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The only thing I love about my cat is that he refuses to love me.


The lass pick up Dragon's Dogma a bit ago... And so I've been watching it being played for about, I dunno... Say, 90 hours or so... And like, nothing has happened... Is something supposed to happen in that game?


#Bump8 ($240 to go for my car!) Made a less cluttered looking stab at this, as after fender bender, I am in a pickle. I'm grateful for all the help so far, but fuck the rest of the goals of this. I need help to get my car running. Link inside comments.


5 more hours and I have two weeks off. Yay!


Well, my new Native Instruments Maschine MK3 just arrived and the package is now sitting here next to me, mocking me, for my colleagues got collectively sick and I have to work 9 am to 11 pm <.<


Well. File this under “I completely forgot I ordered that.”.


Never thought I'd use the Xbox One's HDMI input for satellite stuff, but low and behold I actually have a perfect use for it with the Open Source Scan Converter to upscale everything to 1080p and stabilize it with any capture card. More in comments.


Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently playing. Those between bracket I am going to review when completed: -[Shining Force III: SC2 (Saturn)] -[Mega Man ZX (DS)] -Legend of Zelda: BotW (Switch) -SteamWorld Dig 2 (Switch) -Dishonored 2 (PS4)


Well, it finally happened. I couldn't update a game because my PS4 had insufficient space. It's a 2TB drive! Game are way too big now, man...


So I double dipped on Transistor a few months ago for the Switch version. I have played most (probably 3/4 of the game) on the PS4, but when I heard it was coming to the Switch, I thought "hell yeah". I finally tried the Switch version, and it's perfect!


After a small hiatis due to just hecticness followed by sickness, Ring Fit Adventure is finally complete! ...Well the main story at least. Feeling healthier than I have in a long time, not gonna stop now!


Im working on something ;)


My friend made a Dead by Daylight video that made me remember: when my friend gets drunk it gets hilarious.


Having now played through Oxenfree three times in a row I suspect there's one last secret in there that the internet still hasn't discovered yet, a secret ending or something.


Not gonna take four months between blogs this time! Time to relive C&C Generals in all of its 2003 glory! TL;DR: It was fun back then, and it's still fun in 2020. Next stop: Tiberian Wars!


Stream was fun and a success! Thanks to all who came out tonite!


Hello DTOID! i spent another quality couple of months on the middle of nowhere, but this time i took my laptop. And while i dont have internet over there, i could game on it. And y'know? i still can't like Hollow Knight... but i think i got it now.


sketched Nero today, pretty tired, think moving house has caught up with me haha.


Happy weekend hunting folks!


So legit on PS4 my Siege data is corrupted. Like the game starts up, hits the splash screen then boots me out with an error message. Tried to reinstall a few times, no dice. Google no help. Anyone know? 🤷🏻‍♂️


Hoo boy, those Japanese-only-until-yesterday Kunio games are HARD. At least for me. Took me like 11 tries just to get past the first stage in Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun.


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Cblogs of 2/15 to 2/21/2020: 8th Week

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Ninja Please

In the morning between Monday to Friday you’ll find me on the train riding  to work checking my twitter feed. I just joined the service a year ago and while I don’t have too much in the way of followers, or even peopl...

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Anal Beads and Video Games

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Some Words on Dishonored, Stealth Games, and Immersive Sims

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Japanese Role Playing Game Review -   Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (2019)   Game Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Reviewed by Brady Painter - 2/15/2020 Visual Representation of Dialogue 5 Visual Representati...

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Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Review (PC, Switch)

This is only going to focus on the new features that have been added since the original version. So, just a heads up there.  I'm adding the Switch tag because a friend got this game on the Switch and I played through most of the g...

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Game In Progress: January 2020

It's a good thing I had the foresight to number these posts by month and year! Otherwise I'd have duplicate blog titles that would confuse even me. Anyway, I made the decision to essentially start over. All the lessons I had learned i...

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Belle Boomerang - Revealed!

While I am new to Destructoid, I have been working on small indie titles for a while now and recently released my newset project: Belle Boomerang Belle Boomerang is heavily inspired by the shining stars of the 8-bit era. As such, it ba...

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Control (PC) Review

Every year, there is usually one game that just clicks with me. The game hits on all cylinders, and usually has at least one element I have a great interest in. In 2017, Cuphead was that game for me, and its challenging-yet-fun gamepl...

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Gaming Bookends: Muffy's Story

Warning: The following contains material that may be upsetting to those that have experienced sexual violence. Reader's discretion is advised. When you turn the power off the game never really ends... Client M, Session #14  ...

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Saturn REVIEWS: Shining Force III

This is one game on the Saturn I played knowing pretty much that it would be good. After all both Shining Force games on the Genesis were very good and are among the top 10 games on that system.Yet, it appears that Camelot  Softwa...

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A Decade in Review; Shoggy-11

2011 was a really weird time for me, I was living at home with my Mom and siblings, trying to build up enough money to move down south to make a long-distance relationship into a not-at-all long distance relationship. I made it happen ...

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My Wife Reviews: Super Seducer

I am a gamer; my wife, Brittany, is not. So I decided to make her play dumb, interesting, or weird games all in the name of research! She must then review them as thoroughly as possible...or at least as thoroughly as she wants. Why she...

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Quick Review:Two Hours with Project xCloud : Microsoft's New Streaming Service

A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES Yes, Microsoft has joined the fight with bringing their library to Android devices and allowing you to stream to your device of choice. For my time with Project xCloud, I was using a Samsung S8 and a PS4 con...

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Traveller In Playtime – Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2016. Following an attack by the IMC, Militia Rifleman Jack Cooper is forced to assume pilot duties o...

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Revisiting Dark Sector (Not because of coronavirus)

Dark Sector, released nearly 12 years ago in March of 2008, is a game I think about a lot. Which is to say, given the minimal thinking I'm able to do in a day, I think about Dark Sector most of the time. For a few reason...

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Thoughts on the EVO 2020 Lineup

It’s the 9th year in the row since I’m talking about this year’s EVO Lineup. Wow, time flies fast… Mr. Wizard and Mike Ross recently did their annual game announcement stream for this year’s EVO and we g...

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BoB: Subverted Expectations - Independent Opinion vs The Internet

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A Bunch of Games I Played (and sometimes finished) in 2019

Yes, I know, it’s 2020 now. And it’s not just 2020, it’s February… I’m super, super late. I never expected it to be this crazy, but it really has been one whirlwind of a year for me. I’ve been thro...

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I Played Some Video Games

It's that time for a bunch of mini-reviews of some of the noteworthy games I've played over the past couple months. Enjoy!!!   Disco Elysium (PC) Perfect/5 After 2 runs and a good month to reflect on the experience, I'm still at...

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Ranking every Star Fox Game | Ultimate Gamer 2020 Part 1

original read on my site So as I mentioned in the previous blog (here) I was going to start this year by playing full series of games / the games I missed in my favorites series. If you guys couldn't figure out from the title which gam...

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Not going to write you a game blog cause you asked for it

Not even cause you need one.  There's not a lot to say about one thing, but a little to say about a lot of things. A ton of stuff to be excited about in 2020, and there is a small pocket of time in which to catch up on the great g...

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I Asked Hideo Kojima To Bash His Head Against My Keyboard. Here's What Happened.