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Good news: got another job interview in about an hour, and I'm really hopefull to get the hell away from this Covid timebomb office. Bad news: a coworker whose desk is near mine called sick today cause he has Covid symptoms, hooray!


Thanks Fanatical! I can't actually install Nocturne for 11 days, but hey, that sense of anticipation is pretty sweet! In the mean time, I have a minecart to survive and an Ashley to rescue...again...


Wait what for the last few bits of Resident Evil Village you use a time machine and go through bits of Resi 1-7. That's so bizzare but kinda cool. Spoilerz I guess sorry Bateman but you could just forget how to read to avoid the spoilers so eh.


"Furries are zoophile blackface" is the funniest thing I will hear today.


I know I'm probably the only one who cares, but I rather like the dub voices in Strive! They're pretty fitting, in my opinion.


Oh, don't mind me, just downloading 100GB of Mass Effect.


Listen here Mr Billy-Bob GamesIndustry, I will not be buying previous generations games for £70. So you stop that. You stop that now.


Got my 5G antenna injected. The range is good, but I'm going back in September for a speed boost.


Everytime I watch Castlevania I'm re-reminded that Alucard is an angsty emo teen in a mans body. And it's great everytime. Anyway halfway through, and looking forward to seeing that last half!


Castlevania Anniversary Collection is up on Limited Run Games for Switch and PS4. Grabbed this version.


Guilty Gear Beta quick thoughts -- I've already forgotten how Ramlethal works, I-No's really fun!


If you ever wondered what I do for half of my working day, here you go :P


What a weird world.


Random Thoughts While Pooping Hollywood Edition: I would like to see a G.I. Joe 3 movie where it's the Joes VS COBRA VS Baronness and Destro's new third faction that wants to eliminate them both.


Speaking of Metal Gear, they really need to remaster the best game in the series.


I ended up liking MGS4 more than I thought I would. Its self-indulgant cutscenes makes it an interesting companion piece to V. The two games provide different experiences, but they both exemplify the negative effects of external forces on development.


Son of a bitch I'm in.


Wasn't hugely fond of her last album, but Annie Clark did a goodin' here.


So I haven’t beaten Village yet (just got to the Factory), but so far it has the same issue I had with 7. It opens with a strong, classically designed section with exploration and locked doors, but then every section after is basically linear. More belo


Everyone at work: Working. My brain at work:


Battle of the Gods (2021) - Final song for my last album. I am resting for now, but will start work on my 50th album based on this Blog Post. Comment your short story in that post ^^ Thanks.


Hey folks, Friday already. Dunno about you but I'm soopa tired. I hope that y'all have a happy and fruitful weekend - literally a weekend full of fruit. Look after yourselves and be good to those near you. We are but one people. Love y'all x


Late night RE8 (mostly) blind run. Come and chat and keep the willies away! https://www.twitch.tv/seymourdemonica


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Welcome To The Franchise, Son

Are there any beloved video game series that you've completely missed out on? Resident Evil was one of those series for me. I noticed the positive buzz around Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, but didn't pay too much attention to it as someo...

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I DMed for the first time. Let me tell you about it!

A few months ago, I started watching Critical Role. It’s a show where some voice actors (some of whom you know) play Dungeons & Dragons live on Twitch. The recordings are then uploaded to Youtube. I started with episode 1 and...

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RoboQuest [Early Access] Review

[If/when the game releases to its official 1.0 launch, I may write a new review should my thoughts change. Full disclosure, I was provided with a key for the game by RyseUp Studios. My review is voluntary and under no compensated agree...

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PS REVIEWS: Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix

Fear Effect 2 is a prequel that is very much in the image of the first game but with some additions for better or worse. It has more action, story complexity, puzzles, well-directed cut-scenes, and more cleavage. Originally, I thought ...

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(Guardian Tales)-(Ranged Balancing 2)

<(Guardian Tales Ranged Attackers 2)> Same rules apply as part 1 Nari and Bari had to be nerfed and I’m not sure if this is enough no AI changes here though.     (Nari)-(The Successor?) I don’t have this Her...

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Man Vs. Artificial Intelligence

Imagine a world where multiplayer gaming was no longer an option. All you’ve got to choose from is single player games and nothing else. No MMORPG’s, No Online Battle Royale’s, No MOBA’s, Not even local co-op o...

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Indie Review - Hylics

General InformationRelease Date - October 2nd 2015Developer - Mason LindrothPlatform(s) - PC (Available digitally through Steam (£1.99) and Itch.io($2.99))Link - https://mason-lindroth.itch.io/hylics ReviewMany turn based RPGs a...

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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #180 - Metal Gear Fusion

Featuring Metal Gear 1, NES and jazz rock / fusion. Greetings fellow game music lovers, so it eventually had to come to this, another Metal Gear entry, this time about Metal Gear 1. But not the MSX version, rather the NES version, whic...

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[NVGR] - The Comfort of Inadequacy

If I could choose what race I could be, I’d be white. I’d have a good chin, red hair and beautiful blue eyes. They’d call me something like Mr. McBradly or something.    Not because I do...

