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So the bad news is I have owe the fed $396 because my stupid employer didn't withhold enough again. The good news is I can pay it off with the $421 the state is refunding me. So my budget is unaffected at least, unlike last year.


The boys are finishing up Halo Reach on stream tonight, come say hi! It shouldnt take too long so tell us what to play after! twitch.tv/venturecrow


And good night for us all!


Me playing Sonic Inflation Adventure on Newgrounds and discovering that it isn't a game about stopping Eggman from devaluing our currency with poor economic policies


Jake Kaufman needs to make more disco music like Rescue Girl.


Random thought, Hyrule Warriors is awesome and if you aren't sure about picking it up this image should be all the reason you need.


Another byleth sketch, wanted to try drawing the female version


Another byleth sketch, wanted to try drawing the female version


Another byleth sketch, wanted to try drawing the female version


Damn! Just beat Steins;Gate Elite on Switch. PLEASE let me know if you know any other candidates to possibly follow this up


Was doing a lot of waiting today for a guest who never showed up because he had forgotten and didn't answer his phone. Anyway: while waiting I was doing a real impromptu Trance-Mix. Link in comments, just in case you're curious.


I hope no movie studios release horror movies this year, because nothing could be more horrifying than this


Current Status:


I am so happy that Yian Garuga made it into Iceborne. Nothing has made me happier than going to GU and fighting this monster for the first time and seeing my friends fight it in World and getting super annoyed by it.


So I'm watching this spooky video on YouTube and I pause it to change the laundry and as soon as I pause it, my bloody TV starts reading off random numbers and Letters in this text to speech ass voice. Wtf?!


I'm part of the Yang Gang now. Donated $15. I'm someone that constantly thinks about retail dying, jobs are disappearing & people are becoming apployees (Uber, Amazon etc). After climate change I feel the biggest issue is where will people work in 10 yrs?


Alright D Toid. What's your favorite guilty pleasure movie. A flick you know is awful, but you still just love it. Here's mine, probably unsurprisingly.


The Silent Hill 2 OST is fucking incredible


Happy Birthday Panda! hopefully it's been a great one and you got some cool stuff.


Happy birthday Panda, wherever you may be. Have a good one!


Take cover from all those birthday wishes dude and stay save.


I'm so elated right now! Pat and Woolie from Castle Super Beast just talked about a reddit thread I made on their newest podcast!


Thats 3/4 vault hunters at level 50. Will get back to Zane once I'm immeasurably bored.


Finally got my package from USPS. I'm on a WW1 kick so this is appropriate. I'm listening to Hardcore History's Blueprint for Armageddon podcast (which I highly recommend), saw 1917, and now I've got a figma of everybody's favorite WW1 German psycho loli.


I had today off, so I wrapped up Ritual of the Night today! So now it's my game of 2019 unless I end up getting and playing through Three Houses, Void Bastards, Fallen Order, etc, and liking one of them more. Now, do I go back to Ori or Blasphemous next?


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Hyposphere 2 review

Welp... I cant review it and do a desktop site... so. None of 5.

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Top 10 Best Co-op games

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Cblogs of 11/1 to 17/1/2020: 3rd Week

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Game Purchase Regrets Ep. 1 - Astral Chain

Over the last few weeks I've lost patience with some games to the point that I just couldn't stomach them anymore and uninstalled them from my Switch with the intention to never play them again. This happens to the best of us, games th...

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The Outer Worlds (PC) Review

For the past decade, Fallout: New Vegas has been the best game of all time for many. Despite newer games, New Vegas is the game they constantly return to. Bethesda hasn’t shown much care for the franchise, but Bethesda also didn...

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Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout Review (Switch)

It's a real shame that this series perpetually gets screwed on the PC. The games themselves aren't too bad, but the problem is that their half assed ports make them seem lazy. Atelier Sophie has frame rate issues during the alchemy par...

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A Decade in Review; Shoggy-10

I had this fun idea to do a series of blogs about games from the past decade, one entry per month about one year from 2010 until 2019, where I would talk about either my top and bottom 3 or my top and bottom 5 depending on how many tit...

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Traveller In Playtime - Dishonored

Dishonored is an immersive sim developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. It later received ports on PS4 and Xbox One in 2015. Following a trip to a neighbouring country, the Royal ...

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Grading & Setting New Year’s Resolutions: 2019 Edition

I’m gonna be straight with ya’ll. Originally I wanted to open this with a somewhat existential yet ultimately optimistic ramble acknowledging the flaws of New Year’s traditions while defending them from my personal ex...

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Outer Worlds Rantings and Ravings

  Elder Scrolls - like Zelda, but an RPG!  Fallout - Like Elder Scrolls, with guns! Outer Worlds - like Fallout, in space!  I like Skyrim. I really like Fallout (even 4!), and I thought New Vegas was one of the best.&nbs...

