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I'm reading that even legal residents are being rounded up. Citizenships are being taken away. and kids still being put into camps. Jfc.


So, I ended up getting that year of PS+ for $46 after all. I figured with the discounts alone it'd be worth it. I'm hoping by the time it expires I'll be in a better money position to afford things. And maybe...play something multiplayer-y with you guys?


Metroid Fusion might be one of the best E rated horror-themed games I've ever played. I swear I was legitimately creeped out with the SA-X on my first playthrough. Scared of a GBA game! I only felt a similar dread to that with Nemesis on Resident Evil 3.


Hunter x Hunter surprised me so much with the Chimera Ant Arc back when it aired. Happy to see the dub is finally here. Great show. This outro is a favorite of mine. #musictoid | Yuzu - Hyōri Ittai


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Y’all! @frosty and I are streaming Hyper Light Drifter. Come hang out and criticize my first stream! https://www.twitch.tv/shibboletho


I really like this little intro. I got the game boxed too somewhere in my house. Wish the weekend was over so I can get back to painting some more terminators :/


When you want to finish laying the track so hard you ignore the laws of gravity.


Started the new Octopath demo with H'aanit, the Huntress! Can't wait for the full release!


Finally bothered to watch Terminator Genisys. What a dumb, dummy movie.


Playing Witcher 3 almost constantly for a couple weeks now has me realizing just how much big RPGs fit into my lifestyle. It's kinda nice to just sit down and have that consistent thing waiting for me. Been so relaxing and lovely.


When it's Sunday and you're sassy.


Anyone play only one game in a series that's vastly different from the rest? Only XCom game I'd ever played was Enemy Enforcer. Was shocked when they brought Xcom back and found out it's mostly tactics and not 3rd person shooters.


Titanfall 2 is pretty good, right? I have no idea, I never played it. For anyone else in this position, free code for it in the comments. Don't say I never gave you nothin


I picked up ANOTHER Zelda game today for cheap. This time a cart only copy of Hyrule Warriors for $40. AKA "The best stoner game ever!" I totally plan to veg out every once in awhile, just fucking up bokoblins with my awesomeness. Beautiful!


The E3 report card is done! It's in the comments so you can read it. Here's some of my favorite games, though. Only picked ones where gameplay was shown.


This is officially my 600th quickpost! Thanks for being cool, y'all. How about an AMA to celebrate? (I know the last one wasn't too long ago, please understand)


From /r/Steam. An announcement from the private Steamworks group for developers / people who create items for games. New measures to crack down on "fake games" including a new confidence rating. Which has apparently already put EA games as low confiden


Watching Smash Ultimate footage. Saw that Palkia is still a pokeball item. Remembered that Spear Pillar is back, which has Palkia as a hazard. Is it possible for a double Palkia to happen, therefore negating the stage rotation?


Monsterboy and the Cursed Kingdom. Looking pretty great!


I was going to write a long, ranting blog post about the terrible plot of Infinite Warfare, I got a couple of paragraphs in, but I've already forgotten most of the story and all the energy for writing it is gone, so that was a waste of effort.


This came up on my Youtube recommendations and it made me think of Occams.


I kind of want to fire up XCom 2 again. I just miss the bullshit.


I've been out in the sun, kept myself fed and hydrated, engaged in shared humanity with people but seasonal depression is already kicking my ass :D Even finding something new in Fallout 3 isn't helping (though it was cool to kill a dude over a nighty)


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A Beginner's Guide to the Cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Melee Edition

In 2001, Nintendo released Super Smash Bros.:  Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube.  A direct sequel to the original Super Smash Bros., which had released only two years prior, Melee was a massive upgrade in terms of mechanics an...

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Comments of the Week 55: As My Wallet Gently Weeps

The Aftermath of the Storm Hello again Destructoid! Xeo here once again come at your eyeballs fresh off of E3. There's been a lot of ground to cover this week so I apologize if I missed one of your gems. The site was exploding with ac...

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Codename Ghost Hunt, A Turn based PVP game i have been working on...

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A Shoggy Look at E3 2018

The Electronics Gaming Expo of 2018 has come and gone and it was certainly something! It could be called remarkable considering how few train wrecks and mishaps happened. As fun as it would be to talk at length about Andrew CK or Sony&...

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Cblog Recaps of 06/08/18, 06/15/18+Settling in

Its been a week indeed it has. Last week I was super busy moving, going all the way from Iowa and coming back to Wisconsin though a a bit away from where I used to live. It was nervewracking but so far the jobs been going rather well ...

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Destructoid community showdown: Ghost of Tsushima vs Sekiro vs Nioh 2

Asides from my mind space being dominated by Super Smash Bros Ultimate and no Animal Crossing for the Switch, the other big part of my brain for E3 is definitely about the domination of the samurai aesthetic at E3. We had not one, not...

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The PlayStation E3 That Was

                   Sony started off the media showcase in a really interesting way, choosing to begin in a smaller more personal way. It wasn’t evidently clear what the purpose wa...

