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When you're game referencing a giant meat monster that fucks the stratosphere and spills children onto the earth below. Then has this at the end............. I can only guess she loved Cronenberg films


I am having so much fun with Phantom Pain. I have been playing on and off for awhile but got sucked into it good. Put in solid hours this week. I recently got the water gun. Want to try it on a mission. Make enemy soldier look like he wet himself.


So Disney will buy Sony now I guess.


How the fuck can a cat mean more to me than a human? We had to put one of our cats down last Friday and I’m seriously still fucked up about it. That cat meant the fucking world to me


I can't stop watching the new Shantae opening, it's so catchy.


Bleh, spent a bunch of hours on a drawing that I couldn't get to work at all, so all i've ended up with is this weird lookin Lysithea haha, still, any Lysithea is good Lysithea.


It seems that Gamestop is laying off more people and some of the staff at Game Informer are affected too. Very sad for all those involved. I hope that all those affected are able to bounce back. Very sad.


So... Can you only be logged into Dtoid on one device at a time these days? I noticed this when I sign in on my new laptop, my desktop logs out, and vice versa (Also same on my phone)


Not sure how I've not made a burger with Worcestershire sauce on it until now but I'm better knowing about it now.


What if Sony let this Spider-Man thing get blown out of proportion to get people riled up so Disney would give them a better deal?


The reviews are in. My Hollow Knight Scarab's Grotto tee has a 100% approval rating from co-workers, friends, gaming strangers, family and even people who don't know what it is and just think it's pretty.


The reviews are in. My Hollow Knight Scarab's Grotto tee has a 100% approval rating from co-workers, friends, gaming strangers, family and even people who don't know what it is and just think it's pretty.


I wish that 360/ps3 indiana jones game came to fruition :T


Pineapple Rum + Cola = not that bad actually. Not as good as Pineapple Rum + Sprite or the God Tier Spiced Rum + Jupina but it'll do in a pinch. Now to decide what game to stream.


It still hasn't been confirmed yet so whatevs


Hey man, if it means Spider-Man gets to be Spider-Man and not Iron Man Jr like he is now, I'm all cool with mum and dad breaking up.


It's my Friday, the only thing that stands between me and three days of pure sweet gaming is a 9 hour shift. TIME TO G-FUEL UP!!


AMA time or an excuse to post more images of Rin. Whatever floats your boat.


Welp, Bloodstained is on sale on the switch so I bought it.


If anyone is still curious about them, Titanfall 2 and Garden Warfare 2 are 85-90% off on Origin right now. I just bought both for a total price of $4,5, which made it hard to say no. Btw, Does GW2 actually have a campaign? Forgot to check that "detail".


I have all the PS4 Yakuza games physically, so I want to get the remasters when they release physically in February, but it will be hard to wait that long when I can play 3 now digitally.


Once I'm done with Fire Emblem, I downloaded Final Fantasy Tactics for iPad. Pray for me that its a decent port.


Anyone read Saga? Apparently they're putting the whole thing in 1 massive book. Wonder if it would be worth my time and money.


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What the hell happened to Respawn

Reddit was on fire earlier after a flame war kicked off between devs at Respawn and members of the gaming community over the Apex Legends. This was all based on the ridiculous loot box/paywall nonsense that Respawn tried to pimp in Iro...

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If You Like Walking Simulators, You Should Play Sagebrush

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My top 5 games from Play NYC, and why you should support Local Conventions

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Review

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Fire Emblem Three Houses: Review

I honestly don't feel like I've played this game enough for a full review(I GOT STUCK ON THE FOURTH BOSS OK? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO.) but I do think I've played enough to tell people what it's like, how fun it is and who to reccomend...

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(Smash Character Balancing Part 4)

First of all NOBODY is forcing you to read all of them at once take it 1 character at a time so it’s not overwhelming I had to do 5 each part there is 58 characters I’m not posting them individually that would be spam but I...

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Comments of the Week 70: Fitter, Happier, More Productive, Comfortable

Not commenting too much, no more putting boiling water on the ants. Well, hello there folks! How have you all been? I trust everything has been going just fine in our absence? First of all I would like to apologize the immense delay since ...

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Fire Emblem Hard+ Difficulty Brainstorm

Three Houses is my first Fire Emblem game, and from playtime alone, I adore it.  I beat it just outside a week on my first playthrough, and again in just over a week on my second.  The character building is great, and seeing ...

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Nintendo’s Handheld Consoles

Game Boy In 1989, Nintendo released the original Game Boy as one of the world's first handheld game consoles and it sold over 100 million units worldwide. The console was distinguishable by its green screen and although it was not as p...

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Don't Build a High-End PC in 2019!

  Honestly it’s pretty great to be a gamer in 2019. We can see a lot of exciting things starting to happen on the hardware side of things like ray-tracing, 1440p/4k resolution standards, and workstation grade setups at mid-r...

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Casual & Biased PC Game Review - Roombo: First Blood

Roombo: First Blood (PC)Developer/Publisher: Samurai PunkRelease Date: 8 Aug, 2019Price: USD$2.99 (or your local/regional equivalent)Availability: Steam or itch.io (DRM-Free) (Review taken from my own version on Steam, with a few chan...

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch, SPOILER) Review

As someone who was disappointed by Echoes, I was worried about the future of the series and how it might drift back to the Fire Emblem of the old days. And with the release of Three Houses, I know why I was right to be worried. Keep in...

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An honest play-through of Shenmue for the first time. Here is my experience!

Hello everyone, this is my text-only post of my experience of playing Shenmue for a real playthrough for the first time. I don't know if I can post multiple pictures here on Destructoid so I just made it a text-only post. If you would ...

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After 2 Shootings, Walmart Removes Violent Game Displays—Still Selling Fir

I don’t want to open up a big fucking can of worms here, but seriously Walmart? Let’s recap the senselessness. July 30, two Walmart employees are shot and killed in Mississippi. August 3, twenty-two people were tragically...

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Destiny: An Imperfect Love Story

This isn't the first time I've talked about Destiny on here. Hell, probably won't be the last either. But I've recently decided to make my return to Destiny 2 after taking a few months off. Gotta say, it feels good to be back too. Even...

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Crysis Review (Xbox 360 - Played on Xbox One X B.C.)

Small Disclaimer, I have no fucking idea what I'm doing.   Ladies and gentlemen here it is, the game that would melt PC's. A game that, if your computer for the time wasn't up to snuff and able to play this thing you must have bee...

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Top 10 Studios that Microsoft Should Buy

This blog is a mental exercise. I have imagined that I am an intern at Microsoft. Phil Spencer’s secretary advises me that they are buying up a bunch of video game studios and they need a list of studios to consider acquiring. Th...

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Cblogs of July, 2019: Trophies Can Ruin my Enjoyment

Every now and then, when a game’s natural progress and in-game collectibles edge me towards the game’s Platinum trophy, I am roped back into the trophy hunting game. Every time, I come to regret it, knowing that I the hunt...

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Get off my Backlog: Ocarina of Time

For as long as I can remember playing games, I've been a Legend of Zelda fan. I have so many fond memories of nearly all the games in the series. While I considered myself a fan, there was a pretty big problem with my fan status: I had...

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The Docked Only Switch

Well, this has been a very interesting month for Nintendo as it has officially been announced that not only new hardware was coming but also a hardware revision is coming too. All of that being announced less than a few months from di...