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In other sale news, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is going for $18 on Switch. I hope it stays that price until I get paid next! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Capcom-Street-Fighter-30th-Anniversary-Collection-NSW/390155651


Hey guys, I hate to post this, but I think I'm going to need some finicial help. More info in the comments. (Afternoon bump)


Blizzard be like we never lost control.


Never heard of this game before. But it sounds great! I wonder if it will ever jump to console.


Welp, I finally got back ALL my party members in Dragon Quest XI this weekend!


I played the browser game Impeached. First time, I tried being vaguely competent, filled the meters, and nothing happened. 2nd time, I tried to be the absolute worst, and got impeached. The game has a clear message.


#arbitrarymetal This album has some of the most touching lyrics I've read. This is mostly instrumental, but still just raw and wonderful.


So apparently the closest theater to me that is going to be showing The Lighthouse is an hour and a half away. #Spooktober


"I don't carry cash" Is the greatest thing you can say to a begger. It makes them go away every time. Plus if you're a dick like me you can follow it up with "so I can't help you even if I wanted to."


Created a new character in Bloodborne to try and join the "Return to Yharnum" event. About 5 minutes in I realized any skills/interest I had in Souls games has apparently been transferred to wanking it


Hollow Knight Voidheart Edition is on sale for $9 until November. Not bad! https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1822-CUSA13632%20-HOLLOWKNIGHT18US


Created a new character in Bloodborne to try and join the "Return to Yharnam" event. About 5 minutes in, I realized that any skills/interest I had in Souls games has apparently been transferred wholesale to Monster Hunter.


I can never speak highly enough of Wilderun. They got a new record out soon and this is the lead single. I fucking love it!. If you're a fan of Blind Guardian, Opeth, and folk metal you owe it to yourself to check these guys out. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Only 4 more weeks until The Legend of Bum-Bo. I wonder why Edmund McMillen would make a game especially for me given that we don't even know each other but I take it.


Got a new blog coming out about Super Smash Bros....Melee??


I've put more hours into American Truck Simulator than I should have.


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Lord Spencer avatar

Saturn REVIEWS 23: Shining the Holy Ark

Other than the fact that it is part of the illustrious Shining series, and one of the few RPGs on the Saturn, I don't think that there is anything much remarkable about Shining the Holy Ark (other than such a grammatical mess of a name...

TroyFullbuster avatar

Why is Super Smash Bros Melee still so popular?

  Look I'm not gonna write this in a correct format, I'm not going to write this grammatically amazing or like my reviews or other pieces you find.What I'm writing and how it will come out is imperfect.In fact, maybe it's terrible...

VeniceCivilian avatar

Purple Is The Color Of Venice And Some (Random) Gaming Chairs

This is gonna be a little rant about how I cannot find a cool territory while playing Venice in Civ5. I do promise I will insert a bunch of grammatically incorrect spellings and a random purple gaming chairs shout out because this is a...

Kerrik52 avatar

Traveller In Playtime - Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame (AKA Zero or Project Zero) is a survival-horror game developed by Tecmo and published by them in 2001-2003 on PS2 and Xbox in Japan and in NTSC regions. The EU versions were handled by Wanadoo Edition and Microsoft Game Stu...

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I bet you can't guess what is inside this community blog

.imgtop { background: url("https://i.imgur.com/8onKuay.png") repeat 0 0; height: 50px; width: 600px; animation: slide 20s linear infinite; -webkit-animation: slide 20s linear infinite; -moz-animation: slide 20s linear infinite; } .imgb...

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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #67 - Sorrowful Comparsas

Featuring Final Fantasy VI and Ernesto Lecuona. Greetings fellow game music lovers. I'm somewhat ill today, so let's make it short. Today's topic is the song "From that day on..." from Final Fantasy VI, a sorrowful tune that plays...

Shoggoth2588 avatar

BoB - Unfinished Shog-ness.

My Band of Bloggers prompt this month is all about unfinished business, and boy do I have a wide backlog of games that I’ve started or put a few hours into, but never actually finished playing. By ‘finish’ what I mean...

Riley1sSpook avatar

Thoughts on Far Cry 2

So this is going to be quicker than my usual blog entries, but I thought I ought to say some things about Far Cry 2, one of the most excellent games I've ever played, and in some ways, one of the worst. There also won't be any pic...

Dinoracha avatar

So I've been playing some Outer Wilds... [Thoughts/early review]

[If you'd like to watch some gameplay and listen to an audio reading of this, following this link if the embedded video isn't working.] It’s difficult to talk about Outer Wilds without addressing its major gimmick, so let me sta...

eastyy avatar

If you love fighting games you must play fan game Sonic Smackdown

Fan made games have been around for years and they vary from unofficial sequels to taking a existing IP and putting it into a different game genre  Sonic Smackdown is the latter, and while Sonic has dabbled in fighting games befor...

cavemanlegend avatar

Hello Darkness: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Limbs

Let's skip past the tropes of explaining how darkness affects everyone differently and our own adaptations to the dark and get right down to how can we use it to murder as much shit as possible. The Prototype games are...ok. They're m...

Osc avatar

Game In Progress: September 2019

All I do is consume, consume, and consume. Music, TV, games, and everything else are consumed daily. So it's a bit hard going from just living life and consuming, to actually being a creator and making the things people will consume -...

