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Something, something "Chaos"


Is the Final Fantasy demo working for anyone? It's corrupted whenever I try to download it.


There were a couple of significant low points (seriously, we needed way more Halo than we got here) I think this Xbox presser was... pretty solid all things considered? Like B Grade maybe? How were y'all feeling about it?


Since things have calmed down with the site as a whole, I'd just like to pop up and say clicking "all news and updates" feels really redundant since it takes me to a page with 1 to 3 extra stories compared to the front page then a "next page" button.


Hmm I think it's safe to say that it's too late to expect a Kotor remake announcement. Unless that happens at Nintendos thing which I believe there's a low chance of that happening.


kind reminder (and yakuza like a dragon)


Oh, Project Warlock 2! Nice. Coolest trailer I've seen so far.


We always complain that Final Fantasy party characters have stupid hairdos, silly names or have more zippers than necessary, but when they go the opposite route is... well, weird.


Can't lie, I'm really hoping Halo Infinite Multiplayer does well.


Personally, I think Microsoft killed it. But I was interested in the Forza Horizon dev thing that slowed momentum to an absolute crawl, so I'm biased.


I've got my wishlist nice and updated, how about you guys?


I just realized– the benefit of Halo Infinite multiplayer being free to play is that I don't have to buy Xbox Live to play it!


Current Status:


So far E3 has been good for one thing - putting me to sleep. Here’s hoping Nintendo delivers.


For some reason DToid doesn't like it when I directly link to Youtube videos, so I'll post the link in the comments.


Error 2123-1502 is not fixed as I found out the hard way. Nintendo really ought to get their shit together.


Seriously Sony/Insomniac need to port all the Ratchet & Clank games to the PS5. Rift Apart has me itching to dive back into the old games but I don't want to hook my PS3 back up.


GAMERS today I guess.


Went on a hike at the river with the dog and some friends after the Microsoft/Bethesda presentation. Did I miss anything good?


Wait what Platnium Games are making a live service game ah fuck me that has ruined my day they were one of the last studios I would ever want to see make a live service game.Oh well they has a good run before.Have no faith for Bayo 3 now mostly


Doesn't matter how cringe your conference is if you have at least a few games I'd really like to play. Didn't expect pc games show to be the most consistent for me today.


So E3 so far is a dud. So for no reason, I'm going to remind you all that Christopher Walken was once in the little remembered 1996 adventure/horror game Ripper.


I might actually buy and play a pc game next year. Wouldn't that be wild! (this is basically a modern take on Heroes III)


So far my biggest complaint with EDF World Brothers is that you have to beat every mission on the hardest difficulty to unlock inferno difficulty. In older games you unlocked inferno just by completing the story.


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