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Sketched Subaru today, REZero Season 2 had a heck of an opening episode


If you've got Xbox and gamepass then you've got Crosscode right now, go try that shit it looks hype. Switch and PS4 owners get it tomorrow. Some fps problems on switch in towns, but there's a patch being finalized for it. Wooo


As I said. It鈥檚 kinda frustrating being a teacher.


Started OneShot. I played the demo ages ago, and forgot it could do this. Spoooooooooooooky!!


Playing some dead by daylight if anyone wants to stop by https://www.twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus


Bud Light Seltzer...is...tasty.


Being silly with my girl


Straight sniped a guy on the auction house in NHL 20 to get this card. Makes me happy, it hasn't been easy to find, especially for anything close to what I paid for it in in-game currency. I'm glad to have him on my ultimate team!


Forgot who it was who mentioned Kiki's Delivery Service as a nice emotional healer, but yeah, worked a treat. Go watch Ghibli movies folk, they make you feel good.


I finished my romp through Assassin's Creed 2 and it still fairly good if aged. I'd play through the rest of the trilogy if it wasnt for Ghost Sushi coming out next week. Also codpieces :P


Been watching clips of the Harley Quinn Show and it does feel like a Mash-Up of Daria and Lego Batman. It's actually amazing that they moved Poison Ivy from a plant dominatrix to Jane Lane and it just works.


Depression hits you different when you're unemployed huh. Last few days have fucking sucked and the bad news keeps piling itself on. Hope y'all are well and enjoying them vidya games.


Mother had her final follow up with the hospital. It's been a pretty wild 7 months since it being found, removed and follow up treatment. She's now completely cancer free


Welp, consider me impressed with, baffled at and disgusted with whatever the hell Epic has been up to for the last 3 years. I'm curious how much longer they can keep this up given their momentum. There are only so many devs to crunch in the world though.


Ok so I've been on-and-off gushing about Mount and Blade the last couple weeks, but I think I've figured out why it works for me. There's a strange sweet spot that its pacing manages to hit.


I waited an entire year for news about the physical release of Night in the Woods, and I still got nothing.


Feast your eyes on my yellow squash udon 馃崪


As a teacher, I鈥檓 honestly pretty scared. This kind of abuse of power is dangerous. Our president is a menace.


The Limited Run Games Direct is live now! http://twitch.tv/limitedrungames


When he does this, I turn around and he's always looking at me. He knows I'm going to come rub that belly. I love his majestic fur. #pettoid


Current Status:


The best superhero show is almost here Boys.


Today, i finally finished a Zelda game. A Link to the Past to be exact. And it was better than anticipated, i can finally see why people have this game in such a high regard. It holds up pretty well for a first time player like me, except the chickens.


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