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At my microcenter store. It's like a PC Mecca. Picking up my Ryzen 3700x, updating the bios, and got my CPU fans yesterday. This rig is coming nicely.


Does buying a job level-boost in FFXIV make me less of a person? If so, how do I earn my credibility back in society?


I'm your guy when it comes to this. But unlike this fella here, I'll do it for free! Source: Humility - Gorillaz, official music video.


*x files theme song plays*


So uh... When is it exactly that Evangelion becomes the best thing ever? Also, bump: The developments with the Fourth Child and bureaucratic intrigue are actually interesting! Though things are feeling a little left field-ish...


Saturday question! What are some of your favorite towns in video games?Being liberal with “town,” defining it as less Liberty City in GTA and more the like the segments in Persona 4; not the entire game world, basically, but pockets of it.


Went and saw Lion King last night. It was solid, decent, good even! There was one thing that I didn't account for though....


Did what I set out to do early and that was win a clout battle so the world could witness my power one last time. Nintendo took offense though because my team was removed from the scroll after 3 matches and they showed previous winners🤷‍♂️


Whats your favourite in game punishments for pirating a game?Stuff like Alan Wake giving the main character a eye patch or Serious Sam spawning in a invicblw enemy to kill you.My favourite is Game Dec Tycoon having people pirst the games you make in it.


Old Bats number two... girl Robin is best Robin <3


As someone that loves the original PvZ but despises how EA has treated the IP, this rings so true.


I can't believe this 😂


Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently playing. Those between bracket I am going to review when completed: -[Guardian Heroes(Saturn)] -Mighty Switch Force II (Wii U) -Yakuza 0 (PS4) -7th Dragon III: Code VFD (3DS)


If "Joyride" is the song of all early GTAs, then "Rising to the Top" is GTA 3.

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1TmYIBhYOg [/youtube]


Just watched Netflix's Saint Seiya. I was a huge fan of the anime as a kid. I thought the move to CGI looked awful when I saw screenshots, but I liked it in motion. Happy to say I liked the series overall, too bad there are so few episodes.


Hey motherfuckers. I love you. But you know who loves you more? Mike Martin. And he needs our help right now more than anything. Keep this motherfucker alive. Keep him fed. Shit is dire. This is a dtoid wide call to action. Venmo: @MickeyDeezNuts81.


The image below might be NSFW, so I'm putting it in the comments.


My biggest problem with Rage 2 is that "Parrrrrty, let's parrrrrty! Party at the party when it's time to party! Heeeeey you, let's parrrrrty! Party party party cause it's time to party now!!!" loops in my brain the entire time I am playing it.


Checking out Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3...quite happy with this game. Deeper than I expected. Anyone else playing?


Elite Dangerous is quickly becoming my unwind game. I've been playing it at night to heighten the sense of atmosphere and even though I've stuck to courier and cargo missions it's been really immersive and enjoyable.


So far, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a LOT of fun. But that camera is hot garbage.


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Spring anime 2019 wrap up thoughts (spoilers)

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Behind the Scenes: Writing Characters for Shadowgun Legends

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Popularity returns 10 years later! Why? Minecraft Review

To think a game, so big, so large, so grand to get even the #1 channel pewdiepie(no one loves u t-series) to play it exclusively for his channel, could start out as a small crummy INDIE game. But then it grew. Updates happened, it went...

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Microbial Musings: Dishonored

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Traveller In Playtime – System Shock

System Shock is an immersive sim developed by Looking Glass Technologies and published by Origin Systems for the PC in 1994. The player takes the role of a nameless hacker who gets caught poking around the network of the TriOptimum com...

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BoB: Making of a Hero / "Henshin!"

Boxman's farewell prompt to the band of bloggers deal asked a very good question. What makes a heroic character ... heroic? I've been thinking a lot about this question, even before it came up. Hard to write any stories if the thought ...

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The Top 10 Wii Games:

Last month in June, I finished the final game in my Wii library. In total, I have owned about 50 Wii games and have played around 70 games. Before I started my Wii REVIEWS series, that number was short 26 games which I all played and r...

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PStoid Episode 98: A "Short" E3 Episode?

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hype & Switch friend code list.

(Sorry I always have issues with images) I've only ever played the very substantial Playstation 4, Dragon Quest Builders 1 Demo and was hooked. I never got around to buying it though and I won't let that happen twice, and on the Switc...

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Pokémon: Unpacking the Sword and Shield anger

Pokémon has been apart of my life since 1998 with release of Pokémon Blue for the Game boy. Ever since that fateful year I have played ever iteration of mainline Pokémon games up to Let’s Go Eevee in 2018....

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Thoughts on Quantum Break: The Shortcomings of Combat

    Thoughts on Quantum Break: The Shortcomings of Combat By: Kevin Foley     Quantum Break is a story based around the marvelous concept of time travel and time-alteration. It is often described as an interactive ...

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The Senua Gambit

I had a discussion with my friends a while back about the game Papa y Yo.  It’s an indie game where you play as a child who has to convince a monster around to solve puzzles, and he loves a certain kind of fruit.  It i...

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Destructoid Chooses It's Own Adventure Volume 3 - Chapter 3

Welcome chapter two of my third CYOA style blog. You can read chapter one here. And chapter two here. Like the previous ones I'll leave a few ways the story could continue at the end of the chapter and you the reader can vote in ...

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Better Late Than Never  It's... Damn it's July and I am only now getting to my game of the year list.Blame school, I certainly do. I've had my final list completed for about three months now but am only now getting around to writ...

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BoB: The Master Chief that 343 Forgot

This month's Band of Bloggers prompt is brought to you by yours truly. It is my final prompt as a member of the BoB team. The theme is all about heroes. Talk about a hero in a video game. What makes them a hero? I would like to take th...

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Issues I have with the Epic Store

So, man this whole Epic Store vs Steam has gone all sorts of crazy. People on both sides really dislike each other and then there is a group of people that just don’t care or don’t understand what is going on. Certainly, t...

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Shog's June 2019 Gaming Journal

June has only just ended but I already feel like summer has been going on for months. It’s been hot and humid since March and the temperature has been higher than my liking since about April. This is mostly fine though since this...

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The Early History of Video Games, by Charlton Heston

Video Games. Since the dawn of recorded history, at least the parts I felt like reading, man has enjoyed this storied and noble pastime. Eventually women, too, once we stopped burning them in droves because we thought they were witches...

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Band of Bloggers: Living EXTREME in the 90s

Do want to know what's EXTREME!? SPORTS! That's the theme for this month's Band of Bloggers. EXTREME SPORTS! In the late 90s and early 2000s, EXTREME SPORTS! became big in video games. Because video games are EXTREME! And so were the ...

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The Dark Souls of Metal Albums: The Inveterate Fire by Firelink Review

Every so often I like to jump onto Bandcamp and check out some new bands. It had been a while since my last visit, so I had a lot to peruse. While jumping around the trending metal artists a bit of striking artwork caught my eye. And,...

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This generation is lovely (and that's why it's my last)

I have to say man...I fucking love the Switch. What a wonderful system. I don't even know why, to be honest; it's underpowered by any reasonable standard, its controllers are all basically garbage (hey Nintendo, did you forget how to m...