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E3 2018: Mobile Gaming on the Rise

With the huge E3 gaming event about to be underway, all of our favourite game publishers are announcing – and teasing – some very exciting new titles. Never before has there been this much buzz for mobile platform gam...

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A Trip to the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is one of my favorite games of all time. My current hour count on Steam is 288, but I know I've poured countless more playing co-op on the laptops of friends and family. I bought it the day it released on a whim, neve...

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Game Start 6

I really picked it up this past month! So much so that I'm even almost back on schedule for posting these blogs. It's supposed to be out the first week of the month - oops. Hooray for almost not being lazy! Anyway, last time I talked ...

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Who Won E3? An Attempt at a Honest Look of E3 2018.

"Who won E3?" It's what most people ask after the multi-day lead up to the iconic summer event in gaming. We all have an opinion. We all decide who's press event had the most flash, the most surprise, the unexpected. Who had the most g...

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Devil May Cry 5 vergil is alive and summoning demons as always

The wait is over, finally we get a Devil May Cry sequel after basically a decade. I have lost alot of hair waiting for this (seriously i had alot more hair when we got dmc4). Last time we saw old Verg was back in DMC4se with a story ba...

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Falling out with Fallout Part I: Malice towards MacCready

Fallout 4 was a good game, but a bad Fallout game. I have a plethora of little nitpicks and complaints about it. And rather than just posting on No Mutants Allowed, I’ll spread it here. Let me start with the writing of one MacCready, for...

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E3 2018: Nintendo Conference Summary & Impressions

The final conference of E3 fell upon us in spectacular fashion.  Although it was not exactly a conference but more in line with the Nintendo Direct presentations we’ve come to know over the years (it was called a ‘Dire...

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On filler or repetition

Or, one-and-done versus permadeath with a positive bias for the latter. Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) gave an interesting presentation on the shape of stories. I'll borrow his toolbox a bit. Unlike him, I'll focus on character power p...

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Mega Cross Tag Ultimate Blog

I think this game perfectly illustrates the Switch from a developer’s perspective. As it kind of sufferes to fit an overall approce. But it is ultimately fun and enjoyable.   Blazblue Cross Tag Battle is a very fun fighting ...

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Pstoid Episode 87: Nintendivorce

I wanted to call this PrE3, but then realized that that looked dumb. Nanners and I go over some of the stuff that we're looking forward to in E3 2018. Archive Podomatic  twitter facebook youtube

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Traveller In Playtime - Tales of Zestiria

Tales of Zestiria is a Namco Bandai Bandai Namco JRPG first released on the PS3 in 2015 and then on the PS4 and PC in 2016. The game stars the Shephard Sorey and his companions on their journey to rid the world of malevolence and the L...

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AGONY ....The Divine Comedies made into a game

History: Agony was originally announced November 2016 as a Kickstarter project. After being delayed once it was released May 29th 2018.  Developed by: Madmind Studio which is a new studio located in Poland with only this...

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Dead or Alive 6: What We Know So Far...

On December 17, 2017, Team Ninja announced to the world that they ended support for the Dead or Alive 5 series. The fans thought that it was the end of a franchise, but that was not the case. A couple weeks ago, it was announced by T...

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EvilCoGames team launches the series of TERRORHYTHM' tournaments

Hi, everybody!In early April of this year, we have brought out the early fruits of our semiannual work - a musical rhythm - beat'em up game with the ability to download your own music content - TERRORHYTHM! Yesterday we have introduced...

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Review: No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

Who needs heroes when you have Travis Touchdown? The beauty of backwards compatibility is having the option to go back and play games that you never got around to playing, or reliving classic titles to refresh on the things we've lear...

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Can't Wait For E3 - A Lion King Musical Parody

What's up fam? Haven't posted in a while, but I've been hard at work on stuff. 4 years ago I posted a couple Video Game Musical Parodies over here and now, I've finally made another expressing my mixed feelings about E3. I hope you enj...

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Why Spec Ops: The Line is still one of the purest narratives in game history

Morally questionable choices, a challenge to video game ethics, a military shooter with a deeper meaning. Spec Ops: The Line was one of the best story-focused experiences of the previous generation, and a great lesson in doing a centr...

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Thank You Bless Online, I met your cousin Guild Wars 2 and now I'm dating her!

Guild Wars 2 was a game I tried to like, quite a few times but it just didn’t grab me. Up until now that is. I’ve been on an MMO phase recently, getting back to WoW even leveling a new pally to 64, but alas I got bored of ...

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Is Ocarina of Time a Gay Coming-of-Age Story?

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, puberty hits Link in much the same way it hits many of us fleshy humans: suddenly, at an inopportune time, and with the force of a freight train. He pulls the Master Sword, and the next thing he...

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It's been a while...

It's been more than 18 months since I logged on and decided to put a post up...  Hopefully everyone is still here doing what they do best (enjoying the hell out of the games we love).  I've recently been playing everything I...

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East European Comic Con 2018

Last month I participated in the East European Comic Con. If you don't know about it, it's a "geek" convention hold in Romexpo, a big fancy "warehouse" in Bucharest - Romania every year, usually in the middle of May. It was a great exp...