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Overwatch has lost it's novelty for me. I've only played it once in the past 2 weeks and it was for half an hour. I don't really have fun or enjoy playing it anymore.


Happy national pie day. Remember where not to put your keyboard in a pie


That feeling when you finally find your main in a game.


Welp I'm done with Issac for a long ass time. The RNG is so awful to me. I mean how is it outta 20 runs I get like 6 dps upgrades and only one from an item room? Just wow. No worries though got yum heart with blue baby so... what did I ever do to you?!


I wish I could shake off this depression.


Bought Odin Sphere Leifthrasir at Gamestop for 30€ because I'm broke and my backlog is already massive so it seemed like the reasonable thing to do.


My cat is starting to get up in age(almost 15), seems in good health and very playful. Best behaved cat ever seen, and still manages to surprise me. 1st time EVER she intently watched TV while I played a game. She followed Shantae moving around.


I absolutely love Shin Megami Tensei IV, but it's impressive how those small tweaks introduced in Apocalypse improve on the experience. Also, those MGS and Dark Souls shout-outs were rather unexpected.


It's strange. I kind of want to harm Kelly the Con. On the other end, I kind of want to sail around the world with her, observing and fucking with every culture and political system possible. She's the real world equivalent of Tynnyfer for me.


Woot!!! Last Week Tonight will be back in February! Bring on the depression, birdy faced fact man!!


A better Weezer jam than Buddy Holly, from da bess Weezer album. Also applicable to a situation I'm in.


I realize there's been a fair amount of stress for everyone in the past few months - individual, political, and so on. That said, I'm still happy to be part of this community, and I'm glad to have so many of you as my friends.


I propose the 15th February to be the official Phalanx Pheller Day. It's a day after Valentine's, so it would be easy to remember. The 15th is also my Birthday and I therefore have the absolute legal authority to create this holiday.


SAMURAI JACK MARCH 11TH AT 11:30. THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I wonder if Samurai Jack is so important that it's bumping DB Super or if this means Toonami will gain another half hour and start at 11pm.


The worst thing about January is waking up at 7:30 and finding it's still dark and temperatures are below freezing. Staying in bed is so tempting.


Unlocked Bard, Summoner and Scholar in FFXIV this week, then went back to level up tank jobs Sunday. Marauder went a lot better for me when I added Gladiator skills. Those lead up to Warrior and Paladin, so I guess I work toward those next.


You find a lucky ticket which grants you a free tour of a meat packing facility. While on the tour, you get lost among the sausages, and stumble across an old man. He tells you that he knows how to get out. Continued in the comments


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remember (random angst filled "poem" / reflection, I am so sorry).

It's been a pretty good weekendSpent most of it highwhich is great except for the coming downwhen I wish I didn't forget the lithium last nightSpent most of it at much lessthan 24 frames per secondThis really cool girl with green hair ...

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Improving Pokemon

Pokemon is an excellent franchise. I've found every new title it releases a guaranteed time killer. The newest games, Sun and Moon, have become my favourite Pokemon games and were such an improvement over X and Y. However, that’s...

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Life of Black Tiger - Death Of PSN?

Below is a link to Jim Sterling's gameplay of Life Of Black Tiger, a game for the PS4, costing $9.99. As horrendous as the game may be, and from what I've seen, it really is, it itself is not the problem. Well, it is, but not really. ...

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Cblog Recaps of 1/21/16 - Lifemare Reflections

I haven't been having the greatest of weeks this week, been irritable and anxious a lot of the time so naturally I did what any sane person would do and drown the outside world out by listening to podcasts nonstop. To say I'm a podcas...

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Video Game Music Compilation 56

Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou better be ready for some VGM, because it's coming at ya! I love myself some VGM, and it's because of that I figured that to jam outand write what my heart and brain speakis the perfect way to drag me ou...

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Artist of the Week: The Greenhornes. New, but also old.

After the last few weeks covering big name artists deaths, I thought to myself, "Why don't we move away from the big view, the names and the glitz and bring it down a little bit. Make it a little more... intimate." So under that though...

