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Sooooo, I might have COVID-19. Went in to the ER with relentlessly heavy chest pains. EKG was normal, but doc said my lungs were a little “squeaky”. No fever or difficulty breathing (yet), but we’ll see what the test results say in 16-24+ hours.


I figured this show would be dumb, but Tiger King (and this man’s jacket) is pretty damn wonderful.


I'll make a public version available tomorrow. Really proud of this hoodie tho. Just a few tweaks for visibility and fixing the M. Also adding the id logo. Seriously addicted to making clothes.




While the Great Crystal sucks majorly, they make up for that terrible location with this quest alone. John Di'Maggio hammed up this role that I absolutely adore him and he's my favorite character in FFXII besides Balthier of course.


The Final Fantasy VII First Class Edition is back up on the Square Enix store. It's really sweet, but also pretty pricey. Just wanted to let ya know.... Also, the trophy list has already been revealed, shit, have got to be extra careful until the 10th.


Wife finished her March critterpedia last night after finally catching a stringfish. I missed stringfish and sturgeon, whateve. Having fun collecting eggs and flower petals today


So. Myst. Have you actually beaten it legitimately? Be honest.


Bunny Day in a nutshell.


My PS4 Pro's disc drive kicked the bucket. Cancelled my collectors edition FF7R because I have no idea what the timeline for fixing it would look like. Alot of my library is now moot. Anyone go through this? Current status:


So, one of the local fancy restaurants serves their chicken clubs with 3 pieces of toast, including one in the center. That is too much bread, and I actually prefer the way most cheaper restaurants make a chicken sandwich, with burger buns.


Well, I guess I'll start playing FFXIV. I have no clue what I was doing before, since it's been years. So I guess I'll just start over. Any recommended class and tips for a beginner?


The perfect social distancing game has finally arrived at my door!


Fuck me just choked upon reaching the final area for the first time in One Step From Eden. Was a god tier run up until then too.


I love FFXII, it's my favorite FF game by far. It also has the worst dungeon in the history of the franchise. The Great Crystal is not friendly. Just got lost for two hours in there. Found the Esper by accident along with Shellga and like 3 Rare Game.


I uploaded a short video of the cute Super Monkey Ball-esque game I was talking about earlier, Paperball. Check it out if you're curious to see it in action!


I'm a little disappointed this weird boy hasn't appeared in a new Doom game.


What story, fictional or Non-Fiction has made the biggest impact on you?


Romancing Saga 3 and Octopath Traveler didn't keep me, but Tokyo Mirage Sessions looks like a winner. Persona-lite with Fire Emblem Personas? Sure, I'll take it.


The Death Stranding Collector's Edition is half off at a few retailers right now, for those that are interested. Oh, and those fucking eggs are EVERYWHERE


So, it looks like social distancing might be starting to work. That said, not all States have enacted stay at home orders quite yet and we still need more time for a vaccine.


Playing through Spider-Man PS4, I wonder what are the best boss battles in Spider-Man games of all time.


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Some possibly helpful facts, sources, and information about coronavirus

UPDATE: Just wanted to throw this upfront incase anyone finds and reads this later. The WHO has disputed the idea that this virus is airborne (airborne transmission) and believes from the data they have analyzed that this is likely spr...

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Sony's ethereal "weapon" is powerful; but aimed at their feet

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Somewhat a Review: Transformice, a flash based game.

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Pokémon Raids: Five Ways They Can Improve

In late 2019, Nintendo released the latest of their mainline Pokémon titles, Sword and Shield.  This entry contained several game-changing elements such as the new wilderness area and the ability to let your Pokémon ...

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For those reading one of my DS review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: The DS is one of the greatest consoles ever, and it had a massive games library. Despite playing a lot of DS games a huge number of great under-...

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Step 1: Breathe

  Hey Folks!   The ole penguin has been noticing a bit of negativity on the qpost and he wanted to try and help a bit here. I mentioned it in a comment to another user but I want to start us off with a short video from my fav...

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Use your Switch more than your PC? Your PC power can help fight the coronavirus

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