Nior avatar

Welcome Back Commander: A C&C Retrospective - Tiberian Sun

In the late 90s, the RTS genre was booming. After the release of Tiberian Dawn, the genre made significant progress and became a staple of PC gaming. You couldn’t go a year without at least two major releases, and leading...

Kevin Mersereau avatar

The true antagonist of NieR: Automata

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS  NieR: Automata is not the type of game to rely on obvious answers. In fact, almost everything from side stories to character motivations are left with endings just vague enough to be open for interpretatio...

alejandrorr avatar

Terminator shouldn't be in Mortal Kombat 11

Ok i think that Mortal Kombat 11 made a mistake adding Terminator in the Kombat Pack because he is OP as hell. For one he teleports like crazy making time spheres which isn't to OP but it's when he becomes an endoskeleton he takes dama...

Aurachad avatar

The Order of the Kraken Falls. The Journey South Begins

The Order of the Kraken has fallen! Our heroes have dealt the final deathblow to the Order of the Kraken and ended a smuggling and slaving ring once and for all between Vratra and Hessel. The first of the tasks from the Church of T...

GreatTrickyShitGreat avatar

Auspicious Beginnings: Wing Commander Privateer & Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

"Protecting myself from your type gets expensive. And I'm on a budget." A mining station carved into the structure of a massive asteroid. Landing lights, heavy metal plates and pressure doors. Duraplast domes provide glimpses of the sp...

Spooky RiffRaff   avatar

*New* PS4 Gold Headset Review

The other day my chunky old PS4 Gold Headset finally broke at the cheap, and useless, plastic hinge. I tried duct taping it and hot gluing it back together, but it just kept feeling like the headset was falling off my head. It lasted ...

Agent9 avatar

No Excuse Would be Better.

I was going to leave a comment, but this turned into a semi rant that I feel fits more as a blog rather than a wall of text in a sea of comments. If it’s not your cup of tea I understand. This is a bit more therapeutic for me but...

Chris Hovermale avatar

Nothing good lasts forever, so let's make what comes next even better

Let’s cut to the chase. I’ve decided it’s time I resign from contributing to Destructoid as a staff member. I love the community, I love the staff, and I love what I’ve been writing for the site, but this is a d...

ABowlOfCereal avatar

(Smash 4 Blueprints Collection)

  Basically a recap will be posting everything I worked on from where I started and finished around 200 pages over almost 6 years it probably strunk or grew I'm not sure now I just need to Advertise see how far this can go but thi...

OmegaPhattyAcid avatar

Hello, Darkness: Fear is the Only Darkness

Let’s take a minute away from games to talk about our October CBlog’s prompt: Darkness. It’s a word that is associated with many different themes, but when it comes to philosphy, we can perhaps define darkness simply ...

LaTerry avatar

Band of Bloggers: Cheating in a Life Sim

For this month's theme, I was intending to play Stardew Valley, a life/farming sim. It's a fantastic game, but as I started a new game with the intent to go after Leah this time around, I noticed that I wasn't feeling all that relaxed....

CoruptAI125 avatar

Light Fairytale Episode 1: It's a JRPG

One of my favorite things to do these days is browse new release lists, keeping an eye out for hidden gems among the deluge of titles flooding the market every day. A couple months ago a small JRPG caught my eye. Made by a one man ind...

Zeke Daminara avatar

BoB - Solitiare, and I can explain

My most relaxing game is Solitaire. I've played it for hours, developed quite a rhythm with it, and enjoy playing it when I need something to do but don't wanna get up of the couch. I even have a really high score on the Vegas mode, b...

Nhisso avatar

Enough Already With the Half Assed Character Creators in Gaming!

We've all heard this saying: "How can 'x' be happening in 2019?!" Usually, it's someone freaking out because their social views aren't being adhered to or because someone thinks technology should be in a different place than its curren...

Toby80 avatar

Why I didn't Purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite

It is a hot topic at the moment that lots of people have avoided buying the new Nintendo Switch Lite and I am one of them. Although I admit that initially, I was on the fence about buying one I have since made up my mind not to buy one...

Dinokaiser avatar

Hello, Darkness: The global darkness of M.A.C.H

Hello peons! You wanted a deep look into darkness? Is that what you want? All right then, if it’s darkness you want, it’s darkness you get, IMPLICIT darkness that is! (that’s right we ain’t talking about actual...

acefondu avatar

Hori Split Pad Pro - Review

It's been a long time since I've written a review of anything, but I just had to say something about Hori's new Split Pad Pro controller for the Switch. I have long been a big fan of Nintendo hand held consoles dating back to the firs...

ConvoyJon avatar

Apple Arcade: Taking my first bite

iOS 13 launched on Thursday, bringing with it Apple Arcade — Apple’s premiere subscription-based gaming service. Apple Arcade promises 100+ games— all of which are free of in-app purchases, as well as advertisements. ...

otakyoon avatar

"Gaijin Charenji 1 kiss or kill" is born

I made a game. Wouhouhou I made A GAME !!!! it's my first. it's something.I decided during the summer of 2017. I did not find any interest in my job as a developer in a software company. And then I think I needed to prove to myself tha...