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[Insert annoyed Mutley noises here]


Have a great day! Also, anyone play those Infinity Engine Switch ports? They're on sale for €10 a bundle and I think I owe it to myself to at least have Planescape on my Switch.


Even the worst season of Justified is still pretty damn good. Just started season 4 and remembered that it's built around the most ridiculous coincidence of all time. Still fun as hell, though


Quick question for any LA locals or people who have stayed there. As a foreigner, how is Ayres Hotel Anaheim? If its not good, would you have any recommendations of hotels for someone looking to go to Disneyland in LA (September)


Whoever put honest to god sudoku in Mass Effect Andromeda should be fired.


Anyone else feeling listless in their gaming while waiting for Elden Ring? Trying not to get invested deeply into any "big" games, so dug back into Nuclear Throne, and got an achievement I had been hunting for a while. Now to check out Vampire Survivors.


So I did the placement in ranked in infinite and ranked gold tier 3. I feel kind of proud that I did well enough to be placed in the middle of the wrung, which I did not expect. Anyway, if anyone wants to grind ranks with me my xbl is solubletulips45


nothing like watching my national team getting eliminated from the FIFA world cup by freaking ARGENTINA!


I wonder what the percentage of smokers who don't curse is...


Yeah, totally, this is a fair price.


Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! I took a long nap so I didn't get to you all personally, but just know this community means more to me than I ever thought possible. I'm glad I found you all


Describe for me the perfect way to eat nachos. I'm in a never ending search for the perfect ration of cheese, protein, veggies, whatever else.


Stopped at Gamestop today on a whim and lookie what I found. Was even on sale forv50 bucks! I had to sell Soul Nomad for ps2 years ago so I'm crazy happy I have a physical copy again.


We haven't done a Mario Kart stream in a while, not to mention that the Mario Kart series turn 30 this year. Either way, let's play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


I did not realize this game was Xbox exclusive and that makes me nervous given the recent AB news.


Gamestop has the physical Deluxe Edition of In Sound Mind (PS5) on sale for $28. This was my GOTY for 2021. It was criminally overlooked and deserves more attention. Consider this an "Ask Me Anything (About In Sound Mind)" post, if you need convincing.


Been watching Star Trek Voyager and I'm reminded even it's worst episodes are still meme-worthy while the worst of Star Wars is just cringe. "Threshold" turned Janeway and Paris into space lizards and they made babies. Your move, Book of Boba Fett!


How do you solve the issue of sweaty meta builds popping up post turn 10? Just win on Turn 10, duh.


Can we designate Matthew "Budget Baker" Mercer as the new Troy Baker? Like, have it in writing and everything?


Fucking had a great run in Vampire Survivors. Been in a constant state of anxiety since last night, due to an MRI that took 40min, and I had to be double masked. I'm a bit claustrophobic. That was my hell. Finally unwinding now tho. Let's start the story:


"Monster Hunter-style"? I sleep. "With Certain Affinity" REAL SHIT


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Opening statement. after Half life  2 and its episodes, Team Fortress 2, and portal.  Valve was riding high with games. Half life 2 (and its epsidoes) was an amazing sequel to the already awsome Half life from 1998. portal wa...

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Fighting Games (& DLC) To Look Forward To in 2022

2021 had some redemption compared to 2020. We’re still living in a pandemic, but things are slowly but surely beginning to open up again for offline tournaments. This year we’ve witnessed several releases such as Guilty Gea...

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(Review) Back 4 Blood: The good times can roll, just not with strangers

There's a dreadful feeling one can have when wanting to play a game but not being able to: Like a horror game that's too intense or a fighting game when on a losing streak. In the case of Back 4 Blood, it's the toss-up between having a...

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2021 - The year I finally got into tabletop RPG's

I love rules. Anyone who has met me knows how much I enjoy getting people around together for some good ol' fashioned board gamin'. I don't know what initially grabbed me with board games but I'd say it's because it's not all that diff...

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Pat's 2020 Reading Accomplishments (we're almost caught up!)

Pat, you still aren't up to date? Nope. But almost! And yes, I know I could simply skip the prior years and go straight to 2021 - but I've kept track of some decent reads and I want to tell you about them! I of course did not anti...

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A breakdown of everything I played in 2021

2021 was a surprisingly lowkey year for games. Despite getting a PS5 and loving it and it's exclusives, the general releases this year have kept it cool. Not to say it's been bad by any means, I mean just Returnal, Ratchet and Clank an...

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My Top 10 Games of 2021

I think 2021 will be remembered as a quiet year for games.  There were few blockbuster titles that blew us away, and the majority of the gaming public is still waiting to experience next-gen with supply chain issues making it almo...

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Games That Time Forgot: Bayonetta 2

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