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RNGesus is not looking kindly on me. I need to get the Wizard's Relic Staff for Donald in KH1 and I'm just not getting it. I've killed almost 500 already and nothing.


One of the best SiIva Gunner rips.


Megadouser + Helix Bullets + Scattershot + Doublevision. We attempted to crash the game, but couldn't manage. Slowed to a total crawl, though


Cant find Iconaclasts on psn. Is it unlocking at midnight?


I made the mistake of reading the Far Cry 5 PC hardware reccomendations thread. Good Lord that is a lot of model numbers and I don't know what any of it meant. Good on the folks who are into it, but I just want to buy a box and know that things will work.


VR Chat might already be the dankest meme of 2018 this side of Uganda, but when a player has a live seizure attack, people put down their shitty memes to legitimately help their fellow human player and even shame the trolls that triggered the seizure.


That moment when you haven't used twitch in.....forever and you forget your user name.....


Hey Dtoiders, what are some good spices to put on shredded or southern style hash browns?


Do any of you guys ever play Elder Scrolls Online with the music disabled? It's super relaxing.


Taken as companion pieces, I think Iggy Pop's "The Idiot" and David Bowie's "Low" are my favorite "piece of art." Just super different enough while still being familiar. Don't really care for Iggy's version of China Girl, tho


Those are some rather interesting fruits, especially the hala fruit.


A livestream of the chillest of beats, great for studying/arting/unwinding~


So, Pharah's voice actress is the same as Naoto's?! I wonder how quickly I can become confident enough in my Pharah play to consider her yet another personal main, heh. Right now, I'm mostly Reaper, Mercy, and Mei.


As part of my plan to clean up my room, I decided to open up a couple of my unopened figmas and set them up. 20 minutes after I "assembled" my TP Link, I'm starting to realizing why I don't have many figmas. And why I probably won't for awhile.


Everyone would rather die then fight against the destiny of MHW’s hot takes.


Been sticking to animated stuff lately b/c I love em & thought might interest people. However I have to share this video because, damn... She's so preeeeetttyyy & the fashion she wears is fantastic.


Post-rock is the pure, raw beauty of emotion distilled into musical art. This album means a lot to me. That's all I got. #musictoid


Every now and then I think I can platinum EDF 4.1 but then I look at the trophy list and see that I would basically have to beat the game 16 times. And that isn't even getting into obtaining all the weapons.


Hyped dissapointing that CCS: Clear Card's dub is a Funimation dub which seems to reusing the Tsubasa cast (which I didn't enjoy at all.)


I remember coming across Parov Stelar via a dance video back at the very beginning of 2010 and loving the sound. Electroswing is an underappreciated genre.


Fuck it, starting this up: 3 other people to play Borderlands 2, with DLC. We'll play a few hours on each weekends, coordinated by google spreadsheet. Post if you want in. If we get over 4, we'll start a group 2. PC Only


I once got a job working in a hayfield. After one day I bailed.


Excuse me, Steamworld Heist? Could you please stop being so good for just a second? I have a 2017 year in review blog I'd like to finish writing. Thank you.


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How to get past "The Last Stand" in Plants Vs. Zombies

Some people have been having treouble seeing the picture so I posted it in my blog just in case. When I first saw that you place all your plants at once I thought it was the coolest thing ever, I immediately went to strong attack and s...

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Playing that Game Called Love

Since January is coming to a close, and February is riding in on a wave of hot and spicey Oreos, my mind can't help but turn to love. Yes, even your boy VaddyZ has been clasped in the grips of it. I am a player of many shades. I was du...

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Movies what I saw in the past about 12 months [Some spoilers]

Ok so before I do the rest of my end of year C-blog stuff I thought I'd do something a bit out of the ordinary and go over the films I saw in the past around about 12 months in the cinema. The reason I'm doing this is I'm not a big cin...

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Traveller In Playtime – SSX 3

SSX 3 is a snowboarding game released by EA in 2003 for the Xbox, Gamecube, PS2 and Game Boy Advance. There was also a Gizmondo release in 2005 for some reason. It forsakes the disjointed levels of the previous games and instead lets t...

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Call Of Duty World At War Review. A World Worth Fighting For.

Call Of Duty World At war was an ambitious take on the WW2 Genre at the time. It waa the first WW2 themed game to use Infinity Ward’s upgraded COD engine. It was also Treyarch's second time working on a Call Of Duty game, and bel...

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Impressions: Super Lucky's Tale

Do you feel lucky, punk? I love platformers - and at this point in the blog, you've already written me off as a filthy casual. But in all seriousness, I've long been a fan of the platforming genre. From Mario, to Banjo, to Sonic, to C...

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Comments of the Week 34: I'd like to be on Comments of the Week!

In TheLimoMaker' garden in the shade! Hello my little beetles, FakePlasticTree here! We are well into the new year already and I miss having a functioning PS3, yet to require a proper replacement. So while I wait and look for a new on...

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Cblog recaps of 1/12/18&1/19/20+A good Hollow Knight is a terrible thing to RUIN

First off, a big thanks to Mario-the person who if I am recalling everything correctly, is the one who fixed the blogs and dtoids performance. Its been so great to actually be able to do recaps and read blogs at leisure, and I'm hopin...

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Is the community excited for Dragonball FighterZ?

