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So this is my next Let's Play for Next Monday. Subscribe to VirtuaKazamaLP on YouTube!


I'm no longer free, since @ScionVyse pushed me to try out the C-sides in Celeste... My perfect symmetry, ruined! Though I'm getting closer and closer to 100%.


Finally beat Gravity Rush Remastered! Was a good time, aside from the last sidequest. Combat was… well, normally reigned-in enough to just be tolerable, but too many swordfish and projectiles made for a rotten day. Clearly meant to have a sequel. 2 n


Looks like the street date for RE2 has been broken. Looks like some people are already posting LPs and Capcom is taking them down. Watch at your own discretion.


In these troubled times people should remember what Frank Reynolds had to say about discrimination in the media


Playing the original Rayman for the first time. This game is simultaneously amazing and terrible all at once. There are just as many brilliant levels as there are cruel and unfun ones. Just beat the saxophone boss. Probably not gonna go for all the cages.


Started watching Chaika the Coffin Princess. Rockin' intro, and that is one interesting sniper rifle, but the premise is so weird.


I just found out you can watch 3d blu rays on your psvr. Currently having a blast watching Wreck-it Ralph in 3D. Works amazing


Here's something to fight about. I'm 7 and if you choose anything else you're hitler


I want a Telltale style adventure game with a story similar to David Fincher's The Game.




Got a 486sx 25MHz with 7MB of RAM and a SB16 running. Then I made it run DOOM.


In celebration of Kingdom Hearts 3's release, I have created a personal repository of dumb KH images. They're gonna' spice up my series primer real nice.


Got a new phone, got a new hairdo. Life's been pretty alright recently. Downloaded this "to the moon" game on the new phone. Played about an hour last night. I can feel the feels coming but oh my god I'm not sure if I'm ready or not.


So Utopia 9 (fun twin stick roguelite, no one talks about), Save me Mr. Tako, and The End is Nigh are all $5 on Switch. Go forth and buy them.


[Browsing Crunchyroll] Geez, look at all this stuff. I haven't watched an anime since Hellsing. Huh. Skeleton guy looks kinda cool. I wonder what this one's about?


Got my wings over the weekend. I am so happy, sometimes, with it. Just controlling the fighter is a challenge in itself, but rewarding when you "get it". I'll be hearing "missle,missle,missle,beep,beep,beep" in my sleep for a while.


In addition to finding the bad Screwball missions, I'm finding a lot of bugs in the Spider-Man DLC (heh). Things like input lag seem common but I glitched out a mission somehow and had to abort it and retry. In the base game, 1 enemy spawn in a wall once.


I've been seeing such negativity surrounding Travis Strikes Again that I thought I'd chime in. Completed the game, took me around 18 hours, had a great time! Some actually brilliant parts in there. Will play it all again, gimme that DLC.


I never really payed attention to the protagonists in past Ace Combat games, but something about how AC7 handles Trigger gets me totally invested in playing as him. One of the most interesting uses of a silent protagonist in a while.


1999 Me: LOL, no I don't play Pokemon - I'm not in kindergarden. 2019 Me: Kids, get off the Switch - it's my turn to play Pokemon.


So I picked up YIIK anyway, despite the bad review last week. I'm having a good deal more fun with it than Kevin did, and it's definitely a very unique/special game, but oh boy does it have problems.


Happy 20th anniversary Super Smash Bros! The amount of hours I've had playing these games alone, with family or friends is indescribable.


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Video Game Music Findings

Greetings, my name is Phil. I like video games, mostly games from the 80s and 90s. I especially care about game music and its origins. Thus I embarked on a journey to find music that reminds me of the game music that I like. Some music...

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The 10 Best Games I played on Nintendo Switch

If over the Christmas holidays the big old fat man with the long white beard (I’m talking about Santa, not weird uncle Maurice) got you a brand new, pretty and shiny Nintendo Switch and forgot to get you a couple of games to play...

