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I have not been having fun with games for some time now. Often considering leaving the hobby. But today I found my new jam so fuck all that.


So I follow a couple of indie game shops on facebook and the one I used to live close to is getting some cool stuff in! A bunch of amiibo and a few toy/marvel comic packs...they look like things I had to leave down south...


My adapter finally came in! My 2600 joystick works but my TAC2 is acting funk so it probably needs a clean. I also though the TAC2 would be smaller for some reason but its a big as an xbox control! Yup, ill be marathoning pitfall and berzerk for a bit :P


Holy shit! They did it. They fuckin did it. Infinity War is a great time.


Not looking for any condolences, but I needlessly lost someone today. There is always someone to talk to, and life can always offer something better, or at the very least, different. If you need help, just ask, if you know someone who might, check on them


I did it both ways. I like the green best! What ya think?


BTW for those who didn't know Anita Sarkeesian is planing a come back to video games.


Anyone still hoping against hope that there is any line the GOP won't cross for Trump need only look at "principled libertarian" Rand Paull caving after weeks of very public "principled" opposition. It's terrifying.


First up for my fallout collection going into my shop now.


My Band of Bloggers cblog is live! This month I've played the most draconic game ever made: Spore. Link in the comments because I'm dumb and don't know how to put links on qposts. [bump + included a link to my sporepedia profile]


One of my all time, favorite indie games launched on Switch today: Sky Rogue. If you dig Ace Combat, check it out. Plays great, even the optional motion controls! Also on Steam, sans motion.


This is absolutely stunning. The weird part is it smells strange. It seems to be the ink on the box because the good stuff doesn't smell. Small potatoes really. The art is ridiculously great.


Does anyone remember anything from A Link Between Worlds?


Ah what a good day. Super Robot Wars X is out, and my review of Super Robot Wars V is on the front page. Good times.


It's #thrashmetalthursday! Here's a lesser known classic thrashterpiece. I was five years old when this released in 1989!


I need opinions. Words in yellow? Keep it all white? Or ????


So I beat God of War. Still got some side stuff to clean up, all in good time. Quite the game it is. Looking forward to the rest of this new trilogy. Going to take a few days away from games and then get back to finishing Blue Dragon.


Looks like a Switch port of The Long Dark is in the works. I've played it an insane amount on PC. If you want a chill, beautiful survival game with no zombies or other players it's pretty great.


Busy trying to hype my shit on Twitter and Instagram. All in a day's work...lol


"Thumpin' Music Thursdays" Today's choice:


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The Evil Within 2 would be the perfect Jurassic Park game

Once upon an Ocarina of Time I was a wee little boy. I loved roller blading and jumping on street mattresses, but most of all I loved my Super Nintendo. I only had a small handful of games, many of them being terrible movie tie-in...

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Cblogs of 4/25/2018 - Death, Taxes and Game 7 Inevitabilities

Kids, don’t ever care about sports. Don’t even think about it. All that will happen is you’ll get up a goal heading into the final frame in an elimination game, only to have every possibility of happiness ripped awa...

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Shenmue: Whats's the Big Deal About This Game?

A compilation of the Dreamcast classic is to be released for current-gen consoles and PC later this year, but why is there so much noise around an almost two decades old series? You may have heard of Shenmue, or seen Michael Huber drop...

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5 Ways Super Mario Odyssey is a Souls-Like

Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo Switch has been delayed, but we already have something to tide us over. Here's a piece I wrote back when Super Mario Odyssey was released. Since we have to wait a few more months to take our Switches ...

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Band of Bloggers: Spore

How to create your dragon When the return of the Band of Bloggers was announced, I got pretty excited about writing something! But then I saw this month’s theme, and… uh… ok, please promise me you won’t ever t...

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Reimagining a Franchise: Games Ripe For a Soft Reboot

Many of you are enjoying the latest smash hit to grace Playstation land, God of War.  I, too, have been along for the ride like the rest of the mass collective.  After some thought, while mindlessly droning on at my day job, ...

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A Thoughtful, Strong Boy

Once in a blue moon, a game will nestle itself deep within your heart, leaving a permanent imprint on your character. It's these games that prove to be the most special, the most impactful; these are the experiences that make certain g...

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Incoming Blog Journal: Project Gorgon

Project Gorgon, Click on through for an introduction Cut from the same cloth as Asheron's Call and Everquest, Project Gorgon is a new MMORPG developed by a small team of people with experience dating back to AC1, 2, EQ and more. What ...

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Banner v Banner (2003-8)

“The first minute of this film is a master-work of efficient story-telling. When this film was being made, the studio referred to is as a "requel." Essentially, It's a sequel to Ang Lee's Hulk film, if that movie were actually a...

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The Big Dumb Star Fox Zero + Guard Blog: Two Years Later

I originally planned to have this blog out last weekend, which would’ve been the day Star Fox Zero was released in Japan two years ago. Unfortunately, I was a bit pre-occupied and missed the boat. Better late than never, I guess...

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The inherent problems with art criticism in video games.

Yeh so this is likely to be a bit of a stuffy pretentious C-blog from me but it's one I kind of think I need to get out of my system.After doing my recent Critical Floor blog (thanks to those of you who enjoyed it) and watching Extra ...

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Why Mass Effect: Andromeda Was My Most Played Game of 2017

According to an e-mail I recieved from PSN some months ago, Mass Effect: Andromeda was the game I played most in 2017. At 217 hours, it dwarfed the play times of Persona 5 (an even 200 hours) and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Combined with ...

