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Was listening to a Lore podcast earlier about prisons and it really made me want to revisit The Suffering. I'd love to see a 3rd game in the series. It had such a cool and creepy atmosphere to it, not to mention some sick enemy designs.


I've been watching the original DragonBall and I'm almost toward the end. It's funny watching Piccolo and Goku fight knowing that they'll work together against their greatest enemy...The DMV.


I'm kinda stuck on which game in my backlog to play next. Decide for me Dtoid as I'm feeble minded? Clickable link in the comments.


As much as I loved FFXV, I don't like the whole timed events thing. It's a single player game so having things taken away after a certain amount of time is just unsavory. To be fair though, you don't seem to miss anything too crucial.


Night in the Woods comes out tomorrow! I totally forgot about that. I didn't back it enough to get a copy, but I may get it on PS4 with that $10 left on my account and some tax return money...


So, I actually buckled down and enjoyed some LINEAR ENTERTAINMENT in DBZ: Battle of Gods. Pretty... okay? I've never approached DBZ with a critical eye before and, as a kid, never realized how meatheaded even Goku is. Best part was "THAT'S MY WOMAAAAAN!".


Why does The Witness insist on wasting my time? Woops, wrong answer lets close panel and force you to redo the last one (with the answer already filled in). Cool solved a puzzle lets rotate platform at a rate of 1 degree a second.


Oh my god, my girlfriend's dad is kind of amazing. Just saw a text he sent her. "I love you more than anything. You're not a doper or a criminal. You're a good person. Way better than Donald Trump, and he's the president." That's love right there.


Been playing a lot of Darksiders 2 recently and yeah, enjoyable game for sure. Not a masterpiece, not great but I've been having fun playing it again. Its been long enough since I last played it to be a bit fresh on it.


So the toddler my family is watching tonight managed to find the power button on my desktop and pushed it long enough to turn off my PC. Also hadn't saved what I'd been editing for a while...


I had a pretty fantastic night! is incredible what a couple of drinks can do for your ability to dance. And it's just Monday! i can't imagine another situation i could dance this song.


Let me Axe you a question! Do you want a steam copy of Golden Axe 2? 7Y7VC-R48LZ-0GZ4T


Decided to check out Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I really regret not giving this a shot sooner. Binged the whole first season today.


Well watched Char's Counterattack on Saturday. Was great for Amuro and Chars final showdown, although if they changed Quess' origin to cyber newtype it would have vastly improved her arc. Now to take a break from Gundam and watch Daiguard.


[Night-bumpin'] If you're in the US and still looking for a Neon Switch pre-order, please check out my raffle blog for a chance to buy my extra one at normal price:


Anyone here know of Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 1/2? The Warrior/Blacksmith idea was cool. I really liked the sidescrolling fights and how you can break a Boss's weapon to get the crafting recipe for yourself. I wish there were more games like it.


Girlfriend: I'm so mad that your mother treats you like shit that now I'll treat you like shit because of that.


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Creating simple games is complex

There are short stories and then there are novels. And many other things such as novellas between the two, but let's just focus on short stories and novels for now. At one point, I considered trying to write a collection of short ...

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Final Fantasy XV Review (PS4, SPOILERS)

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Thinking Out Loud

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So I talked about Bethesda's new review policy before and well as this has widened more and more I think it's time to do something bigger and more general about it. It's no secret that some companies are holding back review copies to ...

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The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Concert Limited Edition Review

A couple of months back, Destructoid reported Nintendo was releasing a new symphony CD for the Zelda 30th Anniversary. Naturally, I preordered it immediately because I'm a huge fan of Zelda music and collectables. It came in the mail ...


COGNISSONANCE – Publishable Poems

PATHOS The hatred is the path for me Earth has just one neck And pathos; there is no such thing To quell this gentle wreck The darkest most of reveries Are light in light of mine Blood is all that makes me bleed And you will so in kind...

