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Just came back from an early showing of Ghost in the Shell. Pretty good all things considered. Nothing too incredible, but high quality all around.


Personally I think Red Barrels (Makers of upcoming Outlast 2) are pulling off a PR master stroke here. I mean they "accidentally" sent the Australian Classification board a video of graphic content along with their info? Really? Way to get people talking


Seems ATLUS has blocked the PS4's Share function for Persona 5 to keep people away from spoilers. Kind of fucking dumb, to be honest. Everyone's deprived of a really fun feature because of a thorough few who will be spoiled sparse story details.


So I got a Amazon gift card for my birthday and I have about $6.50 left. What games to you guys suggest I use it on?


My friend has a better business card than me... My honour shall be avenged.


Ive been practicing drawing on my iPad with my finger, just knocking out random pics drawn with my finger to get the hang of it, like this sketch. But the iPad is a surprisingly adaptable drawing tool, probably about right for my level I think..


Today is my bday. Been asking all year for one thing: Mom to stop getting admitted to hospital every couple of months. I've been a good boy. I ate all my vegetables. Hope I get it!


0:01 Next time you're at the club just hand someone a skillet & see what they do. 0:42 That pup's a whiz at dancing. Sorry. Throw me a bone, at leash I didn't make a joke about following him around with a plastic bag. 2:01 This whole train has been weird.


So I looked at my hours. Apparently I only spent like 40-45 hours in BOTW. Could've sworn it was more...


Welp, after 3 years I finally managed to stand on the ball in mid air. Now what will I do with my life??


CHRIST I thought the stealth section in Windwaker was terrible but seriously the Yiga Clan can get fucked!


Becoming a parent has really changed my life. My son has been such a blessing to me, and when I look into his eyes I feel as if I can understand what life is all about.


My PS4 Pro arrived early! Yordhor is ready to begin his adventure into testing this thing's "Boost Mode" capabilities.


So, The Secret World is relaunching. I still can't decided wether that's good or bad, but at the very least, I hope we get to retain the clothes we've bought for the past 5 years. This is my buddy's character, you can guess who she's based on.


so baseball season...and to rent day...which i am not equipped to make...but at


A shitty discussion about MMOs has reminded me that there isnt any 4 player non-isometric or topdown 3D RPGs to play. I dont understand why these dont exist.


Some awesome dude has set up a GoFundMe page to buy the Internet histories of legislators, executives, and their families. The project is called searchinternethistory . Had the digital privacy destroying bill SJ Res 34 failed, this wouldn't have happened.


I start my first day at Amazon tomorrow. I know it's probably no big deal, but starting a new job always makes me immensely nervous. I know I'll probably do fine, but there's always that 'what if I don't?' question lingering in my head.


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How Videogames helped me become the man I'm today

First of all I wanna say I'm really greatfull to have somewhere to write about this things, and second I'm not gonna specify on some things because they are pretty personal but let's try it! I wanna start saying I had a really rough ch...

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Cblogs of 03/19/17 & 03/26/17 + Flawed Perfection

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Let's Talk Samurai Jack Season 5 - "Episode XCII"

Guess who’s back? Does the name Samurai Jack ring any bells? Maybe you remember it from your younger days. Maybe you occasionally saw it on Cartoon Network while browsing for something to watch, or maybe you are like me, a ...

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Battlefield 1 Personal Review. Enter an exciting world of World War 1 battles!

Back in June of last year, it was the first time I've personally witnessed a TV advertisement of the Battlefield. I've liked the story, game graphics and was also delightful that Dice, the producer of the famous Battlefield series, has...

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I'm worrying about my future. I need to do something. I need your advice.

Alright, so, I'm writing this quick blog because your boy is a little unsure of what to do at the moment, so I wanted to get you guys' opinion on what my next step should be. First thing's first, you guys know that I'm unemployed. That...

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Just Another Castle #91 - Breath of the [REDACTED] & Splatoon 2

This week Matt and Unoclay talk about how Zelda and it's first(?) dungeon while Unoclay half-listens. Then we discuss Splatoon 2's Testfire and what we would like to see at launch.   0:00 - Zelda 44:51 - Splatoon 2 Matt: YouT...

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Scum of the Brave – A Japanese Language Visual Novel You Can Kind of Enjoy

Japanese Visual novels are nearly impenetrable without the ability to read the language. They're essentially choose your own adventure books with music and heavily recycled 2D graphics, which often makes playing one as a foreigner fee...

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The Importance Of A Great Ending

A good story is like sex. You have your beginning, where you warm your partner, or partners, up for the main event. You have your middle, where the bulk of the activity lies during your bedroom adventure. And then you have the end. Th...

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Night in the Woods isn't for everybody, but it certainly is for me

By the time I had finished Night in the Woods, I felt like protagonist Mae Borowski. The two of us had just been on an journey together; she the events of the game, and I the act of playing it. We both needed some time to process thin...

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Breath of the Wild: The most disappointing game in the series

Unless you've been living under a Dwayne Johnson, you've heard of Breath of the Wild. The highly-anticipated new entry in the Zelda series came out just a couple of weeks ago, and the internet has been on fire ever since. Critics and ...

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What does a violent play style say about you?

  As far back as releases such as Carmageddon and the original Grand Theft Auto game, the link between videogame violence and violent tendencies in real life has been heavily disputed. Figures like Jack Thompson have even bro...

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Iam16bit’s Recliner of Rage!: Shantae Cross Save

  Welcome back to the Recliner of Rage. I want to thank you all for the feedback on the first one. I'm going to try and make this a weekly series every Sunday, so be on the look out next week for another one of these. Also today'...