Greenhornet214 avatar

New Year's Evil

I was really inrigued my this month's prompt. I enjoy a good villain. A good hero is nothing without a good villain.  I'm not going to deconstruct the concept of the villain or anything like that. I'd simply like to mention a few ...

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Error Machine Podcast's Top 10 Nintendo Games (Episode 100)

Greetings all. Not sure how many of you still listen to my podcast, but for those of you that do, we have a special treat this week. We ran a marathon and whittled down and ranked a list of the top 10 games published or developed by Ni...

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Boss 101 Video Development Update pt3 BERL in the Arcade Machine

Welcome back to the Boss 101 Update and thank you for joining us!The video series with BERL continues! These are all hosted by BERL and this one is all about the AWESOME ARCADE MACHINE!The video is up on YouTube right here. Check it ou...

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x5 (NA) Volcanion Codes Contest

The last time you can get a Volcanion if you missed out, and it's easy to enter. North American only codes.  

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Destructoid Community Interviews: Riobux

Hi folks, Orochileona here. Hope your 2017 is revving up nicely as we approach the end of month 1. I have another Community Interview for you good people. The original draft was the longest yet! So, I took the interviewee's advice (he ...

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My a tad unconventional personal Wii U 'end-of-life' fave games

Yesterday, I looked at how many physical Wii U releases I had. Given that I play only a handful of them - at best - within a month (Tank!Tank!Tank!, Just Dance 4, Just Dance 2015, Super Mario 3D World being the ones of January 2017), I...

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Hypno's Monthly Community Giveaway: January 2017

 Vroom vroom. {Bump #2: Participation is down this month :^( Perhaps I should have gone with a different topic, but theres nothing to be done about it now. If you participate I'll love you forever and I might be able to be persuad...


Bloober Team's Cyberpunk Horror Game >Observer_ Due Out This Year

So, I was looking for information about >Observer_ to add more to its Wikipedia page. Plus, I'm hella excited for the game. Usually the only sources I find are in Polish, but it never occurred to me to recheck the Bloober Team webs...

GWJosh avatar

Yakuza 0 Review: A Nostalgic Beat

The Yakuza series has been a cult hit from Sega and a spiritual successor to Shenmue. The series is a similar mish-mash of designs and genres just like Shenmue was. While Yakuza 0 is the latest in the series design-wise, it’s a p...

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For The Switch to Live The 3DS Must Die

The Nintendo Switch seems to be prepared for success. The innovation of playing your games anywhere, any way you like on a hybrid handheld/home console is a winner. But, much like the unstoppable, General Hannibal, Nintendo is making a...

Morpho avatar

How Resident Evil VII: biohazard spoilers makes me want it more!

Let's start this off with a disclaimer: there will not be any spoilers in this blog ASIDE from a few tidbits gleamed from promotional trailers and the Beginning Hour demo. While some people think even the information given from traile...

ZombZ avatar

The Phalanx Pheller Archives: Behind The Banjo 2.0

[WARNING: VERY PICTURE HEAVY BLOG!] [BUMP: I posted this blog about half a year ago before and am now bumping it for 3 reasons. First, I added a lot of pictures since then and assume most of you might have missed a few, when I posted t...

Lord Spencer avatar

GENESIS Reviews: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

For those reading one of my Genesis review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: I already reviewed a bunch of SNES games, so its natural that I am going to review the games of its prime competition. Does the SEGA Genesi...

Steve1billion avatar

The Last of Us - How It Took Me By Surprise

  Since it's initial Playstation 3 release back in June 2013, The Last of Us has garnered endless appraisal, winning numerous awards and recieving a remastered edition in 2014. At the time of writing this blog I've fully complete...

AvtrSpirit avatar

Overlooked Gems - Velocity 2x

  The new year marks the start of a new blog series. Yay! This series is about video games that flew a little under the radar. At least from my general impressions at Destructoid and a few other places. I will be talking abo...

