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I've gotten way into watching restoration videos to relax. This one was interesting, because its overly complicated, but then at the end it just violates those apples


I'm using my 800th Quick Post to tell everyone that I'm having a hard time writing this paper about Star Wars: A New Hope's music. Mostly because I'm tempted to write in bold letters "IT'S RAD AS HELL AND MAKES MY DICK LONGER AND HARDER THAN A LIGHTSABER"


Cleaned out and reorganized some of my collectibles in my closet. How many things can you spot? Uhh...#Shelfietoid?


I don't get Bendy and the Ink Machine. I see it everywhere but I never see anyone talk about it.


It seems that Shadow of Mordor uses the same movement system as Batman Arkham City. *sigh* Still, slaughtering and brainwashing various fictional orcs that are visually unique and have different personalities is fun.


For the world to unite and come together as one, we need a common enemy.


Beat Rage 2. I got what I paid for (which was 20 dollars). Really solid combat, but kind of meh everything else, so it was fun to play in short bursts. Don't think I would revisit it, though


Why is this dumb song so stuck in my head? Danny McBride and crew wrote it, Walton Goggins performing.. it's such a Christian yuckity yuck song. Anyways, good show.


Finished my first RE2 run. Died 3 times, took 12 hours, and saved 52 times. The game is fucking brilliant. I had to just take in every detail which is why playtime is so long. The game does a great job of feeling dangerous without being punishing.


It's kind of nuts when you think about how the Pols Voice enemy in Links Awakening hasn't been in a home console Zelda game since the very first game.


So apparently Dimitri turns hot after the time skip? But seriously, one gay male option in the whole game? I'm not saying it's a crime I can't suck Dimitri's dick, but I am saying it's a crime I can't suck Dimitri's dick.


Tonight my housemate and I are going to eat Buffalo Wild Wings and watch The Goonies. Seems like a good way to spend a Sunday evening.


"A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME means the declaration of me doing concept, produce, original story, script, and etc and so forth." Any one read this and think maybe Konami weren't in the wrong for letting Kojima go?


A lot of people around here coughing and sneezing. I'm pretty sure I have a cold now. Yep Flu season is here.


New video is up! It's about a game with a goose! Sunday afternoon bump!


Just learned the Syd Mead retired this week. Well RIP my hopes of having him do designs for the live action movie. Also fun fact, he considers the Turn X, which is in the photo, to be his greatest design challenge.


Sketched Peni Parker today from into the spiderverse, she was one of the best parts of the movie for me.


My dog kept eating the crotch out of my underwear while I showered. There's no such thing as a free pet.


I have no idea how/why these Half-Life memes started popping up again, but I'm 100% on board with it.


The Switch takes outdoor gaming to the next level and I still love mine like a newborn. Also shout to @Plissken for the push to go with 20th Century Boys for my manga craving. It’s GREAT so far! This photo WILL be sideways.


So 'Project Lunar' has already started on the Sega Mini and is making good progress. Hats off to the Dev's.. excited to see what they come up with, when they're ready. :)


Destructoid's official Discord requires you to add your phone number on Discord before you can use chat? Lmao, naw fam.


It feels like a low-power day. Time to play some low-power games.


Next up on "2019's weird trend of bands that young adult Zer0 really enjoyed getting back together for new albums that surprisingly don't suck": Cold (of all bands)


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Bowshot Zero Has Been Released

That's right, the topdown game I have been making since december has finally been released. And it's awesome. It has 7 worlds, 3 of which have dungeons, 3 of which have a second half, and 1 of those have both. It also has about 8 bosse...

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Why you should play Forza Horizon 4 if you don't like racing games

Come for the costumes, stay for the... everything? I've always stood by the fact that both the Forza series puts something on the plate for absolutely everyone. That is especially true for Horizon, and to some extent, Motorsport. That ...

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9/9/19 was 0 years ago today; this blog is bound to be prescient

Hard to say right now what will be remembered about this day 20-30 years from now, but be sure to bookmark this blog and recheck on those milestones for extensive breakdowns*               *Oh God, pl...

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Game In Progress: August 2019

As I type from my new PC, I can't help, but feel very - happy. Not solely for the games or the faster everything I'll be doing on this computer. In general, life has been very positive. I've been going out of my comfort zone, hanging ...

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My 10 Most Anticipated Switch Games and also some Movies

So, like, I don't play videogames any more, I just grow a backlog of Switch games to not play. Well, there was that time recently when Dandy Dungeon came out and I did nothing but play that for like a week, even though I'd already beat...

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Freeware “Friday”: The Heart’s Got SOUL

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Coming Home: The Small-Town Experience in Video Games

I have a strong affinity for small towns. I was born in Manhattan, about as not small as a town can get, but a few years later we up and moved outside the city. I value my identity as a New Yawker, and am often around th...

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I am interviewing River City Girls live interview is today at 3pm EST!

WHOAAAAA!!!! Here's where you can watch it! Get in the chat and ask a question or two!    

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Control — Review

*Light story spoilers for Control follow* Control is a nice breath of fresh air. Sometimes it can be a little too easy to predict what kind of experience you’ll get in a game — not here though. Control defies the tropes tha...

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PStoid Episode 99: Bando Namcai

Despite what you may hear in the show, it is NOT episode 100. Nanners decided to take full advantage of both my laziness and possible drunkenness to play a prank on me leading me to believe that it was actually episode 100, but it is...

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Band of Bloggers September 2019 Theme

Life can get really stressful sometimes. We've all had hard times, and it's likely that some of us are going through stuff right now. When we're tense and on edge, it can help to have something to help us relax. Maybe you listen to soo...

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Shog's August 2019 Gaming Journal

I realize that I probably sound like a Debby-Downer during this time of year but I can’t stress how much I hate summer. August is finally over but it’s not unheard of for September to feature excessively hot and humid days ...

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BoB- LISA: The Painful RPG

LISA: The Painful is a deconstruction of Roleplaying Games and the concept of a hero in general. Starring Brad Armstrong, an ego-driven villain of a protagonist from start to end, LISA is an interesting game, perhaps sometimes too dark...

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A (short) week of VR gaming

My week (short one as it is) of VR games comes to a close as I won't be around Thursday or Friday night at all.   Elite Dangerous: Beautiful game in VR. I recommend it to anyone with a headset. While I did frustrate the hell...

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Anything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Whenever I see that phrase upon exiting a game, I always feel like some evangelical is proselytizing me. Ok, I get it, we all know, the wages of sin are death, and the wages of not saving your game are frustratedly replaying thru a par...

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First impressions: Human Punishment (Social Deduction 2.0)

Hi kids, it’s me, Pal-kinkky here with my first Kickstarter board game, Human Punishment.   Pretty as a black box   Quick facts: Main genre: social deduction Player count: from four to sixteen How many times played: T...

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BoB - Mount and Blade's Companions

For this month's blog prompt “The Company You Keep” I'd like to take a look at the companion system in Mount and Blade: Warband and why it works so well. Mount and Blade: Warband's companions have backstories, stats, gear...