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Infinite Backlog: Grand Theft Auto 2 Review

Don't like reading? Check out the video review below! Released originally for Windows PC in 1999, later in the year for PlayStation and in mid 2000 for the SEGA Dreamcast. Which is what this review will be primarily based on and later...

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The Slow Death of Metroid

Metroid is a unique series, due to both it's design and legacy in the pantheon of Nintendo. To many, the Metroid series was given a swift death with the last main entry, Metroid: Other M. The game was critically panned both by longtime...

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Does Backwards Compatibility Matter to You?

Recently, Grand Theft Auto IV became backwards compatible on the Xbox One. Any time a game becomes backwards compatible, I think to myself "that's rad" and then put on some wicked bad shades and throw on a backwards t-shirt featuring B...

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Project Scorpio: A Cautionary Tale

  It is no secret that Xbox has been on the rise ever since Phil Spencer took over in March 2014. Every E3 since then has been about walking back a PR nightmare. One that he unfortunately inherited. However, change has been happen...

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Catalyst: A Cyberpunk Neo-Noir Comic Script

Hey Everyone! So this is a script I had to do in writing class. The assignment was to do a script based on the submissions guidelines for Heavy Metal Magazine. I've read a few issues in the past and I love Blade Runner & Snatcher, ...

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It feels good to be single and so can you

Valentines Day is a time for romance, where two (or more, no judgement) partners connect intimately and take a day to show respect for their flourishing or long-lasting relationships.  Unless you're single in which case Valentines...

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Just Another Castle #86 - What's Left for 3DS?

This week Matt, Elia, Unoclay, and Mike talk about Castlevania getting a Netflix show, Unoclay rants about the lack of a browser on Switch, and we talk about what games we could (or want to) see on the 3DS before it kicks the proverbia...

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High Entry Fees Won't Fix Greenlight.

When news of Steam Direct sprouting up, people immediately started clamboring for high entry fees to publish a game. This worried me for a lot of reasons. This is not just a "drop in the bucket" for smaller companies. Nor is there ever...

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Zetta Reviews: Muv-Luv (Extra + Unlimited) (PC)

Over the past few years, the visual novel scene has been steadily gaining traction and support outside of Japan. No longer limited to titles that have to have more standard types of gameplay to justify their existence, we're now enjoyi...

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First Kiss: She Lit a Fire (Emblem), and Now She's in My Every Thought

I’ve been a Fire Emblem fan for a long time—perhaps not necessarily a “die-hard” fan, having never played any of the games that have thus far stayed outside of the States (excepting Fire Emblem: the Binding Blad...

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PStoid Episode 59: Palm One Two

Finally the graceful return of Mike in which: Nanners doesn't understand For Honor, Neal isn't good at Parappa and Mike shvitzes all over the podcast! Also on the episode: this new thing called Magwest, tethered heads to HTC and Oculu...

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The Error Report: Capcom shocked that game they are famous for does well

After a recent earnings report, Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto expressed bewilderment at the success of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. "I thought there wasn't a market for this anymore," Kenzo said. "Why would anyone want to buy a game from ...

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Why I love Destructoid.

Do you want a battle?  Or an echo chamber?   You're gamers, for cryin' out loud.  Make up your mind.  You don't want easy.  You want a challenge.   Political threads, here of all places, are fun to read fo...

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Frustrations of a writer

This is me venting more than anything, but I feel that as this community has a decent numbers of creators I might find someone who can relate to my problems. Apologies in advance if any of this comes off as pretentious. I’ve onl...

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Each and every overwhelming mistake

I don't often talk about my mental health around Destructoid. It's something I even typically keep away from my closest friends, as much as I may want to scream out about it from any pedestal I have the luxury of speaking from. Facebo...

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GENESIS Reviews: Ecco: The Tides of Time

For those reading one of my Genesis review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: I already reviewed a bunch of SNES games, so its natural that I am going to review the games of its prime competition. Does the SEGA Genesi...