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Rebirth is at the heart of the Promethian creed - and so it is in Christianity! Happy Easter!


Maaaaaan, I am looking forward to my days off on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am going to be such a trash person, all day. Eating taco bell, drinking soda, and playing games. I can't wait! One twelve hour shift and one eight hour shift to go!


Been watching some old presidential debates. Kennedy has such poise, whilst Nixon seems incredibly nervous the entire time. Well, let's just say that history has a funny way of expressing itself.


Sean Bean seems like a delightful person. This is a great interview!


Saw Book of Mormon live earlier tonight. Man, that shit was hilarious, and with great music to boot!


Hey, who wants to give me about a half million Ental loan for this? I'll pay ya back. Honest.


Posted without context because the context makes it so much worse.


In my defense, she was on sale.... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BL6KYF5


Chain of Memories Update: On floor 8 now. Gameplay is eh. Story feels like a soulless attempt at trying to get Nintendo newcomer money while also appealing to those that played KH1. 'I-it's not all the same we swear!'


The Indominus Rex is seems like a Mary Sue of a murderous dinosaur. Also, the Gotham episode "Let Them Eat Pie" is the most disturbing TV episode I've seen in a long time.


Watched 'Us'. It was entertaining and funny. Not scary, and a bit campy at times. But I still loved the story and the ending was not something I was expecting. Good movie.


This was my first car. Like my actual first car. Still running many, many moons later and gifted to someone who needed it. I kept the chrome skull shifter knob though.


Kotaku gets called out for the garbage pail articles it publishes


This screen's a bit outdated, but I'm feeling too lazy to update it tonight. I think Chapter 2 and 7 are very close ties for my favorites in gameplay, including their B-sides!


In a span of a single day, I received more good news and finished my largest article yet (they keep getting bigger!). Will have the former announced in the near-future and the latter published next month.


Vxxy and I are set to sling spells at each other in the next round of the BlondeBass Super Extravagant Magic Spectacular. Watch at twitch.tv/venturecrow. EDIT: Because it was short gonna stream Siege with Limo and a drunk Dere. Probably monologue for Gus.


Well, I tried to fix my TV the same way I "fixed" PS4, which is to say, I let it rest for a day, tried to turn it on again and it magically worked. No such luck this time.


Playing through Dark Souls 2 again. Huh, turns out I really do quite like it. I know it gets lots of flak, but I thoroughly enjoy it


I've given Phantom Pain about 90 minutes, maybe 2 hours, and and I liked Ground Zeroes more. I remember being excited about this game pre-launch but actually playing it just does nothing positive for me. MGS1 is just the only one in the series I like.


Welp, finished another read of a book that holds a lot of meaning for me. Found a copy of this book in my high school library due to random chance and it pushed me into microbiology. Its been enlightening to return to it and see the concepts it planted.


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Elite Dangerous: Project Ranger Test Flight Pt 2

  Cmmdr's Log 21 April 3305 At 1:03 GMT on 21 April 3305 I departed Cleve's Hub in Eravate in The Orion, my Asp Explorer. My first waypoint desination was Praea Euq ZB-S b31-4 on my way to Morgan's Rock. It was a quiet run;...

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Day Late and a Dollar Short Reviews: Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero

Dood Do you like difficult platformers and penguins that are actually the souls of the damned trying to recreate the greatest dessert ever made? Do you have a PSP or Vita? Then have I got a brilliant and brutally difficult game for you...

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Why Mortal Kombat Annihilation isn't such a bad Video Game movie!

From what I've known, Mortal Kombat 2 - Annihilation was always frowned upon and regarded as a bad movie. I never got a chance to really watch the whole thing until recently. I was quite surprised that I actually liked it, despite som...

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Where the Hell is Grandia?

With the success of several videogame companies during the 16bit era, especially within the JRPG genre, there became an explosion of game development in the 5th generation of consoles. That was especially the case in developing for the...

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The Wolf and the Panther: Sekiro's True Significance

Last year, when Bloodborne became free on PS Plus and I got my greasy hands on it, I decided to do a blog on it. Said blog was mostly just a dump of my thoughts after getting the hang of the game, since it was the first From game I ha...

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Yoshi's Crafted World: Early Game Review

Ok this is a new thing I did with Ape Out on my YT channel(it's called gamingwithcalvin, Pls sub I'm desperate.), where I write a review of a game, but that review is only based on the first half of the game(since it's takes forever fo...

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Phils Game Music Similarities Classics #1

Hello, since I'm on vacation only a small update today. It contains a match that has already made its way through the web, but may not have been caught by everyone. It's the stage 1 theme from the 1986 NES/arcade game "Rygar": As ever...

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Blazehero’s Top 10 Games of 2017

2017 will be remembered as one of the golden years of video gaming alongside 1998 and 2005. Both the resurgence of the Nintendo and a strong showing by Sony brought us some of the best first party titles we have seen in years. Coupled ...

