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Decided to start a new art project on an aging dreamcast. It's been done before but I wanted to try my hand at it. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions and check the twitch too where I play games like Doom with no crosshairs. twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


Trying to find a reputable person for Live2D commissions that also does Mecha is next to impossible. I just wanna commission a proper VTuber avatar, but my little mascot is considered too mecha for many. Image for reference.


My N64 controller has shipped!


Reddit is the dumbest community. I just said that Dune is a white savior story (which it is) and for 4 hours some dude is angry posting at me. He isn't even saying that it isn't a white savior story he is just angry that I said so.


You know I probably wouldn't keep running out of this so often if I didn't randomly eat spoonfuls of it multiple times a day.


Seems like FF Tactics and Tactics Ogre remasters are indeed a thing. Here’s hoping they are actually good too as Square is Missing more than hitting with its remasters.


Don't sleep on The Ghost and Molly McGee. Some great animation, fun characters and smart side jokes.


Drew two of those VTuber people: Bae and Fauna! She's cheering her up after a very spooky Phasmophobia collab last night. I'm pretty happy with how their details came out.


Master Chief is best known for defying the odds and coming out on top every time. Master Chief is John Cena.


I just barely managed to get my horror review marathon done on time. Turns out a full-time job and hanging out with friends every evening leaves little time for writing. I'm done with all of Siren and MediEvil though!


What character(s) would you like to have seen in Smash added as assist trophies? I think Bub & Bob would've been good choices. Hanging out at the bottom of the screen and shooting bubbles up at your competition a la Puzzle Bobble. What would your pick do?


So... Far Cry: Halo? Ugh. Okay. I lament the perpetual homogenization of this art medium into "open world base clearing" reskins, but if this is fun then I'll take this W and call it a 6-year wait


Heyyy havent posted in a min just wanted to say hope everyone is doing good. Im ok...got a nice little raise, but more importantly a lot of genuine compliments from my crew. I was very humbled but glad to see hard work recognized. Say hey back xoxo jenni


So dune 2021 more or less requires you to be familiar with the book, but you can really see how blade runner 2049 led into this movie. Cool stuff, great cinematography questionable everything else.


Watched the documentary about the Dune movie that almost was. It was quite a trip seeing how he pulled together all these people, most impressively Dali and Orson Welles. Take a shot Everytime someone says they have never read the book.


I always like a good redemption story. Heard Death's Gambit was pretty shit when it first came out some years ago. This Afterlife version is pretty damn good! I got about 4 hours in and I'm hooked! Give it a look if you're up for a Metsoulsvania!


Happy Monday! Have a great week!


where my dtoid back4blood peeps out? and when are we playing? add me y'all


Finished the OG Dune movie. They wanted a sci-fi blockbuster, but seemed to focus more on this "prophecy" and the lore and than the characters and story. Even at over two hours it moves so fast and people just feel abridged in a fanfic way.


The OLED switch is the perfect marriage of the base switch and the OG Vita. Hades has never looked so good. Metroid is vibrant. The Darkest Dungeon is more than just a name. I'm very impressed. Far more than I expected to be.


Neoturbo’s post got me thinking of obscure tv shows that you remember. This is one of mine. What are yours?


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