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Eid Murabak to my Muslim friends here on Dtoid! Have a great celebration :)


Can anyone recommend a good linear game to complete on the PS3 or PS4 since after Persona 5 I'll be moving on to Nier and Yakuza and I might go mad from open-worlditus.


Does anyone recommend Oceanhorn on the Switch? It looks really pretty.


If you think that growth in videogames can equate to a contest then you are seriously delusional. Stop wasting time on growth if you only seek to surpass others, it is a waste of time and effort. Playing more than someone else doesn't make you better.


Oh, god dammit. It turns out that the English-localised version of Fate/Grand Order isn't available on the Australian App Store. That's... that's pretty shitty.


Yesterday, we went skeet shooting for the first time. Was surprisingly relaxed and fun, had a better hit ratio than I do in games. Girlfriend enjoyed it a lot more than going to a range. My shoulder, on the other hand, is not fan.


Tracy Chapman really taps into my depression well



In Australia, we have an ice cream called Golden Gaytime. People never make the easy joke here and I respect that. I was kind of hoping that would happen with the Japanese tuition game.


In Australia, we have an ice cream called Golden Gaytime. People never make the easy joke here and I respect that. I was kind of hoping that would happen with the Japanese tuition game.


Remember kids, if you play games with bad balance or mechanics, you should put in 30-50 hours in hopes of getting good at the game, otherwise you aren’t allowed an opinion on said game.


GOG code for Alan Wake's American Nightmare in the comments ;)


Dr Who this week in a single image pretty much. I've not seen the show go this dark for a long time


My opinion has never fallen as quickly as it has with Hollow Knight. I was already having enough trouble with a boss, plus it was annoying to reach, now I find out it has multiple phases? So on top of backtracking, I have to repeat a boss too? Nah.


My computer put me through the ringer today. It wasn't recognizing my monitor, then when we finally got it to do that, it decided that my resolution was obviously too high and wouldn't go back. Now it has audio problems and I'm too tired to care anymore.


Also, speaking of backlog, I'm finally at Luigi's Mansion 2 final boss. I was realling looking towards it, as the game never was thaaaat much fun and drags on a little bit too much. Still a valid and ok experience, though


Ok, I'm a good 6 episodes into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and I can safely say that if you don't enjoy this show you don't have a soul.


Just beat Spak the Electric Jester's first campaign. The art is rough, the cutscenes are definitely amateurish, ut hloy heck the gameplay and soundtrack where solid as rock. Will try to focus on the backlog now, but I want to check the other stories later


I wish playmobil had the balls to release a 1529 seige of vienna set after releasing this martin luther figure.


Just bought Cyberbots. Im finally gonna play the game where Jin is from after all these years playing him in MVC2:




I entered the garage to bring the cats back in for the night, and there's this baby vole that a kitten and a big dumb tomcat try to steal from each other. Last I saw the vermin, it was battered and in the paws of the kitten, but I didn't see it get eaten.


I've been playing Ni-Oh the past few weeks and I have to gush about it. It's the best Souls-like I've ever played. It's like Ninja Gaiden the RPG. Also, you can spec as a ninja and it's viable. How did I skip this?


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I want to take some time out of my day to talk to you about our lord and savior Jeff Minter. When VR headsets were first announced, I was smitten. Since I've been a little kid farting around the house pretending in I was a videogame i...

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Gimme your E3 report cards dammit

Look, E3 was busy, we can all agree. That was the week I picked up 3 extra shifts because I needed the work. Mario Odyssey cleaned up, and father's day weekend was around the corner after E3. Point is, every time a report card went up...

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Review: Arms

Game: Arms Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo Switch Release date: June 16th, 2017 It feels strange to say, but it has been one hell of a year for Nintendo thus far. They've just launched a console along with a ...

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Comfy Slippers

  Warning:  Some gross medical shit.  If you don't like hearing about icky medical stuff then please close this blog, mix a nice stiff drink of vodka, lemonade and a sprig of fresh mint before putting that drink down and...

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Community Completed Games, A Destructoid CCG

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New Square-Enix RPG Announcement Flies Under Radar: Lost Sphere

Last month Square-Enix announced the new game from Tokyo RPG Factory known as Lost Sphere, and confirmed that the game will be coming to the PS4, PC (Steam), and Switch. The game is about a planet that is slowly disappearing from unkn...

