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Having second thoughts on selling the N64 Digital Grape N64, mainly cause it looks so fucking cool. But, I'd get more money from it, or I could sell the modded Ice Blue one with set of HD Retrovision SNES Component Cables for about $400 too. Decisions...


Just finished Arcane tonight. Excellent show, and the wait for more is gonna be tough. Gotta admit though. As great overall as the show turned out to be, I think the first 3 episode arc is far and away the show's highlight. Hard to top that beginning


Oh hell yes. That's four full-odds shinies in less than three weeks. I'm going to actually play the game for a while now.


Today's been a bad-and-good, but healing kinda day. Without getting too dour (congrats, Perro!!), I ended up taking off today and spending time with my family. It was pretty nice, and I feel much better for it.


I told myself after finishing up Mass Effect 3 that I would jump back into Final Fantasy 12 R but here I am, jamming out to one of the best title songs I've ever heard. Sorry FF12, gonna have to wait a bit longer..


Still too early to comment on Halo Infinite's campaign, but having gotten to the third level I'm impressed, it looks and plays great even on Xbox One X's performance mode.


How's everyone doing


Look what arrived today! I was super lucky and won a gamepad of my choice on a giveaway from a Twitch channel. Ended up choosing the Xbox pad due to not having to worry about compatibility. Thanks a lot for the tips, folks!


With this new Halo out, I wanted to bring back one of my favorite pieces of video game media ever.


Just pre-wrote the watch post for The Game Awards tomorrow — it's almost time. I think you know which pic I used for the article.


UPDATE: I am playing Halo Infinite with my DS4, holy shit.


I love when reading about non-American political parties, invariably this happens: "The Liberal Socialist Democratic Party of [whatever] is a far right wing party founded in..." lol gets me every time.


A big Happy Birthday to The Maw! Not sure if you still lurk, but much love and good vibes!


Whats in the Prime!?


During your search through the room you find some interesting objects: a broken globe of a planet that is definitely not earth, a large telescope with shattered lenses and various ancient astronomical instruments that you think you recognize from books.


Congratulations on your promotion Perro.


Tomorrow is a big day for the games industry at large, and by that I mean I can play Loop Hero on my Switch.


Farts and also shits happy humpday


Going to the a Van Gogh exhibit in Portland next Friday. So amped.


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Designed and directed by a previous Capcom visionary, Tomba! was meant to be a unique game that defies description. While ostensibly being an Action-Platformer, it also included several RPG and Adventure game elements that it is closer...

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BedWars party - favourite Minecraft mode is now in the form of a game for PC and

Favourite Minecraft mode is now in the form of a game for PC and consoles! BedWars party is a vibrant tactical first-person competitive game: several teams take part in the battle and each has a bed - the game's main resource. The team...

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20+ years of ScummVm loving. Thanks for all the adventures.

>_START is usually the place to begin. Or it was before PUSH took the lead. On the desktop of an old Windows 98 machine there was a blurry pixel green S which looked akin to a spray-painted energy drink logo.    The appeal...

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Part 5 | Sable - The Hunt for the Thief

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November is Epilepsy Awareness Month

Just because the Saturday Super Stream is over doesn't mean the fund raiser is over! I'm raising money for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in honor of two remarkable young men living with epilepsy. Click on the link below! https://...

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Games That Time Forgot: Yoshi

Welcome back to Games That Time Forgot, where we take a look at the games that have been lost by time. With Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remakes coming out pretty soon, let's talk about Game Freak (yes I know they a...

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I helped make a SUDA51 t-shirt for charity!

Hi Destructoid! Back in the days when I was co-hosting the Destructoid show, we ran out of money for like a day. One of the ways Niero, our truly fearless (and maybe bulletproof?) leader dealt with the situation was to quickly design ...

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Mario Party Superstars Needs DLC Soon! Superstars DLC Predictions / Wants

Mario Party Superstars NEEDS DLC AND SOON Mario Party Superstars launched last Friday globally and has been a pretty successful game so far evident from reviews, fan scores, and most importantly its players. Mario Party has been averag...

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We Are Entering the Golden Age of Platform Fighters

I guarantee that all of you reading this right now have played at least one platform fighting game, or have at the very least seen someone else playing it at a party or something. I am, of course, talking about Super Smash Bros, the pr...

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Easy Modding Guide for FF7 Classic (November 2021)

[UPDATE 11/6/2021]: Big update to the mod pack with numerous improvements! - File size cut in half by removing now-redundant mods. - 7th Heaven mod manager no longer requires running an installer and is standalone. - Ninostyle chibi mo...