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Beware: taterchimp is a DM! A short, error filled summary of my campaign so far

Below is a summary of the campaign I have been running for D&D.  Almost every name is a reference to a game or somewhere in the real world with some importance to me.  Catch them all to win a prize! Prologue (DM specific ...

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D&D Recap: Gambling and sieges

This is a little recap of a few consecutive D&D sessions I had with my friends. In fact, the first portion of this recap of one session, the party went without their Paladin for the week. With the person behind the paladin unavail...

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Fish University: Can I Really Be the Coder?

Seas get degrees [My dream job, as a kid, was to be a teacher. Turns out it's a pretty crummy job in reality. But this desire to share and learn has not left me. Fish University is a series I intend to use to share some of the things I...

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Why being a PC Gamer is easier and better than ever

A few weeks ago I went shopping for a new laptop to run my business a little easier. I am on the go quite a bit, and wanted a powerful machine with few limitations, but one that was still slim, portable, and had a decent battery life. ...

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Rotty's Top 10 (Factually) Greatest Games of All-Time

Everybody likes top 10 lists. You like 'em. I like 'em. We just can't resist the urge to sequentially number random things. But only I've got the super special list; the factual, scientifically tested, FDA approved list. Using my fine-...

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Too Much Killing

  I was talking with a co-worker and mentioned that I need to change things up. I'm always killing something. Monsters, animals, aliens, robots and other humans. I'm racking up more kills than a cat in a cheese factory. It's eith...

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MSXdev'18 -- almost all entries

The MSXdev'18 competition to develop new games for the MSX computers finished on February 14th, 2019. Or rather, that was the deadline for the entries. The actual results will be out on April 11th, 2019, but I wrote this blog independe...

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Easy Chodes and the idea of challenge.

So there's been a lot talked about regarding Sekiro and its difficulty. With certain people on about how it needs an easy mode and claiming its for accessibility reasons. The same people who likely have never written anything praising...

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Recent game pickups

I have no time for gaming, so what's the solution? Buying more games, of course! There is certainly some thrill in finding rare or strange games, hunting for deals, and filling my shelf space. These are my findings in the last weeks: ...

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Sekiro Review: It's not Dark Souls (and that's okay)

Fans of From Software’s Dark Souls franchise had the pleasure of playing one of gaming’s most consistently excellent series in recent memory. Yes, I’m a fan: I’ve poured a cumulative 250+ hours into the Dark Sou...

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Ranking the MCU Films Part 2-Top 10

Welcome back to my blog ranking the MCU films from my least to most favorite! This is where the list gets hard. The gaps between the remaining films are narrow. I saved the best for last. Perhaps you'll agree, but perhaps not. Please s...

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Game In Progress: March 2019

Who has two thumbs and STILL didn't make progress on his game? THIS freakin' guy, again!! No, but seriously life just enjoys thowing curveballs my way. Except instead of curveballs, they're meteors hurtling towards my no-no spot. ...

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Demon of Hatred: A Short Sekiro Guide

Somehow you've managed to get this far. You run in, you die. You run in, you die. You haven't taken off a health bar yet and there are three of them. Whether you're a Souls vet or a newcomer, your stubbornness to power through the gam...

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Band of Bloggers - Games That Helped Me Break Free of My Comfort Zone

In order to inspire you fine folks to step outside of your comfort zones and plays some new types of games, I have decided to compile a small list of games that were outside of my comfort zone that I ended up loving. These are games th...

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Shog's Smarch Gaming Journal

Spring is here and with it comes all of the usual things I’ve come to expect: out-of-nowhere cold snap, tree pollen making my face melt, seasonal depression making a 31-day Month go by as quickly as a 3-day-weekend and, me finall...

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The real winner of PAX East 2019 was my mom

I saw a lot of fun games and spoke to a bunch of great people this weekend, but the real winner of PAX East 2019 was my mother. Now a retired nurse, my 65-year-old mother decided she would come to PAX for a day to see what all the fus...

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Band of Bloggers: Team Battle

When I heard the theme for this month's BoB, cooperative games I was a little concerned. I don't usually play games with anyone else, and even if they have co-op in them, I usually can't find anyone who would want to play with me. ...

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Borderlands 3 leaks brought to life, and other neat tidbits

The other day, YouTube recommended a video to me explaining all of the elements presnet in the Borderlands mask of mayhem teaser. The guy in the video started comparing certain characters to some leaks that happened in December, which ...

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NVGR- I Really Dig the New Devin Townsend Album

Today the new album, Empath, from crazy Canadian musician Devin Townsend landed on store shelves (or digital or Spotify or whatever you use for music). As a longtime fan of his art you could definitely say I was looking forward to it....

Zero Syndicate avatar

Designs in Bringing Up New Players

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Design decisions that promote cooperation in games. Division 2 is just over a couple weeks old at the time of writing and their scaling for cooperative play really seems to push away rather t...