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BoB: Photoshoot the Bullets

This time, I'll tell you about a game where the player has to take photos of youkai to defeat them. I thought of trying to make you believe I'm talking about Project Zero, but no, can't do that. There are some similarities, though -- y...

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TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! It's funny how Friday and weekends gain a whole new meaning once you start working. Can't wait to be able to hole up on the bed and forget about life for two...

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Evaluating My Place Here (AKA Larx Kind of Had a Point)

Before you post a comment in response to the title I chose, please hear me out. I promise you, it's not all bad. This blog will have been coming up on the 10th anniversary of my first blog post on this website. A site that's been aroun...

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Hunting My White Whale: The Tales Series [Other Half: Awards, Rankings & Ending]

Welcome back to my Tales retrospective! In case you wandered your way here without reading the first half of the retrospective, you can find that here. There you can read about how I got into the series and my thoughts on the 16 games ...

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How Streamers are Affecting GTA's NoPixel RP Server

  Five M’s Los Santos is immersive, but can it stay that way if it’s filled with stars?   Big name streamers from all corners of the industry have participated in NoPixel, Grand Theft Auto V’s premier rolepl...

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The BRG Collection Entries #17-20

Welcome to a new set of entries into the BRG Collection. The rest of the games in my ongoing list can be found here or at the bottom of this blog. With that said, here are entries #17-20. Bosconian Release Year: 1981 / Developers: Na...

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[Dino in Gaming #1] ARK Survival Evolved: Your First Partner, The Parasaur

Although seemingly weak and skittish, this dinosaur will be one of your first allies in your attempts to withstand the harsh world that is Ark: Survival Evolved. In this article we'll be introducing the Parasaurolophus or "Parasaur" an...

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For my 50th album : I will turn your short story into a short song!

Greetings, I'm gauging interest in this idea, which a few people have mentioned to me in a qpost that it would be cool. Basically, you give me a short story. Could be a sentence, could be a few tweets in length. Nothing too long, other...

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Closing time

Disclaimer: this blog will raise some seriously negative attitudes. Do not, I stress, *do not* read if subject to severe mental/emotional distress (from depression, PTSD, anxiety, low self-esteem, et al.). Also, please upon please...

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Band of Bloggers May 2021 Theme

Oh shoot, it's already May third. This theme is going up a little late, sorry about that. I hope May finds you all well. April is over (though I completely missed that happening) and a lot of intersting games recently came out, and are...

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Brawl Stars 2021 Review

Supercell, also the creators of Clash of Clans, know how to make good games. Brawl stars is one of them. For a mobile game, it has graphics better than Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch! The visuals are absolutely stunning,...

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My extensive thoughts on Hitman: World of Assassination (PART 1)

The last decade was an important one for me. It was a decade of disappointment in a lot of ways, but also one of growth and improvement for me. A lot of my tastes changed during that time. My taste in music, for example, changed from ...

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Retro Review: Xenoblade Chronicles

As part of Operation Rainfall that took place during the last stages of the Nintendo Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles came out as the most famous and for some, the best of the other two selected games. "An open world game ala Final Fantasy X...

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Shog's April 2021 Gaming Journal #BOB

Good news, the joke month is over and done with. Bad news, it felt like the last 4 weeks passed by at an accelerated rate. When I wasn’t gaming or working this month, I’ve spent more time outside walking about and trying to...

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Antstream: The irrefutable PAST of all gaming

So, if you paid attention, you know I like Amazon Luna. Well, another game streaming service recently entered my sphere of awareness (Thanks again Flegma!) and I want to share my thoughts. This is the perfect companion to (or possibly ...

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TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! This week was pretty good. We're finally getting caught up at work. Just in time for them to dump a whole lot more responsibilities on my department sooo we'...

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How Epic Games just ruined Fortnite for Nintendo Switch and mobile players.

Fortnite is arguably the most succesful game that has ever existed. It has hundreds of millions of players, of all ages, from all over the world. A couple of really neat things about Fortnite is the fact that it's on almost any device ...

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Belle Boomerang Short Devlog #1

Here is some short updates on what I've been working on for Belle boomerang: Cleaning up this tileset that didn't age all too well. Something just felt too "chunk-y" about the old one. I've incorporated more natural shapes, some soft...

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Lidia Sobieska And The New Fighting Game Queens

When Lidia Sobieska was teased way back when there was an air of excitement, not only because a new character was joining the Tekken 7 roster but also because it seemed that there was something different about this new character. When...

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Save the Date: FF6 Charity Stream May 1st!

Mark your calendars, it’s almost time for another of tater’s charity streams!     Who: Extra Life, for University of Iowa Stead Hospital.   When:  May 1st all day*!   What: Final Fant...

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Show, Don't Tell: Do Games Talk Too Much?

At some point, it was decided that every modern video game needed to include additional story in the form of collectables. As we wander the world, we come across audio and/or text files. We can pause our gameplay to open up the parchme...