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Squee squee squee this is dropping at the exact right time for me, as I'm blazing through Age of Calamity and was looking to replay Breath of the Wild. Feed my substantive exploration boner~


Dana Zane dailysketch, also included the weekends dailysketches in the comments.


This month = Vergil coming to PC and Sam and Max crawling back from the dead in a couple of days, anything else I should have in mind? There's also the FE1 port, but... leeeet's see that price first.


Can I safely say that $70 for a triple-A game is bullshit without worrying about the console fanboys going up in arms here?


A question for people who beat Miles Morales, do you need to play the original game to fully understand and enjoy the story of this one? Or does it stand on it's own for the most part?


Thinking I could start a twitch or YouTube channel where I review games that are fun to watch someone play. Juice plays enough games that I know which ones are worth it to sit and be a back seat gamer too lmao 😂


My fellow Canucks: You ready for $110 and up games? https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5822327?%20=true We aren't getting a mandated raise though, because lets tax people more.


Boy's Birthday. My lady got him this!


My Nintendo has some Holiday-themed Mario rewards available now! They look pretty nice :).


The final damage toll on my bank account following Black Friday is not pretty.


Is there ever such a thing as advertising being too truthful?


I just started playing Metal Gear Solid for the first time. This game is hard yo! Unless the object is to get spotted at every opportunity, in which case I'm doing great.


Asked work about the COVID case, they said nothing. I also apparently am people's punching bag today cause some of my coworkers are pissy. Time to just get through the shift I guess. Edit: Off work and just got a text about 3 more COVID-19 cases...


Just got my thesis proposal meeting done. Lot to fix and do, but they said it was in a good place and the experiments were good. Just gotta crack away at this thing and get it back to them for approval. Tired.


Streaming Dead by Daylight again at twitch.tv/taterchimp!


Christmas baking has officially begun! Cinnamon sugar butter cookies that melt right in your goddamn stupid little bitch-ass mouth!


So, Demon’s Souls Remake goers...I need your help. More information in the comments.


Yo I know its Ubisoft but from what I've looked up Immortals Fenyx Rising looks like the best sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising that Nintendo is never going to give us or even port Uprising to switch. I hope it does not blow.


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SkyRoads Review: Before the Runner, the Good Old Thruster

SkyRoads…one of several shareware demos I played as a kid. Despite the free demo and the full game eventually becoming freeware, it hasn't seen the popularity of other DOS classics such as Jill of the Jungle and Lemmings. If You...

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The Language to Convey the Past

The past seems like a tricky thing to convey. When you are making something how do you possibly imbue that ephemeral idea into something that exists in the here and now. How do you make something feel like it is in the past? Well diff...

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Steam's "Ignore This Publisher" Function Is A Joke At This Stage

Did you know that I've got every AAA publisher I can ignored on Steam? It's simple enough; Steam has a function entitled "Ignore this publisher/developer" that shows up on the new Developer Homepage feature, which is currently in Beta....

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Chronos: Before the Ashes (PC) Review

Note: Review code provided by Terminals.io and Gunfire Games/THQ Nordic Remnant: From the Ashes was one of my top games of 2019, so a new game taking place in the same universe piqued my interest. Interestingly enough, this game was a...

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Traveller In Playtime – Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters is a third-person shooter with platforming elements developed by High Impact Games and published by Sony for the PSP in 2007 and PS2 in 2008. Sometime after or inbetween the PS2 games, the titular duo ...

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Musou games and you

This is an adaptation of a video I made in Spanish. You can watch it here. Musou games, a videogame genre initiated by Dynasty Warriors, and such a divisive genre at that. Some people love it, others hate it. And that's fine, but I fee...

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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #151 - Nonsense with Magic

Featuring Final Fantasy 6 and mostly early 20th century pop. Greetings fellow game music lovers, today we feature an entry that I can offer surprisingly complete samples for despite being relatively diverse: The song "The Magic House" ...

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TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! Covered in the Emergency Department yesterday so I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with the gf today by cooking up some ham and other goodies. That's after we...

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 How Frustration Can Be Used as a Successful Game Mechanic

  This past weekend I played Totally Reliable Delivery Service(TRDS), a game which bills players as a cartoony delivery personnel tasked with the goal of completing a variety of package transportations with in as little time poss...

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What The Final Fantasy Job System Taught Me About Finding An Actual Job

I have a complicated relationship with my job and pretty much all the jobs I’ve had in the past. Like anyone who studies the arts, my post college life was mostly spent jumping from one minimum wage job to the next. I currently h...

