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If I had a stand, I'd want it to be a mosquito that gives/takes electricity to/from sources. Call it System of a Down.


Just now catching up on weekend stuff. Great job with the downpour of blogs over the weekend, gang! Keep that up.


A huge THANKS to the Dtoiders that played MK8 Deluxe with me this weekend! You guys rock!


I don't suppose anyone would be up for trying Paladins out and partying up? I love the game but I'm having that time again where every game is awful cause people refuse to do teamwork, the basic fundamental component the game was designed around.


I was going to make a post about my experience yesterday, but it ended up being way too long to cram in as a comment in a QPost. Is it okay if I post it as a blog, considering it's not video game related?


Hey guys, I'm making a list of games I'm going to be getting over the next few weeks. and I really want to play a sci fi game that's very Star Trek like. I was thinking maybe Mass Effect since I've never played it. Any other recommendations for others?


So about a week ago after buying the LE Transistor vinyl, I noticed Supergiant provides a link where you can ask them stuff. I asked if they had plans for Bastion on vinyl and was told there were no plans, but to not rule it out for the future(Cont.below)


All this Twin Peaks talk is making me feel soooo old, but it's wonderful to see it return. I saw a billboard with Laura Palmer's prom photo on the other day. Genuinely got this weird daze of emotion, like nostalgia mixed with melancholy and excitement.


Well that's enough ranked for me. The Season ends next week and you know what? I'm cool with where I am again. I've placed gold at the end of every season. Good luck to any of you trying to place higher!


4 total hours sleep this weekend....going to be a long Monday


I think I've been playing BotW a bit too much. The urge jump over the edge and hang-glide into town or find the secret at the top of the mountain is strong. (Sardegna, Italy. Visit it,amazing trip)


I'm loving all this black space at the top of the page. Like staring up at a night sky. Really gives a guy some time to pause and think.


A team is remaking an old mostly in europe computer that will run all it's old 8-bit software. Someone is kickstartering "ZX Spectrum Next" 11 hours to go, do I drop the money for that authentic and more accurate feel or just continue the emulation. hrmm


I hope I'm not the only one giggling for the wrong reasons, whenever the "Phan-site" is mentioned in Persona 5.


Um, is this a spam post? I can't tell...


Movers will be here in an hour! We leave early tomorrow morning!


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Wrangling Words And Taking On Bugs: A Podcast Detailing My Game Dev Experience

"Look for those opportunities to put yourself out there in front of folks and give them a chance to recognize you for what you can do. You'd be amazed how many times people notice you." - Pete Hines I remember hearing those very words ...

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Interview With Smite Esports Athlete Kurt Schray

Kurt Schray is a 25-year-old professional Smite player from Virginia, USA. Kurt is a Smite World Champion and has represented a variety of teams throughout his career. In his competitive career so far, he has earned over $40,000. In M...

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Problems with Outlast II

I just finished Outlast II and I don't want to write a full review of it, I just want to rant about problems I had with it, especially compared to Outlast. Spoilers obviously. My biggest problem is the outdoor areas compared to the hal...

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Comments of the Week 02: An Englishman is Always Right

It's Tea Time Good evening fellow Destructoid dwellers. This is the Comments of the Week, hosted this week by me, TheLimoMaker, the only English person in the team who runs this weekly blog.  Now, since I am the only English pers...

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Impressions: Arkanoid Vs. Space Invaders

Yesterday, an unthinkable yet logical crossover finally occurred. While seeing these two classic game series collide might come as a shock for some, Taito's more recent history suggests that this isn't so odd. They've been pushing Spac...

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Cblog Recaps of 05/20/2017 - Going to Earth-Prime

Short Amnagasm this week, sorry. I was going to write about the ending of the English Premier League season and how it's absence for the next few months will make me sad and how much joy the season and soccer/football brings me. I was...

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How Life is Strange's last episode left me disappointed about the entire game

BIG SPOILER WARNING: The following blog will talk about a lot of the things happening in the game, including the last episode. So turn around now if you haven't played it and don't want it spoiled. While the headline does say that I wa...

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Greenhornet's Top 10 Games of All Time

I decided to sit down and come up with a firm(ish) list of my favorite games of all time. It was really difficult to do. I have loved so many games. The top 3 or 4 were easy, but everything else was very difficult to parse. I did limit...

