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I'm early on (13 hours) in DQXI (Switch release) and, fuck, I'm just so tired of the music. I actively don't want to even boot it up times, the music is just wearing me down so much.


I think I might be in a bit of a gaming funk because Xenoblade is also just not doing it for me. Going to just take a break (minus Animal Crossing) so I have time to recharge before TLOU2. Don't want to be burnt out when that comes out.


Have some wholesome, nerdy positivity! Not gonna lie, got a little misty eyed here and there.


Oh? You're approaching my Stream? Well come into my comments so you can click a link.


Saints Row 2 is a lot jankier than I remember it being. Switched to Road Redemption and that game is a TREASURE. It's exactly what I hoped Road Rash could have been if it continued. Mechanicus is kicking my ass, but it's still a good time.


On a more positive note, my hat from fangamer finally got here!


I saw Distance had Steam cards I hadn't acquired yet, so I decided to replay it. I can understand why it made me think of Thumper, but why POD (where the planet Io goes blossoms in the end)?


Book'em Danno! Also this


I wouldn't have imagined that Covid would last through 2 pre ordered Berserk deluxe editions, yet its only a month away.


Fuck the USPS and fuck my company for not having direct deposit.


My left joycon is now drifting so bad I don't think I can play Xenoblade. Joycons are either double the already absurd price or out of stock. Whack.


Yeah I think PSN just shat the bed. Or at least the store did. I just got looped from cart to checkout over and over again on the console itself and then the browser version wouldn't even load.


I literally never heard about a new Intellivision until I stumbled across this while looking at games that were on sale. Dat price...


And with that... June is done!


**PSA** PS4 Back Button Attachment back in stock at Best Buy. Been looking for this thing for a while now, but it has been sold out for months. Resellers really taking advantage online. Looking forward to remapping L3/R3 buttons soon. Link in comments.


BWOOOOOOEEEEOOOOOWR~ How's it going dood?


Just because we don't have E3 this year doesn't mean we can't have E3 202X predictions by tarot card and a special guest. It's been a while, but I'm ready to give it another shot. Leave your questions in this post. I'll bump this though Friday.


Going to shelve Tales of Vesperia for a while. Game has too many issues for me and the story isn't compelling enough for me to look past them. May pick it back up down the line, but for now I'm out. Going to start Xenoblade instead.


Lmao! Who WINQUITS in Street Fighter!? I've seriously never seen this before, and I've been playing Street Fighter online for well over a decade.


Xenoblade Acquired, proceeding to forget about the world as soon as it finishes downloading.


Hopefully this hasn't been posted already... ;)


Finally some good news, and from one of the few other communities I belong to! https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2020/jun/02/street-fighter-subreddit-tournament-raises-over-17000-black-lives-matter-charities/


Roommate told me he's going to a George Floyd protest later this week. I'm going to join him. Also if you didn't see my qpost yesterday protesting is illegal in my province now. Wish me luck!


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