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Looking forward to some Marios today if the collection is shipped on time!


Joyous news: Cavill is back as Supes. https://cosmicbook.news/henry-cavill-signs-superman-deal


Yay! Friday! And I should be getting my new Pro Controller, Xenoblade Remake, and 3d All Stars delivered today! (and I bought Hades yesterday) Switch is gonna get a workout! I played and bought more games during the pandemic than any other time. You?


Thinking on it, I had been saying Sony handled the PS5 pre-ordering situation pretty poorly. And while it could be argued that's true, at the same time then we saw how the new Nvidia cards were today. More below (This might take a paragraph or two.)


Exchange rate for 70$ is 60€, but PS5 games will cost 80€. Why?


Confession time: Whenever I hear an audio clip of Drumpf or one of his replaceable cronies, I hit the mute button. Those fascist fucks deserve to censored and removed from power. Even when I imagine Drumpf speaking in Palpatine's voice, it doesn't help.


Majora's Mask 3D is almost done 100%, makes me sad actually since I love Majora's Mask so much. Just need to do Great Bay, Stone Tower, Anju + Kafei, and a few cleanup sidequests then I'm done with the game completely.


I didn't think I'd need a retro-styled FPS in the vein of Crypt of the Necrodancer but here we are. This game looks amazing and the song in the trailer kicks ass too.


Current Status:


So, I just joined Reddit in order to advertise my new EP release. Am I wasting my time or are there some solid music, gaming or queer communities to interact with?


Just curious, has anybody watched Lovecraft Country on HBO Max? I know it's a dumb question--it's not like I don't have a ton of free time, and could just...watch it, lol. I'm sure I'll get too it, but I'm curious what you guys think.


So I completely forgot that I had some eShop credit leftover months ago, which combined with my gold points meant I only had to pay $33 for the Super Mario All Stars collection. Current status:


Man, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition looks AMAZING!


"It was a mistake for Microsoft to make their first party titles cross-gen. All those games will be held back by weaker consoles, unlike first party PS5 games which will take full advantage of Sony's new hardware."


It has been five years since Metal Gear Solid ended. In the time since then I've realized that it was my favorite game series of all time. There's closure in knowing that there will never be a new game, but it still hurts. Like a Phantom Pain...


I had to check, just out of curiosity. To no surprise, people are selling their PS5 pre-orders, and I'm sure they're selling. Also, Mario 3D All-Stars is already going for $90, but there is one seller, with copies for $58.99, if you need a physical copy.


I realized I'm just playing games I've played already, Borderlands 3, Tropico 6, Katamari Damacy Reroll, and Shadow of the Colossus. I need to fix that.


#bathroomselfietoid cases have been breaking out left and right at my school district. I’m am very anxious being at work, but I am doing the best that I can!


Pictured: Artistic rendition of people thinking Monster Hunter Rise is proof that a Switch pro is SURELY coming this spring. And it'll totally support 4k, you guys!


Hey folks. We've been clearing out some undesirables, and doing our best to make the ole unofficial community discord more friendly. Come hangout in Communicord with us! Link in comments.


Hey guys, this goes up in 45 minutes. If interested, have at it!


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If you are planning to launch a CBD business, always keep in mind that there are multidimensional aspects that you will need to keep your focus on. CBD business is not like any other ordinary business; it has some legal requirements de...

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Smokin’ Sick Super Star: The Stylish Action of the Kirby Franchise

Ok, let’s start real broad here. Video games are cool. Good start, but let’s tighten that in a little bit. Video games are cool because they’re entertainment that the audience gets to interact with. Alright, alright, ...

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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #136 - It's In Your Bloodline

Featuring Castlevania - Rondo Of Blood and Wiki Wiki. Greetings fellow game music lovers, unfortunately my tinnitus is rising up again, so I have to make it somewhat short.  It has been a long time since I made a Castlevania entry...

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Games as Heart Vol II: NieR Automata

Even if it's pointless, you still have to do it! As the generation draws to a close, I want to give a send-off to my favorite games from these past few years. Not exactly a review, but it could still work like one if you have never pla...

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The Destiny 2 Content Vault - The good and the bad

First of all: thank you for the very warm welcome! With how the gaming community can very often be i didn't expect such a positive response <3 So while the next expansion of Destiny 2 named Beyond Light is generally looking really g...

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PS1 REVIEWS: Alundra 2:

In many ways, Matrix Software's Action-Adventure games were invariably inspired by and compared to The Legend of Zelda series. In fact, the original Alundra was heavily inspired by A Link to the Past both in its look and structure.Carr...

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5 OTHER Ubisoft Games That Need A Shitty Remake

The last Ubisoft Forward stream was a joyful one for us all, proving that the company still has a few tricks up its sleeve. It was filled with exhilerating moments and pleasant surprises. I'm glad I totally watched it all live. The hy...