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Just Another Castle #102 - The REAL Episode #100

  This week the whole gang's here! Matt, Eli, Mike and Unoclay! We have a few special segments for this week but we still get to the news like: impressions on Ever Oasis, 3DS support past 2018, and Nintendo losing the exclusivity...

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PStoid Episode 67: Hot Pocket Cooling - E3 2017 Recap

Neal here!  I know, I know...  Nanners usually posts these things and you're probably all used to his whiny, monotone attempts at humor with these posts.  I honestly don't know, since I never read these things.  Bu...

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Weirdsday: Taboo: The Sixth Sense (NES)

Is it a game? Is it a fortune teller? Is it worth trying? These questions are debatable, but one thing I know about it, it is called Taboo: The Sith Sense. This program( I can not really call it a game) was released in 1989 on the Nin...

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E3 2017 Thoughts and Opinions

it is that time of year again when the hype trains are arriving we all cashing in our tickets to climb aboard. Yes the Electronic Entertainment Expo has returned (or E3 to everyone else) so I want to send out what I thought of all the ...

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Check Out This Entire Pokemon Game Built In Minecraft

 It seems there’s no end to the mad shit you can do in Minecraft – someone’s only gone and made an entirely original Pokemon adventure. This isn’t just some weird mod of one of the older games running ...

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Now that the expansion is actually playable thanks to getting past the numerous solo duty walls (almost one for each level and each of them are like 8 to 10 minutes long not including cutscenes, which has been the source of all of Squa...

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Nitty Gritty: Creating A Fetching Environmental Narrative In Games

Ever since civilization first materialized during the Neolithic Revolution, humans have been making use of the natural resources at their disposal to keep the fires of long-term survival, both from a physical and intellectual standpoin...

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Is it too much to ask for a 3rd person view in a 3D Metroid?

To get this out of the way:  I love the Metroid series and I've beaten all of them (plus remakes) except Metroid 2 (can't wait to play the remake on 3DS this Sept!).  I never liked the black and white screen of the original G...

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Grandia 3 Review

So after years of waiting, we finally got Grandia 3 in the UK via Playstation Store. It was a hassle to access the US Playstation store but regardless, I have finally finished it and quite frankly I'm quite glad I got to experience th...

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Inquisitive Ravenclaw's Art Commissions!

Hi there! I'm InquisitiveRavenclaw (or theunknown1-arts), and I'm an artist-type guy. I've been drawing nearly all my life now, and have been offering commissions as far back as 8 years ago. I'm getting better all the time, and would l...

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Media literacy 102; The progress to Doomsday.

People taking a small possible thing in media as a slight against them and over-reacting again, say it isn't so.   (Source: The Guardian) So there's been a bit of controversy, with people getting mad about even the suggestion in u...

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Devolver Digital Is Fucking With My Head, And I Love It...

  If you haven’t watched Devolver Digital’s 2017 E3 “press conference”, stop reading this immediately.  Seriously, stop fucking reading this!  Watch this video, and then we’ll get into the w...

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Ubisoft Announces Operator Charity Pack for Rainbow Six Siege - Yellow News

Creative Director for Rainbow Six: Siege, Shaun Seans, revealed in a press release that Ubisoft Montreal would be selling a two-operator pack to help raise money for charity. Said pack will be exclusively available to paying customers...

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How Bioshock sickens me... literally

WARNING: THERE ARE MAYOR SPOILERS IN THIS BLOG The end of 2015 was near, and the summer was close. So I decided to dive into my horribly-long backlog and see what game I could play next. So I decided to go with Bioshock for t...

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Infinite Backlog - Half-Life Review and Blog-Type Things

Don't like reading? Check out the video review! Developed by ValvePublished Originally by Sierra StudiosReleased November 8th, 1998 Half-Life is a game I always find myself coming back to, whether it's to replay the game for the milli...

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Game Development: Making a Hat Store

Hello and welcome to the latest Boss 101 updateWork continues towards the final release. This week we look into quality of life interface improvements for the hat store. This is a great example of the little things we look to help YOU ...