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Traveller In Playtime 2018 Summary

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My quest starts at the obvious Mega Man 1. It’s the game that spun the platform genre on its head and did such innovative things for gaming. What an amazing trip it is, to look back upon it. In December of 1987 gaming was still ...

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Looking back on my 2018 in Gaming

Now that a new year has begun and it’s (still) the season to check what everyone thought of the previous one, there’s a sentiment I’ve seen across many year-in-review lists and videos: that 2018 felt really long, for ...

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Vane: Ain’t Got No Right

 I had impossible expectations for Vane. From its earliest tease to its final trailer everything about it seemed so mysterious and intriguing. The comparisons to Team Ico were there, sure, but this genuinely seemed like a fascinat...

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Bad to the Bone: A Few Anti-Heroes in Our Games

    If I’m being straight with you, sometimes it’s good to be bad. Playing games, I’m generally the dude who tries to do right by everyone and only shoots people in the head when it really really sounds...

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What I Played in 2018

Through 2018 I kept a list of all the games I started playing. This is going to basically be a copy/paste of that list. Kinda boring, but figured I still share it. You can consider all the games on the list played to the end of the st...

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(Some of) The Fighting Games Of 2018

Welcome back to the stage of history ladies and gentlemen. It is now 2019 and the world was not ended yet. I wanted to get this article in December last year during the sales period but life decided to get in the way. But I like to ...

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Darktoid: While we're on the subject of opening up

I don't wanna feel like I'm taking any thunder away from Ninja. He might pull out a shuriken, slice all my clothes off, and embarass me in front of that girl I like from home room! But, in all the bluntest of honesty, I have issues th...

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Cblogs of 1/6 to 1/12/2019 + New Year Resolution-isms

With a new year, this is the time to revisit and evaluate my last year's resolutions as well as make new ones. Last year, I made the following resolutions: "I am already close to finishing my Sega Genesis series, so I obviously promis...

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Gamepass is making me Jaded

The Xbox Gamepass has sold me a console and lots of games for the next twelve months. With such a choice of games though, I’m finding it pretty difficult to commit to any one of them. After just three weeks I have become more jad...

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Opening Up

As 2019 begins, I've realized my interactions with Destructoid have been limited. While I recently decided to announce my lurker status here in the community, I've decided to partially alter those plans. Over time, I've realized how mu...

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BoB: How Punch Out!! Taught Me To Give Up (In a Good Way)

For about as long as I can remember, I have wanted to beat Punch Out!! for the NES. My brothers played it a lot when I was little and they were good at it. They didn’t always beat it when they played, but they each beat it more ...

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One Week of Fitness Boxing

First off, let me say thanks if you are reading this! And if you are not reading this, that's fine too. This is going to be the first blog post that I actually finish (hopefully). I tried to make a post with a direct game-by-game break...

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Geek Love: The Nintendo Gamecube

So it'll be my birthday kind of soonish, so I'm using it as a flimsy pretext to write this. I don't really care about my birthday, in all honesty, it's just another day to me, but sometimes they can be awfully nice. I get some rather n...

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PStoid Episode 94: No More Words for 2018

Another year, another GOTY episode. I wanted to post this earlier, but life and illness prevented it. We also talk a little about the rumored (now confirmed) Persona 5R, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, and the first round of PS+ games for 2019. ...

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Pat's 2018 Reading Accomplishments

New York Matinee called it "A playful, but mysterious little dish" Two blogs in less than a week? That's crazy talk, or rather, normal blogging. Actually, this is Blog Post 1.5, since I split my last one in two. Having foolishly boaste...

jobejoe avatar

½ Review: The Messenger

If there was a witty subtitle to this review it would be “A game of two halves…” – BECAUSE THE GAME CHANGES HALF WAY THROUGH. Is that a spoiler? Probably, if you didn’t know that already; if you hadn&rsq...

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The Grind Corps Podcast 66 - Happy 2019!

Heyo! It's me, your lovable friend, ZombieCorps. You might not have known this but I am the host of a mostly weekly podcast with my good friend Johnny Grind.We've been going at it for nearly 2 years now.Just this week, we recorded...