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LaTerry's 2016 Game Awards

It’s still January, so it’s still totally viable for me to be doing an awards blog, right? Don’t care, already doing it. Please do keep in mind that these are my opinions and that I didn't get to play all the games th...

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GAMEZ NEWZ: Horizon Zero Dawn will have no form of Micro Transactions

So I promised something that's a bit of an exclusive and this blog will mostly be written assuming you want a written version of the video above. I have confirmation from some-one at Guerrilla Games that Horizon Zero Dawn will not hav...

Voltech avatar

Who’s the Sexiest Character in Gaming?

Not to start this post off with a controversial opinion (on top of a clickbait-worthy title), but I have to be honest: I think underboob is the worst thing ever. It’s fine if other people like it, of course.  But for me?&nb...

Traest avatar

Wargame Wednesday!

Partly an excuse to keep me writing, and partly an excuse for me to geek out, I’ve decided to do a weekly post on wargaming! Last time, I went over the two big names, as well as some terms. This time, I’m going to fan boy a...

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The sartorial gamer: my favourite outfits from recent games

  The title "sartorial gamer" is perhaps not accurate in many ways. I'm not a huge buyer of designer clothing, rarely wander into second-hand vintage clothing shops, and I sometimes even walk out of the house with my jumper on bac...

able to think avatar

able to think Reviews: Gravity Rush Remastered

Gravity Rush has has so much hype from the Dtoid community that I had to see what all the fuss was about. Ever since Gravity Rush 2 was announced, people here have been going crazy over this game. So I decided to give it a shot and p...

Mr Benjamin avatar


Whether you are excited about it or not, everyone is buzzing about the new Nintendo Switch. Last week we finally got the in depth look at the ins and outs of Nintendo's newest console release. Now that we know the price point is set a...

TheBlondeBass avatar

Bass Comments of the Week 01 - Switching it Up! (Ft. Zer0t0nin)

Welcome to Bass Comments of the Week! The show where I rip off the popular blogs of two influent community members to feature the content that really matters, which means mine. And only mine. Well okay, Zer0t0nin is also featured this ...

Keiichi Morisato avatar

My Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been a rather divisive subject within the gaming community at large, whether it be it's graphical power, battery life, paid online subscription, and number of launch titles, there is no shortage of things that ...

Blanchimont avatar

Marvel Heroes Test Center (Test Server) Rant

I have no idea how else to title this, so I'm just going to label the title exactly what it says. I've been playing the game on and off since the beta and soon, the game is going to go through a massive overhaul of the game into someth...

Holy Shadows avatar

New Year's evil: A Darkness Within

  *WARNING! Spoilers Ahead* (Star Wars Ep. 7)     "I don't play villains. I play interesting people." -Alan Rickman    I like to think of myself as a positive person. However, just as the name suggests, I ...

LastSeraph avatar

Infinite Backlog - Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star Review

Don't like reading? Check out the video review above!   Released in Japan on November 10th 2016, North America on January 17th 2017 and Europe on January 20th we have Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star. Developed by Marvelous and publ...

Casus Gaming avatar

Let's give some love to Demon's Souls

Now don't get me wrong, it's not that Demon's Souls is unappreciated, but let's face it. Demon's Souls is dramatically overshadowed by its older brother.  And to some extent, that was unavoidable. It was PS3 exclusive when all the...

absolutfreak avatar

Tales from the RimWorld pt. 1

 Introduction Hello there! After discovering RimWorld last week, I’ve wanted to start a series about the adventures of my colonists, using Destructoid community member names in hopes of making some interesting stories. I&rsq...

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The issue coming from the Nintendo Switch conference everyone's been ignoring

All right everyone, while you’re all discussing the conference, and the pros and cons of the upcoming Switch console and its software, and what it means for the future of Nintendo, I think it’s time someone addresses the re...

Shinkz avatar

My hands on impressions with the Nintendo Switch

I arrived home from the Nintendo Switch event in London yesterday, but half of the day was spent traveling across almost the entire country so my ass was beat. What an awesome ride! Thanks go out to Nintendo for inviting me. It was a l...