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Can I Survive?

Over the past month, I have watched 8 Mobile Suit Gundam shows. Televised series, OVAs, and even movies were all on the plate, and I went through all of them. The recent Gundam Extreme Vs. may have been the catalyst for it, but my inte...

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Traveller In Playtime – Patapon 3

Patapon 3 is a rhythm-action RPG developed by Pyramid and published by Sony for the PSP in 2011. After venturing into a new land, the Patapons stumble upon a strange box. Ever the curious creatures, the Patapons open the box and unleas...

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A Decade in Review; Shoggy-18

2018 happened, and I think this is my most anemic list so far. I’ve tried to keep up with modern games, but it’s easy to lose track of everything as it comes out. That being said though, I think I managed to put together a ...

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Spiritfarer is a game where you play as a girl named Stella along with your cat daffodil after you were chosen to be the next Spiritfarer. A spiritfarer is someone who takes care of dying spirits until it is their time t...

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Ranking of Sniper Ghost Warrior Part Two: Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Back in 2018, I ranked four Sniper Ghost Warrior games (including Sniper Art of Victory) under one blog, as for it was before I changed to my new ranking format. Now, I have a new game to add to the rank, but with the new format. Beca...

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TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! It was a loooong week. Had an allergic reaction of some sort last weekend that I'm still fighting off today. Had to go see a Dermatologist to see what the he...

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No, Games Will Not Be "Held Back" by Xbox Series S. Stop Saying That.

By now, I think we've all seen footage of Cyberpunk 2077. What CDPR is doing with this game – in terms of raw asset quality, motion capture, and its hardware ray tracing-based lighting engine – is nothing short of incredibl...

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So I've been playing Paper Mario: The Origami King... [Early thoughts]

[I’ve only just begun the chapter for the purple streamer, so there may be new things I’ve yet to see. These are my current loose thoughts on the game; a full review with differing opinions may follow in the future.]  ...

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Running Wild with Speculation About the New Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors is the game that I have spent the most time with on my Switch, at nearly three hundred hours. I also played a good amount of time on the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game. To say that I was excited when they annou...

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A Brief Hello

It feels sort of weird coming back here...I have a complicated history with Destructoid. Mostly good. But I wasn't always well behaved, that's for sure. I left around two years ago I guess. I was on staff, never consistently contributi...

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Monthly Streaming Contest Idea - I Need Your Input!

Hello everyone!  I am looking for your feedback on a community based streaming contest, that would happen monthly!  I have outlined what I think would work, but would love any comments on what you think would and wouldn&rsquo...

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How Sayonara Wild Hearts Reinvents the Music Game

Or more accurately: How I got stoned and thought Sayonara Wild Hearts was really neat...   Billed as a “pop album video game”, Sayonara Wild Hearts has the unique distinction of being as much an album as a game. ...

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Written In Blood - A Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen Retrospective

Why are you here, reading this text? Maybe you saw the title and recognized the subject. Maybe you follow me on this website and trust my writing to some extent (thanks, by the way). Or perhaps you are ordained to be here now, guided b...

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Review Special - Persona 5

Looking back at my gaming posts on social media, today marks three years since I beat Persona 5. Such an occasion prompted me to share here my review of this game that has aged well since its inception. In an era where turn-based RPGs...

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Of conflict and frustration...

Sorry, I'm really digging Wonder Boy and the Dragon's Trap 2020 has been a very long, challenging year. I'm dead beat exhausted. Well, I think it's safe to say we all are...but this is my blog damn it, so I'm going to rant! You can re...

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Death Stranding - Ranking the Main Characters

This is a post I've been meaning to write a while ago. I kept delaying it because I was waiting for more people to play the game and the PC version to come out. Well, I guess it's finally time to stop procrastinating and write this thi...

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Monster Train Review: Deck Building Madness with a Twist

Monster Train is a roguelike deck builder.  Anyone familiar with that concept has likely played Slay the Spire, a game that Monster Train takes hearty influence from.  For newbies, Monster Train’s concept revolves arou...

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Catherine: Full Body Review

It’s hard to believe that nearly a decade has passed since the initial release of Catherine. Atlus’s quirky puzzle platformer and visual novel/dating simulator quickly became a cult-classic when it debuted in 2013, and it r...

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World breaking information from an industry insider

I know this year we're all waiting new information on the Xbox series X and the PS5. I just wanted to let you guys know that I have new groundbreaking information that is going to utterly shock your mind. i'm not saying that it's the m...

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Doom 3 Sucks, and That's Okay

Truly, it was with a boyish sense of eagerness that I embarked upon Doom 3; hope for the often-maligned “reboot” of the iconic Hell-stomping, trailblazing franchise. I was ready for the naysayers, those invested in the fast...