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Just want to apologize to ya'all for being a smarmy prick the other day...and most days. Things have been crazy rough around here, and I was full of righteous indignation about personal things. Not an excuse for that. Love this place.


Finished Order of Ecclesia. It was great, but I liked Portrait of Ruin more. Shanoa was fantastic, and I really miss Castlevania as a franchise. I'm psyched for Bloodstained. Also:


Just another classy night with me, myself, and I to celebrate a three day weekend. Take it easy folks. You all deserve the best.


The game may be plagued with loot crates but the singleplayer actually looks interesting.


For a while, Houdini used a lot of trap doors in his act, but he was just going through a stage.


Video record is my feature new feature on the Switch. It can catch all those fun moments. https://my.mixtape.moe/vaxyil.mp4


This song should be redone as the Meme Police. For those people who attack you for your memes, stating that they're offensive.


When I see problems and lewd and stuff LOL


Breaking out some old 360 controllers (hoping to have a split-screen party). This green Power-A one has some issues. The left stick is sticky, wants to go left & doesn't center immediately. Any ideas on fixing it? atm just trying to break it back in.


Just so you know, I'm not going anywhere. You haven't scared me off yet even though this place is mostly this all the time.


I know who I'm going as for halloween.


Just in case any of you are like me and care about Marvel Heroes Omega updates on the consoles, I will be consistently if not constantly posting stuff like this.


The full-art lands in Unstable are looking sweeeeeeeet. I'm so excited for this set.


Just played the 3rd dream in Night in the Woods. Heck yeah, that game is pretty great! Is more games like this out there? Why aren't all games like Night in the Woods? Ok, maybe half of them could be like NitW and the other half Chrono Trigger.


Warhammer: Dawn of War III is free for a couple of days. Crack a cold one with the Boyz.


Fun fact: "No Outlet" signs are actually telling you to stop using your smartphone.


So as Strider noted in the updated streamtoid blog, we're doing an Extra Life fundraising thing. If you're interested in joining our team or donating at all, feel free to follow the link below. If you'd like more info, I'll provide a link to that blog.


Had fun watching Gamemaniac's stream. Had a lovely chat with him and Lawman. Made me think it might be fun to have a once a week community stream. Where we take turns streaming and everyone comes and watches and mocks the player. I dunno might be cool. :D


Just finished Twin Peaks season 2 and uh...wow, I would've been pissed if that was all I'd gotten back then. On to the movie!


My wallet literally just jumped through the window. It's so pricey but I neeeeeeeeedddddddd iiiiiiittttttttttttt


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I Am Not Good At Writing Consistently Anymore (A Vent Post)

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RE: "Who is Kate Reis"?

Kate Reis is me.     I'm a new writer, brought on as an intern for Destructoid.My interest in gaming started when I was probably 3 or so, watching my older brother, and I continue to do that today - the same answer everyone...

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Danganronpa V3's entertainment industry commentary.

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Later, comrades

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