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Zer0's 2018 Top 10 (+some other stuff)

  *phew* We somehow made it. 2018 is behind us and from what I gathered from many an interaction, online and off, it was a trying year for a lot of folks and the world in general. Can't take myself out of that as well. I switched...

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Uncle Arena Fighter’s (MAXIMUM EFFORT) 2018 Game Of The Year Countdown

  [This article comes with a full soundtrack. If you opt in, progress to the next track when directed. Don't peek!] LLLLADIES AND GENTLEMEEEEEEEN! Welcome, to the first inaugural Uncle Arena Fighter Game Of [My] Year Countdown an...

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Kicking 2018 out the door

(Note: Links are to a mix of youtube videos on the subject or actual articles depending on what I could find, archives used for sites who have been naughty and I'm trying to show this without rewarding them) The end of another year fo...

Agent9 avatar

January Blues

January is always a bit of a bummer in my opinion. A new year is always exciting but we also move past the holidays. There is just a special atmosphere that takes hold around the Holidays and it's wonderful. People seem more helpful a...

Marcel Hoang avatar

How has your favorite Smash character changed in Ultimate?

I'm just so intensely curious how everyone turned out, especially if you have played a character for years and now they've suddenly changed. A big example to this is Lucas, a character I've occasionally dabbled with in Brawl and Smash...

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Shog's December Gaming Journal

So maybe this was unexpected considering I recently released my overview of 2018 as a whole. Here’s the thing though: habits are difficult to break and the worst time to stop doing a thing is when there’s only one more of t...

Spazzzh20 avatar

Grandia 2 review

Grandia 1 was released to near universal acclaim on the ps1. However when a sequel was hinted at for Sony's then competitor sales were barely passable at the time it only sold upwards of 180,000 units. This could have been due to ...

MainAlice avatar

Anticipating Death stranding

The most anticipated game of mine is Death stranding. Hope we can see this game in late 2019 or at least 2020 and play it on  console There are a lot of suggestion and opinions about the new project of a talented developer o...

Salador avatar


I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions. I love the idea of using the new year to put the past into focus, and to plan on how to best improve yourself, but something about them has always felt... indulgent. Like the performance of resolu...

Aurachad avatar

Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Adventure in the Time of Heroes

So for varying reason this took a month...   Assassin's Creed Odyssey has been referred to as the non-Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed. It takes place 400 years before the formation of the Brotherhood by Aya & Bayek. Ody...

Lady Puppet avatar

Road To Kingdom Hearts III - Kingdom Hearts 1 Part 2

Part 2 as promised and a lot more was done. So as previousy stated choices made and boss killed and now I'm on Destiny Islands and level 2. Gotta go gather the supplies for Kairi. While doing all that I fight the 3 Final Fantasy kids ...

ankit123 avatar

Somebody built a Game Boy Advance in Minecraft, and it plays Pokemon

Minecraft players are always competing to see who can build the most intricate objects in the open-mapped world. Elevators and arrow launchers used to be considered an impressive accomplishment. But as the game has progressed, and game...

LaTerry avatar

Band of Bloggers January 2019 Theme

Happy New Year! Band of Bloggers in now into its second year if you ignore that we didn't start until halfway through 2018. Being in a new year typically comes with a lot of goal setting and looking forwards towards the coming year and...

Pixie The Fairy avatar

'Tis the season: Nameless, untended dreams

Many MMOs and online games have seasonal events, but some are more evolutionary than others. Sometimes you get an event that just pops up like clockwork and it's the same thing every year while a smaller set of games change things up e...

Kesith avatar

2019 Gaming Resolutions

I was kind of lazy...the entire year of 2018. I didn't afford myself many chances to enjoy things. It has been a tough year personally, and even professionally. I never really allowed time to escape into leisure activities, and instead...

Chris Hovermale avatar

Grading my previous New Year's goals and setting new ones

For the past 20-plus years, I’ve either not bothered to set New Year Resolutions or I’ve declared them only to drop them a few months later. This might be normal for most people, but something about it still feels… c...