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Darn powerball machine, I think they rigged it so it didn't pick my numbers. I'm definitely pouring some more points into Luck next level.


So what's everyone reading? These are my bedtime reads.


Gundam Versus announced a new DLC mobile suit. I actually do not recognize it. Current status.


Was thinking about Dragon Ball FighterZ and then I though about YuYu Hakusho and now I want Arc System Works to make a YuYu Hakusho fighting game. How do I make them do that?


Put in some time with RL again, since it suddenly got interested sparked because of Samusmobile. Still not completely useless out there.


This is just astounding. Art is amazing.


One unfortunate comment section aside, today has been a nice day I suppose. What are you guys playing lately?


"Collect 100 Special Golden Dumplings to see another Fate: GO Story Event!" *Makes it to 100 near the end of the event because they drop slowly* *Finishes the story mission* "Collect 200 Special Golden Dumplings to see YET ANOTHER Story Event!" Me:


I wonder if anyone has ever learned to not hate themselves? Or if it will have to be pretend.


If you must write prose/poems/The words you use should be your own/Don't plagiarise or take "on loan"/Cause there's always someone, somewhere/With a big nose, who knows/And who trips you up and laughs/When you fall --- I just really like The Smiths


A tip for Dere: When you play Persona 5, it doesn't matter who you romance, this will always be true...


First five minutes of Senran Kagura: situation I have no context as a new player. First 10 minutes of SK: WHOOOAAA AERIAL RAVE


One series I really feel like getting into someday in the future is Advance Wars. I may suck at strategy games, but I love them anyway. Also, Days of Ruin got a freaking amazing soundtrack, so I'll probably play this one first.


As of tomorrow I will be an Xbox owner no more. I am giving my One to my nephews who are obsessed with Minecraft and never had a game system before. I love my PS4, so I can't say I'll miss the One


Hey YouTube, if you want advertisers to come back, maybe you should ban content creators who make and advertise this shit instead of taking money away from game reviewers who showed 2 frames of DOOM in one of their videos


Wow. So they brought back all the voice actors for part 4, huh?


Welcome to Australia. If you don't eat it, it will eat you. Up to and including lovely little Moogles. We eat those fuckers all day, every day. Seriously though. Domino's will deliver you a 'za and Final Fantasy because fuck the outside.


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Rudorlf avatar

Animangaki 2017

As you may recall, on both weekends last week I've volunteer at an anime convention called Animangaki in Sunway Pyramid at Selangor, Malaysia. It's a combination of the words "Anime", "Manga, and "Gaki" (Brat in Japanese), and I've bee...

CblogRecaps avatar

CBlog Recaps of 08/22/2017 - Left-Behind City

Sonic mania awakens! Sonic Mania has defied the Sonic Cycle thus far and snagged great reception across the board, from blunt critic to jaded gamer all. I'm diggin' it quite bountifully. Beyond a mere nostalgia trip, the game employs ...

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PREPARE TO CONTEST - The Master Gaming List Birthday Giveaway! (Winners!)

-THE WINNERS- Thanks for waiting everyone! After an unscheduled illness, I'm back to announce the winners! Since most of you were in this for fun, the key distribution reached MAXIMUM FRIENDSHIP. Stellaris will go to... Rico Penguin! ...

Greenhornet214 avatar

A Realization About Bioshock Infinite

This article assumes you've played the entirety if Bioshock Infinite (not counting the DLC as I've never played that). Spoilers ahead. There are a number of things that don't make much sense in Infinite. There are timeline errors that...

TheMangoViking avatar

Just Another Castle #110 - Flight is a One Trick Pony

This week Matt, Mike, and Unoclay talk about Salmon Run tips, Zelda games after Breath of the Wild, arguing over the latest Splatfest, and in what form Final Fantasy 15 will come to Switch.     0:00 - Matt - Splatoon 2 Campa...

iam16bit avatar

Nintendo's Manufacturing Woes and the Possible Reason Behind It.

Part I: IntroductionSo a few months ago Nintendo announced the SNES Classic Edition and as soon as the news went out, so did the sighs of millions who know how much of a pain it will be to find one. Yes it's that time again when Ninted...

