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Guess I'm playing Ace Combat 7. HOTAS configured, and now the Vive.


friend asked me to draw this haha. Never tried bubble tea, wonder what it tastes like.


FYI: Children of Morta has a limited time free demo up on steam right now! https://store.steampowered.com/app/330020/Children%20/


Having a sick day with it also raining outside. Since I beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 yesterday, decided to keep the jrpg train rolling. Jumping back into my file on World of Final Fantasy. Time to climb that crystal tower!


Apricot-pistachio tart from my favorite bakery! Food is, uh, pretty great.


Decided to spend an hour or two monday night just readin microbiology news, a new micro book I started after finishing me phage book and listened to Deus Ex MDs soundtrack. Lovely, and its making me look forward to fall all the more.


Each second that passes between now and the FFVIII HD release hits like a hammer. I kannot wait. If I kould kompress time, I would. The best era of Square JRPG's will live forever.


@Chris Carter Not sure if you or someone else at Destructoid could find the time to review Dragon Hearts Vanir for the PS4. But if you did I'd appreciate it! The game doesn't seem to be getting many reviews so far.


I just got catcalled walking down the sidewalk. Guess the new haircut is working for me. Go me!


Utah is featured in this episode, which makes me very happy! We're the 3rd burger shown.


Beta signups are now open for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine. https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/quarantine/en-gb/


Surprise! You just gambled away $200 on worthless bullshit! --EA, having a great time


Turn on Smash. Get teabagged even though they're at the same absolutely dismal GSP as me (100,000). Turn off Smash.


Jalter vs Asuna vs Sonic vs Youmu vs...


Super happy for dear ol' AVGN: Youtube success couldn't have come to a nicer guy.


Top 5 Vampire movies: 1 - Daybreakers 2 - Blade 3 - What we do in the Shadows 4 - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 5 - Dracula: Dead and Lovin' it!


Tomorrow I'll be taking the day off work to play some Smash and try out the new Samurai Shodown! No idea what characters will be available to play but I'm hoping...


For anyone who's curious, this all-girl Japanese punk band just released, low-key, one of the best rock albums of the year:


Four years ago, Koji Igarashi initiated a Kickstarter campaign for what was basically a new Castlevania. I immediately dropped about 1/3rd of my meager paycheck on it. Before Witcher 3, before Mighty Number 9, I backed Bloodstained. Bring on the night.


Starting the new console off right.


My Friend Pedro is finally out tomorrow, and this launch trailer is AMAZING!


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(Smash Master Core Blueprints)

  (Smash Bros)-(Master Core) This is my secret character why doesn’t Smash have their own character anyway? I always wanted to play as Master Hand and Crazy Hand there are now 4 new bosses I drew a picture it’s not as ...

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Phils Game Music Similarities #39 - Kijestal Tower

Greetings fellow game music lovers, as a quasi-follow up to last weeks Terra, today's topic is the song "Crystal Tower" from its predecessor Final Fantasy III (1990), the song that plays in the very last dungeon. You should have had a ...

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Game Journalists are a Bunch of Pricks

The recent non-troversy I have had the misfortune of somehow hearing about despite staying away from most media outlets, killing my social media accounts, and generally just being a recluse who spends more time in the woods than he doe...

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10 Games that made an impact on me the first time I played them.

Well, did this on facebook around June last year, 10 days where each day you post a game that made an impact on you. And then while scrolling through the C-Blogs, saw someone had made a blog about it. I've been pretty uninspired to wri...

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Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 2 Original is No Longer Canon!

Hello everybody how are you! Today we’re talking about the essential confirmation that Resident Evil 2 is no longer canon. So if you’ve not been living under a rock than you know as of right now resident evil 2 remake is g...

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Game In Progress: May 2019

  The year is basically half over and I'm still chugging along with this little project. As I said in my last post, being an adult with responsibilities is taking more of my time than I would like. But it is what it is.  The...

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Why do people like to tear others choices down so much?

So, I love reading the comments in articles.  I guess that is my guilty pleasure.  I imagine that many people love this more than the article.  Sometimes I will read the comments and want to reply only to realize that I ...

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Traveller In Playtime – Tales of Eternia

Tales of Eternia (also known as Tales of Destiny II) is a JRPG developed internally by Namco and published by them in 2000 for the Playstation. It later received a PSP port that was published by Ubisoft in Europe in 2006. The game foll...

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Ein's big, long, hard Drive out West

                        So yes. I will be making a drive Coast To Coast next week. At some point next week I will attempt to make it to the waters of the Atlantic to be offic...

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Brazil Of Games: Top Gear, The Game That Defined A Generation

Ever since their advent, there has always been that one video game that embodied a generation. Those games share a few characteristics, like creating or revolutionizing a genre, completely changing their respective franchises or jus...

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Destructoid Stickers: FDS Edition

Hello, it is I, your increasingly frivolous sticker vendor. Come, look inside my rickety cart and behold my dusty wares! Okay, enough of that. That sentence took 15 minutes to write. I have stickers if you’d like some. You may re...

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Character through Quote: Zer0

Fans of any media franchise are known for nothing if not being meticulous in recording information of the media they love, and fans of Borderlands are no different. While the series is understandably divisive for its gameplay mechanics...