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Backlog diaries: Driver San Francisco

I was always intrigued by the premise in Driver San Francisco: jumping from car to car in an open city. If you are falling behind in a chase, you could borrow a closer car to track your opponent; you could also use a truck to ambush hi...

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Some Thoughts on Favorites, Love, Aspirations, Growing Up and Muffins

Hello. How is your night? Good I hope. This is going to long and pretentious. Let's get into it.  I wrote a list of my favorite games. It was an excellent experience. Yet I'm not happy with it. And I never really will be. To under...

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Here's What's Really Going On with the FF7 Remake's Release Schedule

Final Fantasy VII -- the name alone is enough to send nostalgia chills up many 20-something gamer's spines. It's regarded as one of the best games of all time, and has had fans begging for a remake or sequel more than Half-Li...

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What Happened to Paper Mario? A Retrospective

So I’ve just gotten started on this blogging business and I didn’t want to throw up a “hey everybody, nice to meet you” post without some sort of other content attached. This might speak to my inability to talk ...

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Game Development: Super Warp Gates and Boss 101 news!

Hello and WELCOME back to the latest Boss 101 update for friends and fans. Thank you so much for joining us again.WE APPRECIATE YOU!Let’s get down into it! So, we are basically down to little knick knacks to round things out. I r...

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Destiny 2 Presentation Impressions

Despite not playing the game in over two years, Destiny has always been an oddity of a game to me. As I had written in a previous blog post, I left the game understanding that it wasn’t for me. As a solo player Destiny wasn&rsquo...

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Memoirs of A Dead Moon: Deluxe Edition

  I’ve been haunting these hallways for quite some time now.  Destructoid…  My “home away from home”.  You folks probably know more about me than most of my blood relatives for fuck’s ...

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NVGR: Black and Blue

Some music for your reading pleasure. Fungza said he was going to make a positive blog to fight all the depressing Qposts and blogs. But tonight I am back there again and the thing is if the world is not embracing me then they can suc...

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We want to know who you're playing on Injustice 2

Injustice 2, on the surface, has somewhat of a tarnished image. $60 gets you the game, yes, but for $100, you get a shit load of additional cosmetic items along with the season pass of 9 promised DLC characters, three of which have al...

thejamesshow00 avatar

Friday Flashback: Kung-Fu Heroes (NES)

When I got my NES on Christmas 1987, my brothers and I also got a few games. The Mario/duck hunt pack in, Jaws, the Legend of Zelda, and Kung-Fu Heroes.  Of the group, only Kung-Fu heroes are 2 players at the same time(no duck hu...

Ein on Shrooms avatar

Ein's Depressing Birthday Story

I woke up yesterday to find out Chris Cornell had they're saying it was suicide.  At work I had a decent day and I had been very excited about the possibility of getting a Switch for my Birthday.   When I got out ...

RLK avatar

New Player

Hi there, This is my first time blogging, first time trying to write anything that isn't a tweet really, so please bare with me. Video games have always been a huge part of my life, some of my earliest memories are of me rushing back h...

Charles avatar

Harvest Moon: LIGHT OF HOPE Thoughts + HM/Story of Seasons Shitshow Recap

Early Light of Hope Thoughts: With the announcement of Light of Hope aka Link's Awakening with more animals and less puzzles, 2017 is shaping up to be a good year for Harvest Moon fans. So, what do you think of the new game based on t...

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DS REVIEWS: Okamiden

For those reading one of my DS review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: The DS is one of the greatest consoles ever, and it had a massive games library. Despite playing a lot of DS games a huge number of great under ...

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What's up? (What's up?) What's up? (What's up?)

Like a lot of you, I'm having a tough time with the news about Chris Cornell. I've never considered myself much of a Soundgarden fan despite being pretty into Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains. Still, I see ...

GWJosh avatar

My Thoughts on the Surge -- Piecemeal Problems

The Surge is the latest game from developer Deck 13 Interactive whose previous game attempted the Souls-Like formula with Lords of the Fallen. This time, they traded in fantasy for sci-fi with a great step forward in design, but not wi...