Fuzunga avatar

The Megalodon Rises

A few months back I was being a fussy little baby. Niero took time out of his day to personally email me and ask me what was wrong. That was very cool of him, and I'm sorry I never responded. I intended to, but because I didn't sit dow...

Robert2boy7genius avatar

Sonic Mania: Review and Fandoms

Return to form? He was already in great shape   When it comes to sonic the hedgehog, we seem to think that his glory days are behind him and now all that is left are terrible games. So when a genuinely good sonic game comes aroun...

Jiraya avatar

My Collection - Part 9 - Mega Drive, 32x and Sega CD - Hardboiled Ballet

SEGA was a video-game maker that had a very strong position in Brazil, hell those guys announced games and consoles at TV ( something nintendon't was not doing, we were a secondary market for them I think) . SEGA also had something Nin...

Chris Bradshaw avatar

What Happened After

 Warning: The blog is long and rough. If you want to understand some of its context, please read "Thinking Out Loud".  My manager at the time threw his hands up in the air and told me, "Look it wasn't my decision and I don't...

Spazzh20 avatar

Top 10 3rd party Gamecube games.

The Nintendo Gamecube had its fair share Criticism for its lack of developers who wanted to make games for it other than Nintendo, but these 10 games show that despite not having the as big an install base as the PS2 the Gamecube defin...

COTW avatar

Comments of the Week 13: We're up all night to Get Unlucky

Howdy y'all. It's your resident cave dweller ooktar here taking the reigns of the Cotw machine for the first time. It's the 13th edition and 13 is an unlucky number so if your comment didn't make it this week then don't direct your an...

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Game Development: How to make a hat in Boss 101

Hello and thank you for joining us again in another weekly Boss 101 Update. Let’s get on with the show, shall we?How to Make a Hat in Boss 101With all the talk about hat contests we wanted to revisit how we make hats for Boss 101...

Pacario avatar

The Rise of the Fangame: Sega is Doing What Nintendo Won't

Video games are an incredibly versatile art form. No other medium conveys such a diverse array of artistic styles over an equally eclectic line of genres. Romance, sci-fi, action—video games are unique in that they can deliver al...

Khalid Eternal Nigh avatar

Teamwork in fighting games & how Street Fighter X Tekken 2v2 could be improved

Street Fighter X Tekken, what a ride. Can you believe it's been 5 years since it came out? I don't think there is a fighting game in the last 10 years that has had as much hype and excitement on release and fallen so far from that posi...

Cedi avatar

Are We Worrying Too Much Over Fire Emblem Warriors?

The promotional material and news leading up to the release of Fire Emblem Warriors have given me mixed feelings. A stew of conflicting hopes and worries stronger than any other pre-release ramp-up I can remember feeling in recent hist...

EricWeichhart avatar

This Sonic Mania Speedrun Is As Fun As Watching Your Grandma Slowly Dying

Unless you have a fetish you sick bastard The magic in watching speedruns is to be amazed at how players can demonstrate their skills using the game's features and, in most categories, how glitches are used to skip segments requiring s...

CoruptAI125 avatar

Backlog Review: Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein got it's start as a stealth series on early computers before transitioning into it's most recognizable form in Wolfenstein 3D. After popularizing the first person shooter genre, the series releases became sporadic. Flash fo...

Panda20XX avatar

Shun Nakamura and Takashi Iizuka on Sonic Mania, Forces, and... Adventure 3?

It’s a big year for world’s most famous hedgehog. Sonic Mania is a critical success and has taken the series back to its 16-bit roots with the help of fan-game developer turned professional, Christian Whitehead. Meanwhile, Sonic Te...

absolutfreak avatar

Tales From the RimWorld: Season Three

It's time for a new season of Destructoid community members taking on the hardships of life after crashing onto an uncharted planet on the outer rim of the galaxy. As the transport ship was destroyed in a catastrophic accident, Dere, D...

Shoggoth2588 avatar

A Shoggy Look at Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XIII-Vs...shit...Final Fantasy XV then; Final Fantasy XV is the first major entry in the Final Fantasy series that has nothing to do with FInal Fantasy XIII although that’s assuming you ignore the history of this ga...