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My Favourite Movies and Games of the Decade

Hello Destructoid People. It seems my blog has imploded again. Looking back at my old posts, where there is more than one image, they all seem to now cut off everything from the first image to the last. This is worse than a couple year...

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RiffRaff's 10 Best of the Decade List!

It has been an amazing decade for games, especially in the second half. I could have made this a top 100 list, but time is not on my side. Anyhoo, here are my arbitrary rules. I'll give a top 3 for each year and then from those nomina...

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Strider's favorite games from the rest of the goddamn decade

I did a real quick post of my favorite games for 2019, but the format was inspired after seeing you guys talk about your favorite games of the goddamn decade. It was an especially good format seeing as how I didn't play all that many n...

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(Smash Momohime/Kisuke Blueprints)

  (Muramasa The Demon Blade)-(Momohime/Kisuke) There is no Samurai character in the game so they can be unique in that way I guess, they are from my favorite single player 2D beat em up I’ve 100% it twice. It’s a game ...

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Top 10 Games I Played in 2019

Maybe 2019 did not deliver as much as 2018 and 2017, but many great games were released last year. From great sequels to established franchises like Fire Emblem: Three Houses to exciting new properties like The Outer Worlds. Hell, one ...

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Sorcery or Shrink Ray? Reviewing Numskull's Miniaturized Galaxian Arcade Machine

When I was a wee lad, a buddy of mine had a portable Pac-Man machine that bore a surprisingly close resemblance to the original arcade version. Released by the late, great Coleco, the gizmo used vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) technol...

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Black Mesa's Xen Was Worth The Wait

Black Mesa, the unofficial-turned-official fan remake of the original Half-Life has been trough a lot. Upon release, it was missing the last portion of the game, Xen, a portion that many fans of the original (myself i...

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The Games of 2019 (In a Shamelessly Stolen Format)

2019 was a year, that much I can say with certainty. Games came out, and people played them. I was one of these "people". One of the many who engaged with video games in the year of our lord 2019. My creator said that my opinions matt...

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Five Games I Am Playing While I Neglect Death Stranding

Like many others before me, I made a goal that I wanted to complete by the end of the year; the decade, even! By the end of 2019, I wanted to start writing reviews and articles about video games and video game culture. Challenge #1? De...

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Gamemaniac's Sporulating GOTY list 2019

Twas a quieter year than other ones, this year. Still, it happens-next year appears to be overstuffed to bursting during the spring season so things may change but this year was a relatively quiet one for me gameswise, least as far as ...

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Sam's 2019 Gaming Journal, With A Bonus Obituary!

What starts on four legs, changes to two, and ends up laying in bed in the middle of the night playing Vita? This guy! 2019 started with me making a conscious effort to play "series." That is, continue to be way too strict about playin...

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Band of Bloggers January 2020 Theme

Happy new year! 2019 is gone and it can't hurt you anymore. That's 2020's job now, but we can all hope that 2020 will be good to us, that we'll make resolutions and actually keep them, and that all the things we're looking forward to w...

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Games I Beat in 2019, Discussed

Hello friends! It's been awhile since I've written a blog. But I'm happy to take a moment and share with you the list of games I beat in 2019. I'm stealing taking inspiration from RocketKnight's Blog. Go check his out when you have a m...

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Neronium's Top 10 Games of the Decade Based on Pointless Criteria

              So before beginning this list of the decade I need to clarify what constitutes a game of the decade for me. It’s not the accolades the game has receiv...

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Cheezy Dreezy EP 1 - Opening The Wrong Game

We all have at least one video game that we enjoy (or not) that we can't share with people around us, the ones that will raise looks and glares leading to disappointment and heavy judgment. If you are an owner of a PlayStation Vita, th...

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Hello (again)

Hi! I am making a re-introduction here. I used to go by the handle ICUP but have lost that account due to my deletion of my FB. That and I would rather not be associated with that person anyway. I did not contribute to this great commu...

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My genuinely free games of 2019!

Free as in "free beer", not as in "free speech". For a few years now, the words "free to play" have turned me away from a lot of games. When the game itself isn't the product, this usually means that the game becomes a platform to sell...

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Virtua Fighter HD Collection Wishlist (Virtua Fighter Month)

In the previous blog, I talked about what I wanted to see in regards to Virtua Fighter 6, should SEGA AM2 decide to make one in the future. This time, we are going to talk about what I want to see for a potential Virtua Fighter HD Col...

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Mrs. Destructoid????

Hey DTOIDS some of you may know me as the Destructoid streamer on Twitch and some of you might have no idea that I even exist (mainly my fault.. sad pepehands). I know this community is wild and accepting of all so I just had to ask......