It's hard for me to get started on liking a fighting game until I get a handle on its training mode. Dragonball FighterZ didn't offer a training mode during its open beta, instead offering a tutorial of its mechanics. Its a farcry fro...

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A quick look at commercial music in early video games

While the gap between commercial and video game music has about never been as narrow as it is now, the former has been used in video games for a long time already. Here's a small sample of such pieces and games from the earlier days. C...

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Friday Flashback: Bionic Commando (NES, 1988)

  Yea everyone has talked about this game but I don't care. I want to declare my love for Bionic Commando. I have probably beaten it 100 times and booted it up to play a bit tens of thousands of times. From Grinding in the first ...

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Overwatch vs Paladins - Why I like Paladins more

This is just my thoughts, I'm sure there are many people that think otherwise. At first glance, you'd be right to think that Paladins and Overwatch are the same types of game. But, if you look closer you couldn't be more wrong. Palad...

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PStoid Episode 79: Metallica's Overwatch League

Hey all! We're back with a new episode, and this time the crew is joined by Wes and Matt, aka WesLikesTacos and Dinosir! We talk about some betas, a possible all digital future for Activision, and the Overwatch League. Also, be sure ...

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Den of Thieves

It's like going in style meets the Expendables Hey! kids, do you like listen to the stories that are ripped from the original content and the people who ripped it, never gave any sort of credit to the creators of the ori...

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Game Log 2017 Part 1 (Jan, Feb, March)

Every year, I try to chronicle the games I play and write short reviews for them to reflect my thoughts. Last year, my goal was to write longer reviews and publish my thoughts in quarters rather than one big lump at the end of the year...

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Here's why Nintendo Labo will be a runaway success.

Hey everyone, what do you think of Nintendo Labo? I think it's a brilliant concept for the following reasons. Firstly, as a product living in the magical realm where real world play meets video game play, I see so much potential for La...

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Nintendo to Send Support Workers to Trash Talking Toddlers - Yellow News

Nintendo has revealed plans to send support workers to houses of children who display toxic behaviour online to discuss said behaviour with their parents. “We live in an age where we are seeing people more misanthropic, hateful ...

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A Shoggy Ranking: Top 3 and Bottom 3 Bloodborne Bosses

Bloodborne was an incredible game and I’m sure it’s one of the best introductions I could have had to the PS4. I loved the aesthetic and the way the story was conveyed but of course if anything stole the show it was the bos...

Slatan Slatanek avatar

Labo? Seriously?!

Yesterday we've all witnessed one of the weirdest announcements in video game history. I seriously cannot think of anything that comes close to the bizarreness that the Nintendo's Labo is. If you're not caught up on that watch the vide...

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Jinx's Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2018!

Sometimes I do a list of my "most anticipated" games of the year. This time as I put the list together I realized that 90% of it was indie stuff. So I figured… let's just go with that theme! I'm sure there are some great games I...

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{Wordtoid} Word Play, Episode 3: Written Edition (Resident Evil 2)

Hi again, this is the written component of episode three of Word Play for people who just want to read and don't feel like having Resident Evil 2 get in the way! If you want to know exactly what that series is, check out the first epis...

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CANDLEMAN - The Grizzly Gauntlet

Hello ladies and gentlemen of Destructoid! A friend of mine suggested I share my videos on gaming here as the community seems really passionate and vocal about the gaming industry. Today I start off the new season for my video series '...

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Indie games that I am waiting for in 2018

Hello, this is my new blog about video games and I'm glad to have this opportunity to express my thoughts and opinion. So, don't hesitate to follow me and comment my articles. The last year was marked by a large number of announcements...

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Interested in having a video game song written for you? [Songs for Gamers]

Hello, friends. I'm going to give this a shot. If you don't know who I am, I'm Alphadeus. One of the many talented musicians/composers on the website. I like to write music for people, and I'd like the opportunity to write music for yo...

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A case for Depth Rendering Displays and Improved Vision

Case for Depth Rendering Displays and Improved Vision   Disclaimer: I am but I humble game designer not an optometrist, or physicist. The following is based on my own experience and what I've learned.   Now that, that's out t...

LaTerry avatar

LaTerry's Second Annual Video Game Awards

It's mid January, so that means it's time once again for LaTerry's (now annual) Video Game Awards! The show where I definitely don't just make up enough categories to include all the games that I loved.  I guess I'll talk about so...

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PAX South 2018

I've wanted to go to some sort of gaming convention for awhile now but for some reason I was always apprehensive about it. Over the weekend though PAX South was in San Antonio and Destructoid was hosting a contest to win a three day ba...

DIvisive Shinobi avatar

Fighting Games "How to Play as" - Rose - Street Fighter Alpha 3

Hey guys! Today, I'll continue my "How to Play as" series. This time with another technical character - Rose  Rose is a very technical character with variable techniques. The different button used can completely change her tactics...

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Hi there! Greetings from Whale Rock Games! It’s been a long time since we first decided to start a devlog. Finally this idea came to live and we’re so excited to share our concepts with you guys. Our first title We Are The ...

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Game Development: Five Games in ONE!

Hello and welcome to the weekly Zazmo Arcade Development UpdateLet’s start with a refresher – you get FIVE games for one price with the Zazmo arcade. Yep, FIVE games and each has multiple gameplay options for you to enjoy. ...