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I've forgotten how to write and like stuff and live.


Belgian Status:


Of course Rise is getting an Okami crossover.


Sometimes you gotta tell your job your internet is down to come online a little late. Burn out is real folks.


Just realized that the Capra Demon is the capricorn demon. I wonder if the gargoyles were the gemini demon, and which others are related to the zodiac...


Maybe Demon's Souls isn't the best choice of games to play while trying to quit smoking...


This is for anyone who wants to hear what AJFA sounds like properly mixed. Excellent work on drastically improving what was already a favorite album and a fun watch. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Got a bit further into Vergo Vs The Zodiac now and its pretty fun so far. Main story is simple,mainly a excuse to go to cool places but I like the story that is there. Lots of flavour text with every box having unique text and nice variety in weapons.


The Reunion mod continues to do its thing. I wonder how hard it would have been to use the battle models everywhere in the PS1 version. Looks so good.


Beat kraid in metroid. I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would based on the first few deaths. I'm starting to get the hang of it


kinda ironic given that activision was originally founded by a group that broke away from atari due to a toxic work environment, 40 years ago


That Weiss fight in FF7 Remake is straight BULLSHIT! All of his moves are super hard to dodge, he can heal his stagger meter, he has 3 different forms, and one move he has instantly kills everyone. Keep the Carbuncle summon on hand, you may need it.


I’m curious to see what the Blizzard employees who signed the letter think about the boycott ideas. I’ve been in a similar (not near as bad) situation with an employer, and I was fucking TERRIFIED customers would walk. It would mean jobs. More below


Current Status:


I'm going to talk about all the cancelled Metroid games I could find in my eventual blog series, but I wanted to give a shout out to the unused villain of the original Metroid Prime 2, an insane AI with multiple personalities. Would love see it in a game!


Drunk on a monday because life is a joke, hooray!!! Spicy Chicken this weekend though, so thats a goal, right?


Duncan Rhodes looks like an annoying cunt who wins bar trivia night every week. He looks both 14 and 40 at the same time. He always cums first, then leaves to eat. Alright, I'm done. The man is talented af, but christ he seems like a smarmy cunt.


Was planning on beating Mass Effect today, but a sudden case of some sort of flu postponed that. Runny nose, sore throat, super tired. That sort of thing. Might spend the rest of my evening checking out that Owl House cartoon on disney.


Pokemon Unite just isn't making sense to me. I don't understand how I'm consistently melted by opposing Pokemon 1v1. I can handle losing, but I don't get HOW I'm losing, and it's becoming frustrating


Nearly everyone I grew up with that never moved away from those small Midwest/southern towns are idiots.




Hi. How're you doing? Having a good Monday so far? Good. Good. Hey, did you know that the industry we love is rotten to the core?


Timeshift stones just might be my favorite Zelda series puzzle mechanic. They do some really awesome stuff with it in Skyward Sword.


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If you grew up in a pre 2010s household, then chances were good that at certain point in time, there was a blocky, hulking behemoth of a TV that was resting snuggly in the middle in your family’s living room. The CRT was at times...

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Yes, yes I know what is currently on your mind reading this – Skyrim in 2021? Really? Is anyone still playing this game? The answer is yes – me, I just finished it. I have to admit that this game has never appealed to me pe...

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What's The Future of Superhero Games?

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Mass Effect Will Continue (and I'm a little bummed out).

I know, I know. Another Mass Effect related post by me. Sorry (not sorry). Late last night one of my oldest friends had just discovered last fall's "Mass Effect will Continue" teaser and blew up my phone with Facebook messages about it...

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Resisting videogame homogenization

Or challenging your "gaming common sense" This is a weird topic, first and foremost, this is not about video game trends, like "there are too many metroidvanias/roguelikes/retro PS1 survival horrors'', that's a story for another day an...

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The One Where I Gush About Guilty Gear: Strive's OST

Preface: I don't know anything about musical theory, so the following is just me sharing what I loved about each track and some very probably wrong interpretations. Also, links are not mine, just random Youtube uploads I found. Anyway,...

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It is Overwhelmingly Positive! - Games That You HAVE To Check Out On Steam!

With the Steam Summer Sale ending in a few days I thought I could maybe help (or, I guess hinder) your ever expanding game collection with some of the highest rated games on Steam that are currently on sale for less than $5. This is of...

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Games That Time Forgot: Yoshi's Safari

Welcome back to Games That Time Forgot, where we take a look at games that have been lost and forgotten by time. And by the time this goes up, the 4th of July is going to happen, is happening or has already happened because I am ...

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In The Palm Of My Hands: A Chronicle

Having to share a room with your siblings has its issues, like when I wanted to play video games in peace as a kid. Such a situation bothered me for years, especially during my school ones as both my older brothers usually watched thes...

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Band of Bloggers July 2021 Theme

In April of 2008, a game was released on the DS called The World Ends With You. It was critically praised upon its release, but didn't do insane numbers like other games released by the same company, Square Enix. Most important to...

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[Dino in Gaming #5] Large Predator! Allosaurus in ARK: Survival Evolved

Allosaurus was probably more intelligent than any predator of its size during the Jurassic period, with an ability to create hunting strategies. They were very sophisticated creatures with more acute and refined senses, and this probab...

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EVERY game I played during the second quarter of 2021, rated!

Afternoon, fellow cool kids! Welcome to the second of four blogs detailing what video games I've been kicking off my backlog, because clout trumps private matters nine times out of ten. Because I need validation of my opinions to quel...

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Shog's June 2021 Gaming Journal

I’ve played a bunch of demos this month, but not nearly as many as some of you. Maybe it’s just a “me” thing, but a lot of what I saw didn’t really jump out at me. Looking at my list, it seems like I playe...

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The Ultimate Metroid Guide: Every game ranked

It's your boi MajinRotty back on my bullshit. Listen, I happen to fancy myself the greatest Metroid fan of all-time; so much of a fanboy that even the Prime trilogy isn't Metroid enough for me. And you know me; I always make sure I use...

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Jumble Puzzles Can Be Solved Easily

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