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The final level in the Destroy All Humans! remake was both time-consuming and difficult, though worth it. I had my fun, and there's more challenges to do. That said, I wish I had more stuff to spend DNA on, even temporary powerups.


Playing with a PS4 controller feels weird after playing with an Xbox controller on PC for what seems like forever. What do you all prefer?


Now that's what I call getting back at the damn beast.


Just beat the main story of Spidey PS4. The ending was heavier than I expected. Spoilers in comments.


So...this exists and by proxy I had to instantly buy this puppet in particular. I have my life in order that's for sure.


I LOVE Metal Slug! And so should you! RAWKET LAWNCHAIR!


Sentence of Mist (2020) - I ended up using some of the midi data from the 2011 version, but it has some new parts (mostly drums). This is one of my favorite songs, and the hardest song I know how to play on piano.


Not sure how many hardcore PC enthusiasts we have here but good news. Also, there "technically" was the Eve Spectrum, but I beg y'all NOT to order the Eve Spectrum if you want an HDMI 2.1, 4K/120 monitor. Their track record is shady as all hell.


AHHH I did the thing and got a 14/20! I'm so mildly proud of myself!


Palm Springs is a movie that deserves a watch, especially during our times. I thought I wouldn't like it during its first minutes but the script and the performances proved me wrong. 5 starts. I dare say it is debate material, and a good one.




In news that might not interest anyone: I've centered my taskbar and I have no idea how I managed to live before this.


You're all now as confused as I am.


Joss, please kill Spike or I will do it myself. Thank you.




Current Status:


I don't have a full setup and won't until we buy a house in the next couple months, but I'm streaming some RDR2 and would love for you to join! A follow is also appreciated, even if you never watch :D https://www.twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


The black ps5 looks quite familiar.


Got a new book about the Texas Rangers and all the stuff they did (Lots of really, really bad stuff). Also, apparently Sam was a Texas Ranger.


Bought Fall Guys. Played it for about half an hour. Refunded Fall Guys. Battle Royale style games are already a harder sell for me, but then add on the fact that its primary gameplay feature is frustration, and I just noped out of it.




"OI BRUV! lend us a few quid love?" Yes they make track pants in that size :P


Ive been getting into pokemon go again recently. Caught this beautiful bastard today


This isn't entirely correct, but it's an interesting thought.


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As usual, another short post for this monthly update. Last time I had finished creating the assets for the slots and for their 3-D shape counterparts. The next part is to create the code. Funny thing about that...I've spent so much ti...

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Cave In I had an idea to make a card game the other day that plays similarly to Screw Your Neighbor combined with Cash And Guns.  Figured I would type it out to see if it makes sense, and unleash it on you all if you wanted to try...