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The Council Review - Because Patrick is a Tease (FULL SPOILER WARNING)

Small Disclaimer: I have no fucking idea what I'm doing. Hey all. If you're like me and tired of the cock teasing of a certain Patrick Hancock not finishing his review of the Council then fret not, Soulbow is here to save you. You can ...

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Band of Bloggers: Riptide GP: Renegade

When I sat down to replay Riptide GP: Renegade for this blog post, I found myself playing the game a lot longer than I expected to. Originally, I just wanted to get a quick refresher of what the gameplay was like, but the game actuall...

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My 2019 E3 Most Wanted List.

*Based on who I work for I must put a disclamer, My views are my own and not related to my employer.*   After another lovely year at E3, for me, there are definitely a few games that stand out. Now I know that everyone’s li...

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Smash Ultimate: Hero's and Banjo-Kazooie's moveset analysis

Hey folks. We all saw the two big Smash reveals at this last Nintendo E3 Direct. "Hero" from Dragon Quest (actually, from several of the unnamed protagonists in past Dragon Quests) and Banjo-goddamn-Kazooie. I really didn't believe tha...

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InquisitiveRavenclaw's Commissions: 2019 Edition!

(Sponsored and named by Capcom) Hey there! As always I'm InquisitiveRavenclaw (I'm Theunknown1 Arts on tumblr), and I draw stuff for a (sorta) living. I've been drawing nearly all my life now, and I'm only getting better. It's been a w...

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BoB - Shoggi-Shoggi...Olli...

This month’s band of blogger’s prompt is all about extreme sports and since I was a child of the 90’s, I consider myself something of an expert on the extreme. Well maybe not an expert: I was never really good with a ...

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Mechanically, Where Does Kingdom Hearts Go Next?

Over the past two decades, Kingdom Hearts has seen 3 core games, a multitude of spinoff titles, a boatload of remasters, cutscene movies, a mobile game, some of the best music in the medium, and an unfathomable reliance on zippers than...

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Days Gone

  I had been following the gameplay and trailers of this supposed atomic zombie open world game for some time since it was released for viewing in 2016. We were given a release date of late 2018 that continuously got pushed back. ...

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Deep Rock Galactic review

Cooperative games tend to fall under two distinct spectrums: One is the kind of game where every player is on the same level with no unique characteristics but relies on the team to play as a functioning squad. The other has progressio...

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Master Quest-The Perfect Test for a Zelda Fan

Over Memorial Day weekend, I spent my time at my aunt's cabin in Colorado. It was a lovely little vacation that I sorely needed. It helped me disconnect from the stresses of life. I witnessed a Bald Eagle shitting in midair. I relaxed....

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What are you (the community) looking forward to at this year's E3?

Every year I tend to forget just how much a good old fashion E3 announcement can brighten up my day. Either I look forward to the announcement and eagerly watch streams together with friends, or I'll be busy doing some errands and lat...

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Cblogs of May, 2019: On Videogame Movies

Prior to the release of the Detective Pikachu movie, a lot of videogame fans were excited at the initial trailers and hope that a videogame-based movie may finally turn out to be good. After its release, two things were confirmed. Fir...

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Destructoid Draws: Pokemon

[Before I begin, I'd like to apologize for the incredibly long wait to get this out. Life got the best of me and I promise to work harder to fulfill my own deadlines for future posts.] Destructoid Draws: PokemonGretings! My name is Pro...

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A Gamers highly regarded secret, no it’s not drugs, it’s…… wait for it….

THE GAMING ZONE! Well, what is the gaming zone? The gaming zone doesn’t live in our world, it can consume you for seconds or even months to years. What is the Gaming Zone? The gaming zone completely engulfs you in its mental sta...

Pacario avatar

The Growing Shame of Limited Run Games - A Company Running a Cunning Illusion

What? Who would dare hate on Limited Run Games (LRG)? Since 2015, this noble enterprise has served the cause of game preservation by converting digital-only releases, both the popular and obscure, into physical copies perfect for anyon...

Calvinbrine avatar

The nintendo switch's release schedule is kinda disappointing... or is it?

Many people think that the nintendo switch's release schedule hasn't lived up to it's 1rst year on the market. And in a way, I agree with that. 2017's release year was crazy, it had a new game to play on it almost every month, and some...

Roager avatar

BoB: Building and Rebuilding Fandom

You might remember Lego LotR and Lego The Hobbit being given away last year, shortly before the license expired and the games stopped being sold. I can’t help myself when it comes to that kind of thing, so I have both those games...

Riley1sCool avatar

Band of Bloggers: Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry is a film in which a badass protagonist goes on a plotless journey with the same guy playing every video game cliche in the book, so as to smash a bad guy, and rescue his wife. (Presumably so he can smash her in ver...

LaTerry avatar

Band of Bloggers: Attack of the Movie Monsters!

In the 1930's when movies were new, a new genre of movie was created, known as the monster movie. While there are examples of what coould have been monster movies before the 30s, the movie that seems to have really propelled the genre ...

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My new game Gravity Speedrun

Gravity Speedrun (though this game has nothing to do with speedrunning) was a game I recently published on the Apple App Store! I made it when I was 9 and had my 10th birthday a couple days ago. In this game, you control a ball, and pr...

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MapleStory 2 Adds Awakening Expansion - Largest Update Ever

MapleStory 2 has released its Awakening Expansion Update today. The content update gives players the new melee-focused Striker class, increases the level cap, adds a second job rank for all classes, introduces new Chaos Raids and Hard ...