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Artist of the Week: Midnight Star. Perms, perms, and more perms.

I need to open this up with a full admission, I'm sick right now and I was looking through my artist list for one with a fairly short bio. I chose this one because the music videos made me laugh out loud with how dated they are. For be...

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Persona 5 Import Review

Steals your heart away After years of waiting, and many delays per Atlus tradition (Catherine, anyone?) Persona 5 is finally within reach of western gamers. This author has been so impatient as to importing the Japanese version last y...

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Silly Life Update

Hey guys. Life is weird. Let's talk about it. It's cliched and stupid but high school is really hard. Espically when you're awkward and nerdy and misunderstood. The other teens in my small "city" (it's a fucking town guys, get over you...

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A Shoggy Look at the Nintendo Switch (3 Weeks Later)

     Man have I wanted to talk about The Switch! I didn't want to talk about it on day 1 because I knew I would be too busy Zelda-ing it up that whole day. I didn't want to talk about it after the first week either becau...

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Game Development: Boss 101 Polish and Fun pt 2

Hello and welcome to the latest Boss 101 update! How have we been doing you ask? We have been doing fantastic thank you!Polish and Fun Part 2As you know we are jamming in the final stages of Boss 101. This means a lot of gameplay testi...

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The Three-Sided Debate on Used Games

It’s time to have an updated talk on the dreaded used game debate when it comes to buying and selling games. With the rise of digital distribution and streaming services, they have been a direct counter against the used game mark...

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Not-Quite-As-Open World Experiences

With everyone debating open world game mechanics lately and comparing this open world game to that one, it's caused me to start thinking about some things I had put on the back-burner of my mind for a little while. When I think about m...

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Elder Scrolls Online Update 1.22 Version Detail

Designed to fix game crashes and quest bugs, adjust how you obtain Decorative Wax, and adjust the timeframe that the luxury furnisher Zanil Theran will be present, The Elder Scrolls Online update 1.22 is now available for PlayStation ...

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Open World Anxiety

  The moment I booted up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I fell in love. The opening sequence where Link walks out of the Resurrection Shrine was truly breathtaking – the whole world was literally at my fingert...

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My Thoughts on the Current Gaming Generation

           I recently bought the original Xbox a week ago or something like that. After playing it again I could not help myself but to compare this generation of gaming to the sixth generation. I feel that...

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How many 1's is too many?

     Pretty much everyone loved Battlefield 1. It was everything we as gamers wanted! A blast from the past with some new aspects to it, and suddenly the series that has always stood in the shadow of it's older brot...

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Blazing Chrome is the next game from the creators of Odallus and Oniken

Joy Masher announced yesterday that they are developing Blazing Chrome, a game that pays homage to the days where you could shoot bad guys in games like Super Contra. The game is still ways to go, but from what I have seen, it looks r...

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Inquisitive Ravenclaw's Art Commissions!

Hi there! I'm InquisitiveRavenclaw (or theunknown1-arts), and I'm an artist-type guy. I've been drawing nearly all my life now, and have been offering commissions as far back as 8 years ago. I'm getting better all the time, and would l...

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Critical Floor: Is Resident Evil 7 about the Oil industry?

WARNING THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR RESIDENT EVIL 7  So for those who've never read one of these before Critical Floor is my occasional series where I dabble at artistic analysis. For those wondering what that is it...

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Review: Blaster Master Zero

Game: Blaster Master Zero Developer: Inti Creates Publisher: Inti Creates Platforms: 3DS, Switch (reviewed) Release Date: March 3rd, 2017 (Jap) March 9th, 2017 (US EU) Price: $9.99 Blaster Master released for the NES back in 1988...

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Microbial Musings: The Division

The last time I wrote about microbiology stuff was when I  discussed the Cordyceps fungus and its role in The Last of Us-namely why I felt it was somewhat improbable. I found a lot of enjoyment in applying my micro knowledge to th...

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Pokemon 20th Series Retrospective Generation 4: Diamond, Platinum and Heart Gold

  Generation IVmonths : July - AugustDiamond, Platinum, and Heart Gold I don't remember much of the build up to gen IV. I think I really liked Lucario's design. I remember watching the Pokemon movie he was in and liking him. I was...

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Friday Night Fights: Collector's Edition

Collector editions of games can be awesome. They can include an awesome statue for a reasonable price or include some items that look like they were ripped straight out of the game's world. When I held me frst full time position for a...

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Whelp, I'm Going to be Homeless: UPDATE 5

Update 5: Many of you know that I have been practically homeless and living in a hotel since last August. As of last week, we couldn't afford to stay in the hotel any longer, and are now living in a shack owned by a friend of a f...

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We want to know what you did first in Breath of the Wild

Its been several weeks since the new Zelda dropped. Plenty of time to play it right? Well, personally I just got the finally ending, the true ending for defeating Ganon with several additional requirements met to see the extra bit of ...

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PAX East 2017: Nintendo Switch and Zelda: Breath of the Wild Impressions

Switch impressions are still en vogue, right? I mean, the system was only released a couple weeks ago; I’m sure the Internet isn’t tired of hearing about it. I, myself, probably won’t be picking up the console until ...

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[NVGR] Drinking Out Loud

 Warning: This blog is a bit dark, so skip it if you're having a good day. It's amazing how angry people get when you try to convince them to just get in a taxi when they've had 15 beers and three shots.  The screaming and f...

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Photoblog: Des Moines Arcade Auciton

If you were ever wondering "why should I come to the middle of nowhere, America", I have an answer for you, and it isn't just blatantly racist senators, or college football!  Apparently we have a grand tradition of hosting an arca...