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The Edge of the Coin - A Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 Retrospective

This is Part 3 out of 5 in the Legacy of Kain Retrospective. Start with Part 1 or read Part 2 if you haven’t already! Life is a mystery. One can never truly know what tomorrow brings, and even the most laid out plans can crumble ...

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A Look Back At The Final Fantasy Series

Last night I finished up the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and with the twists this new version brought I kind of reflected on my time with the series.  So, I thought, why not jot down my thoughts and memories on the games after alll ...

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Backlog Review - Prey (2017)

Backlogs.Everyone has one; they’re like creepy uncles and weird fetishes in that way. In a year that has caused me to lose a job, lose my mind and lose a couple of family members, I thought, screw it, why not try and lose some o...

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BoB - Let's Genoshog Dark Souls 2!

Emergent gaming has been around for a very, very long time. The concept of getting a perfect score or beating a game as quickly as possible are examples of emergent gameplay types. For this month’s band of bloggers prompt, I had ...

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How Sony and Microsoft failed to kickoff next generation

You Died So both the Xbox Series S/X and the PlayStation 5 have hit the markets. While many, (including myself), were fortunate enough to make an aggressive push to secure a next gen console, thousands of gamers around the globe were ...

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Control Yourself! Wait Before You Buy And Save!

The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S have both been recently released and I, like most everyone else, would love to get my hands on one. This is especially true since I don't even have a PS4 and a good number of games I'd love to play on it. I ...

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Looking at Destiny 2's post-Activision expansions.

When Bungie separated from Activision back in 2019, thousands if not millions of Destiny players rejoiced, excited that their favorite studio was finally freed from the shackles of their nefarious publisher overlords. And with the anti...

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PlayStation 5 and Launch Day Love

So yesterday was the launch day for the PlayStation5. I, of course, picked one up. I have had a PlayStation console on launch for every release since the PS2. My brother Casey rode a BMX bike in some light rain to GameStop for me on Th...

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Genshin Impact 1.1 Update: Epic New Stuff

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here… It’s Genshin Impact 1.1 Update time! I thought it would be a great idea to discover all the new thingies and write about it simultaneously, so here we are. I&rs...

Exber avatar

Console Anniversary Special: Top 10 Wii Games

7 years ago, my by then girlfriend and I decided to buy ourselves a console to play a lot of games on. It was 2013, yeah, but all the rage was on 7th gen consoles as prices were low due to the upcoming next gen. Once we bought it, a pl...

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I guess I finished some okay things this year (and, a giveaway)

horrible blog titles return 2020 being a stinky, stinky year is something I don't have to tell you. That's probably the sentence you've heard the most this year. That being said, if there's one thing that came out of it, it's the oppor...

ctg867 avatar

Looking Back on the 8th Generation

In two days, the 9th generation will officially begin with the launch of the Xbox Series X/S – two days later, the PlayStation 5 will join it. Before we start calling the Xbox One and PS4 "last gen" (which does feel a bit weird w...

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Magic Moments: The Opening of Final Fantasy IX

[The 20th anniversary of the North American release of Final Fantasy IX is on November 13, 2020 - a week from now. In the next couple of days leading up to that, I'm hoping to write a series of blogs to celebrate this wonderful game. ...

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My next year, or, do you like free stuff?

Hey Folks! It's been a while. I've still got other things I need to write going forward but life's a beach. I'm going to be trying to improve my quality of life and I'm hoping to improve yours a little while I do so. This will be a mul...

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DToid Community Extra Life Streams!

Extra Life game day is this Saturday!  Several community members are planning on playing, so I wanted to get a single place to view who is live and where.  If I missed you or if you want to add details, feel free to leave the...

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The Flower Collectors review

Calling The Flower Collectors a detective mystery game is like calling cheesecake a health food; the components that make it means you’re correct but mostly on a technicality. This isn’t to say the game fails on its premise...

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Watch Dogs: Legion - A Pokemon Sim too far?

In a world currently filled with growing tension and political anxiety, Watch Dogs: Legion places itself rather cumbersomely as the awkward satirical uncle everyone knows and loves who’s wedged himself on the end of the family&rs...

Yue chan avatar

Kind of wrote a story....sorta. Just wanted to share.

So I wrote a story, sort of. I just wanted a place I could share it, judgement free. So if you feel like reading it, go ahead.     I want a tattoo. Hmmph, what a scandalous thought for a good Mormon girl? I think multiple ina...

Infosearcher avatar

Would Sonic the hedgehog or the Flash win in a race? (Originally from Ash Scoot)

          It’s pretty annoying to continually see people answering questions about characters they know nothing about. One answer here claimed that Sonic’s max speed in his base form is around mach...