Seymour avatar

Lovepost: Rant about life and some huggin' pictures

This will merely be a stream of conciousness with some hokey pictures attached to it from various SMT/Persona games. If you wanna shoot the shit with for me for a moment, this blog might be for you! So, yup. I haven't been feeling 10...

Flegma avatar

OkändOnsdags 8-1/2017: Past Legends

To cover forgotten games, choosing "famed game programmers" as a theme is an invitation to fail to find forgotten games. Even worse would be to cover the said creators, who are often covered by other sites, especially Eurogamer. My sol...

Marcel Hoang avatar

What does the community think of death and fail states?

Last week, right before Hellblade released, there was a surge of interest brought about by a mysterious message right before the game started that teased something beyond permadeath: save deletion. Supposedly, if you die enough times ...

Ricky Namara avatar

Faking It: Becoming An Expert in Blazblue's Lore (Sort Of)

Ah, BlazBlue. Or "BraveBlue" if you're from Japan. Or if you're one of those annoying people who needed to be super accurate about everything, "boo-ray-boo-roo." Bloo approves. When it first broke into the scene in 2008 as a spiritual ...

Blanchimont avatar

Path of Exile 3.0 Review (PC)

People keep telling me I should play this over Diablo 3. Now that I've dropped almost 80 hours into this game. I have no idea why people like it. This is one of the most tedious and boring ARPGs that I have played. People keep telling ...

GoofierBrute avatar

Gotta Go Fast! The 5 Best Sonic Games

Sonic The Hedgehog. What hasn’t been said about Sega’s spiky haired woodland critter that rolls around at the speed of sound, grabbing rings, and has a penchant for eating chili dogs and beating up fat people? Since his debut in 1991,...

nanashi avatar

What Could’ve Been: The Story Of Valkyria Chronicles 2

            Ah yes, Valkyria Chronicles, the game that is much beloved by its niche audience but grossly neglected by SEGA. It is going to be hard for me to write this article, con...

TurboKill avatar

DTOID Completed Games Master List - Super August Turbo Edition

Just realized the title is a username pun. Keeping it. No rush. Unless you're like me and playing a Final Fantasy game AND an MMORPG. It is no secret that I need help finishing games. However, I am sure that many of you do too. I start...

Kerrik52 avatar

Covenants of the Weak

Come one, come all! It's time for yet another instalment of Covenants of the Weak. It's here that we shine a most unwelcome light on the casuls of the world and the covenants that define them. We have some real ”winners” th...

thejamesshow00 avatar

Mobile Monday: West of Loathing (steam now, iOS soonish)

  So for mobile Monday, I picked a game that is not exactly on mobile yet, but it will be soon and I have so much fun with it, I could not wait. West of Loathing. Made by the guys behind the web game Kingdom of Loathing  (ch...

Bass avatar

To my eyes, NieR: Automata became as gods

I bet you're having a tough time right now/But.../you can do it if you try! [Canada] While I was trying to figure out a way to start this blog, I went for a walk outside. This walk took me to the elementary school I went to, where I en...

Michformer avatar

Mind Games: Dissecting Get Even's Narrative-Mechanics Synergy

2017 in gaming is currently proving superlative. From the alluring and reactive world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the bold shift in perspective and tone that encapsulates Resident Evil 7, the design choices ...

SrChurros avatar

Sr. Churros vs. the Eternal Backlog - Ep. 2: Sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooowpoke

  An amazing start followed by a sluggish halt   Woah boy, I was on fire last month, huh? Finished 5 games! It got me really excited and full of hope for the month of July. Except that I only managed to beat one game. You see, now th...

Nando avatar

Downwell and Its three buttons!

Quite some time ago, I played one of the most quality games I’ve encountered for mobile, I can’t recall how I stumbled up on it, but I must say whatever the source is the true hidden hero here. I’m talking about Downw...

Riobux avatar

America Bans Sale of Vietnamese Title United Force - Yellow News

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced the upcoming Vietnam military shooter United Front is banned from being sold within the United States on grounds of “glorifying the massacre of Americans”. Joseph H...