying backlog! Follow me as I attempt to whittle down my list of quirky indies, AAA titles, and games I seriously don’t remember buying. In the spirit of Halloween I thought I’d stick to games tha...




Still playing Im trying to get that Big Game Hunter trophy but Yomi doesnt want me to have Cmon my duder, the other 3 monsters died for me!


Hey yall, Perro here letting you know that Comments of the Week is up and ready! Now get over there!


#DayoftheWeekKindofMusic Ever have Spotify/Amazon keep recommending something but you keep ignoring it until you dont? You can trust the machine

Gus TT Showbiz

An angry skunk reeks his


So I totally forgot about the list order for the Dtoid writes a book Here it is for those I cant believe I got the first chapter RIP #prayfordino


Ive obviously a long way to go but heres Was wanting to see if people had their own to Ill update later on and perhaps at game end if this gets enough

Electric Reaper

I tried some cheese pizza Cheez-It They have a rather mild spice and the tomato taste is Still, they are rather


The channel I watched the Haunting Ground playthrough has full playthroughs for a lot of horror games with no Going to pick one or two out for Thatll be my horror

Silver Luso

I finally took the five to get into the metroidvania castlevanias (the 2d games on gab/ds, and I think on psn) and I was wondering what order youd put them

sp testure

As I was putting up my new Zac poster I pero fap to this? :p


This is a Very Important Video shared to me by Anthony/Amna


@CelicaCrazed How we gonna be handling the Extra Play Charity stream? We gonna be taking turns and streaming at certain times, or do we each do the 24-Hour Livestream?

Pumpkin Spice Fuzunga

I wonder if Dreamweaver got one of those venison sandwiches from Arbys


Chapter 5 of my CYOA series is One more chapter to go after You can help decide how it all Thank you so much for all the support so I hope you enjoy bump


Finally got round to seeing Blade What a fucking that is, its a travesty its apparently struggling at the box Just outstanding!


I walked in and heard angels


PSA: You can now use the Pokken Controller for ANY GAME!!!!!!! I was playing Volgar today and I bumped my Pokken controller that was plugged in and it brought up the controller swapped to that controller and to my surpusie every button wor


I watched the opening demo of Prey and was digging the soundtrack they played in the helicopter Very Much #musictoid | Mick Gordon - Everything is going to be OK (Prey OST)

Inquisitive Ravencaw

After experimenting with the custom folders a lot, I was able to get my TF2 contracts The new stuff is pretty fun, and should keep me busy until the campaign ends in I also reached a milestone in time played and LEtranger Sweet!


Started farming vertebrae shackles in Dark Souls III to get the last of my pyromancy Spent half an hour farming in the catacombs, and walked away with zero Using the covetous gold serpent ring with 40 This is really going to


I just impulse purchased a Switch bundled with 3 games and Ive never felt so I feel disgusted with myself, fat, and really


Had a three day weekend, took the time off to house sit for my Called in today to get this weeks I have the next two days off So now I have a five day Unsure of how to feel


Is anyone else going to be watching WWEs TLC tonight? Are there other wrasslin fans on DToid out there? Just

Zero Star

So after lurking for almost ten years and having this account for over a year without doing anything with it, I have decided to join the community and hope to causally post stuff every now and


Hello I just wanted to say I will be posting Tone Deaf on Tuesdays instead of Mondays It will give me a little more time to spend with the Thank you all for understanding!


The weekend is almost over here so Im gonna post some goodies in the (Some might be #NSFW) I love you Lets just hope that Mike never showers naked with a drunk gundam so that this site doesnt burn :P


Going through Resident Evil 4 again for I cant believe I never finished it before this Its a great

Rad Party Skellington

is still probably the scariest game series Ive ever played, I never play it at in-game night, especially Metro Redux comes pretty darn Ill might blog about it, depending on how busy next week turns out to


Finished Halo 2 yesterday, I forgot how short the campaign So now Ive moved onto Blue Dragon continuing where I left off at disc Graphically its actually aged quite well, Im surprised Mistwalker never gave this a Steam

Everybodys Wolfman

Usually Im so focused on getting what I want the moment its out that I forget I get Amazon Prime discounts Super Mario Odyssey for after Prime and employee discounts? Hell yes!


My spooky kitty up to his usual Also be sure to check out my latest cblog for some good laughs at EAs

Funkotrons Finest

Sometimes I sit on the toilet and get caught up on a days worth of Qposts that I’ve

Edgelord Kerrik52

Laura continues to be the absolute best character in Cold Link attacking with her feels like Except for the null physical boss, that was a But I think Ive passed the last difficulty wall, Im pretty content with my


here went/goes to NeoGAF and what was your draw? Ive never been (to stay or past being linked) so Im kinda curious about the outpouring as of late over its potential


I finished Danganronpa V3, and the minigames after its over are pretty neat, but I dont really find myself motivated to play them at all like I did the ones from the first I dont know why, theyre just bland to


#TFW you realize that nothings gonna happen with the girl youve been crushing on the for the last few Fuck, so tired of


I’d advise staying away from YouTube for the next week if you want to avoid massive Super Mario Odyssey spoilers! Leaked videos with spoilerific titles and thumbnails are popping up in recommended and people are posting stuff in comments at

Silver Luso

Back to being spooky 👻👻👻


Lets play! *bump


After the recent (maybe temporary or permanent) demise of a certain gaming forum, I made the decision to be included in the Master Gaming Contact I just like this site and its community too much for my own


rero rero rero


Are people who buy Xboxes or Playstations only for sports or simulator games considered gamers? If yes then shouldnt mobile players also fit the label? If not, why?


The Witcher, Call of Juarez, Pathologic, Mafia, Kingdom There must be something about growing up beyond the iron curtain that turns you into an amazing game

Czar Kazem

Man, think my Silent Hill disc is fucked Towards the end of the game and cutscenes/dialogues freaking out on Occasional freezing Bummer, could have at least happened when I started Hoping I can at least push through to the


Fire Emblem Warriors is feeling a lot like Dynasty Warriors 8


Just popping in to say that Im taking a break from Ill be back when I feel like See you

Luca Fright

MK4 endings are special and need to be

Khalid Eternal Nigh

I love this about being in love with Shes immaculately dressed, with good hygiene / Take a bath everyday, cause she gots to stay clean / I wipe her down slow with a real soft rag / Now she lookin so good a n***a gots to brag #Musictoid


Visiting Warframes new Plains of Fuck

Mike Sounders

Current status