Hypno Coffin avatar

You Say, I Play: Hacking Away At My Backlog

  This is gonna be a short one! Now that the semester has come to a (suprisingly successful) close, I've decided that I'd like to use this summer to finally play some games that I own and somehow have never touched. I've chosen 7 ...

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Tales From the RimWorld: Torchman's Story Part 2

n the previous part of Torchman's Story of galactic adventure, he and the other residents of Torchland had weathered the storm of several attacks by The Murderous Party. Spring had ended, and everyone was hoping for the best in th...

Voltech avatar

Shower Thoughts with Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

After a long absence…wait, I already used that joke once before.  Eh, I’m sure it’s fine. Luck hasn’t been on my side recently.  Not in terms of my health or well-being, thankfully -- but it seems li...

CowBearSnail avatar

Moving to Stardew Valley

It's not often that I get the chance to go into a game blind. With a daily routine of cycling through gaming news outlets and checking in on the latest trailers, I've somewhat forgotten the feeling of selecting a game from the store sh...

Nick R P Green avatar

I'm holding a 24Hr Charity Livestream this Saturday with a LoL name bidding war!

Hi folks, I'm NickRPGreen, a Destructoid blogger who, admittedly hasn't been posting for a while, stupid real life getting in the way of gaming! This weekend, I am running a 24 hour charity livestream on to ...

Dere avatar

Not What the Doctor Ordered

I think I can assume everyone has their ups and downs.  Everyone gets sick now and then.  You just don't feel right.  When it gets too bad, your friendly neighborhood doctor gives you some pills and hopefully everything ...

Gamemaniac3434 avatar

Thoughts on: Specter of Torment

Specter of Torment is the second of the DLC campaigns to come from Yacht Club games and as you might imagine, its good! But that does come with some caveats and opinions on the matter of course. So without further delay, lets get ...

Ricky Namara avatar

The Mouth of War, or "Yo Momma's So Fat Mount Everest Tried To Climb Her"

There are times I felt so very old as a gamer because the landscape of my favorite industry changed faster than Donald Trump could produce new scandals. Personally speaking I've lived through six generations of consoles, with four of t...

Pizza in a Tangle avatar

Let's Play Games Together! Pizza Presents: The Weekly Multiplayer Bulletin Board

There's a trend I've noticed lately with folks around here: This past weekend, I was trying to play people in the MK8 tournament, and there were only one or two other people playing at once! It's completely doable, and I still had fun...

Jonathan Holmes avatar

A review of a review of a Destructoid game review

JeI just bumped into a review of a review that Mike Cosimano wrote about the PS4 game called Lethal League. I am going to try to review their review of his review, because I said that I would.  The bad news is, I o...

PStoid avatar

PStoid Episode 65: Ghostrider Waifu

Neal gets his trippin' balls on, Nanners loves himself some Makoto and the usual PStoid nonsense ensues. There are Persona 5 Spoilers after the break song (given warning in episode) as we do our now weekly installment of Persona 5 dis...

VaddyZ avatar

The Ballad of No Scope Joe

I first met No Scope Joe in a Denny's at the Ohio boarder late one night. I was just leaving and noticed this seething, bald monster of a man shouting down a waitress. "NO. NO. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHO I AM. WHO AM I? WHO AM I? SAY MY ...

Terry 309 avatar

What makes MMORPG's so successful?

This is a topic that I have had in my mind for a while now, MMORPG's have been widely successful in the past few years, however their popularity has started to slowly deteriorate in recent years. Looking closely at the genre as a whol...

Isay Isay avatar

Hey yo (shortblog/drunkblog)

So…how’s it going?  You may have noticed I haven’t been around recently (or not, that’s cool).  Things are good, started a new job in March but new company firewall finally caught onto you miscreants...

Da Gaming Zone avatar

My Childhood Games PT.2

Here it is the most anticipated blog in the web, My Childhood Games part 2! I've been wanting to write this blog a couple days ago, but I didn't had much time, I haven't slept in 29 hours so if you see something misspelled I'm so sorry...

Load of Bollocks avatar

Who the hell is Load of Bollocks?

So just who the hell is Load of Bollocks? Well, I’m a sensual lover of videogames, a journalism student, and--- Wait. What the hell? I’ve posted 12 blogs before this one. How can this be my intro blog? I suppose I’ve...