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5 Ways Fable Fortune Is Different From Hearthstone

The new CCG Fable Fortune is not very different from Hearthstone, but how much of a runner-up is it? Here are five differences between the two that set them apart. Fable Fortune has excited Fable fans everywhere - determined to keep su...

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Fortnite: Battle Royale's new 50 vs 50 mode has something for everyone

  I got internet at home again yesterday, and wanted to test out the new 50 versus 50 mode, and I was super impressed. The new mode has a little something for every kind of gamer. Unless you are one of those super skilled pl...

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In Defense of The Incredible Hulk

I've decided to write a blog defending the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk (hereafter referred to as TIH). I consider it to be the most under-rated film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is largely forgotten by the fans and ...

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Traveller In Playtime - God of War (2005)

God of War (2005) is a character action game made by Santa Monica Studios and published by Sony. I bet you can't guess when God of War (2005) was released. It depicts the revenge of the Spartan Kratos against the Greek god of war, Ares...

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"The Pen is Mighty in MS Word", or how Gaming rekindled my love of Writing

'How does this grognard, dorky, son of a...' - Don't you talk about my mother that way! 'Dropped in the middle of the forbidden sea of social media' 'No prominence, impoverished, start smaller' 'Grow up to be a gamer and a blogger' ...

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2018.04.23 Zazmo Arcade Weekly Update 4/23

Welcome to the Zazmo Arcade Pack Weekly updateGeneral NewsNot a whole lot to report. We had a busy week with game submission BUT we do want to add we are prepping for our Xbox One console release as well we our upcoming Steam release. ...

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Serious Sam 3 VR is my most played VR Game now

Lately I have been going on in qposts about how much I like Serious Sam 3 VR, so I decided to go into more detail than  just gushing about how great it is. It is the full game ported to VR, with improvements only.  This feel...

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Super Smash Bros for Switch! Shoggy 3rd Party Speculation

The last time I typed about characters who could be in Smash Bros for Switch, I focused on first and second party entrants to the latest in Nintendo’s massive crossover franchise. Third party fighters have been a part of Super Sm...

poster13 avatar

God of War 4 — Average, Contrived, Mediocre

So many enthusiastic reviews and comments. While I'm SOOO disappointed! The original God of War has been such a fine and inspiring slasher! Because of this 2005 PlayStation 2 game, people get interested in antiquity, ancient Greece and Gre...

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BoB: Battle with the Blue Dragon

This was going to be the biggest battle in the game. The blue dragon was spoken off only in terrified whispers, the quest description clearly indicating that it would be my biggest foe yet. As the king of the land, I knew I must face t...

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Anime review: Violet Evergarden (Season 1)

An emotional masterpiece For one reason or another, I have a very difficult time getting emotional these days. Whether it's for happy reasons, or overwhelmingly sad reasons, it is incredibly difficult for me to lose myself in my emoti...

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I am Gamer, hear me roar.

Confidence is hard. Even at the best of times, everyone feels selfconcious at some point or another. Us gamers might have it worse than most in that regard, since what we do isn't always immediately accepted or understood by everyone ...

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Kratos: A Warrior, A God, and A Father

Throughout the years, we have witnessed Kratos as a warrior with extreme blood-lust and as a rampaging god. The one side we rarely saw was the side of fatherhood. Throughout the years, fans have seen Kratos' (God of War) many sides; Wa...

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10 Mobile Multiplayer Games You Need to Play

With the mobile game market more crowded than ever, it can be hard to settle on a quality game to justify investing your time in. On that note, we’ve put together a list of ten of the best Android multiplayer games to keep you bu...

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The actual best comment of the week

I said that if this comment wasn't featured in the next Comments of the Week, I'd make my own post featuring it exclusively. So, congradulations to zatoseyes! You may not have been "officially" chosen, but perhaps this is an even great...

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Band of Bloggers: Devourer of Dragons

First off, I want to thank LaTerry for taking up the mantle and putting in the effort to resurrect Band of Bloggers. Twas a thing before my time, but more prompts to write blogs and more topics to write about will doubtless be a boon t...

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Game Start 4

Welcome to the fourth entry of my game development journey.Where I do nothing but complain and maybe learn about how to use the Unity Engine to make a game. This time around I think I may have done the most and also the least amount o...

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Back to the world of blogging

Hi all. I know you guys just missed me so terribly much. (jk) I have decided to make my return into the blogging world. I have had a lot on my mind lately and thought this to be the best way to get it all out there and kind of sort th...

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Missing the manuals

You may call printed manuals treekillers. I'll make a claim that printed manuals were, at a time, part of the game. For instance, this guy here. You know him, don't you? Let me draw him in greater detail. What, you don't think that's...

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All we are is DUSK in the wind

{DUSK Spoilers} Old horror games are great storytellers. Stretched out and pixelated skins glued to the many polygons that form a retro world, not only to make us question "What the hell is that suspicious object in the distance?" but...

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Villains that did nothing wrong: Lavos

Lavos is the iconic final boss from Chrono Trigger. It was constantly being referenced by other characters as a source of power and evil, but in fact, Lavos was just a creature trying to get a family together. Pictured: Father/Mother ...

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The Kingdom Hearts Legacy (2010-2018)

Welcome back to "The Kingdom Hearts Legacy" written by yours truly. Last time we left off it was 2009 and we were talking about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. No, you don't have to glance at your calendar . . . we didn't go back in time . ...

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Terrorhythm EA is available on Steam

Dear friends! Today we are happy to announce that the game TERRORHYTHM is ready to be able to play it to everyone. April 7 the game was released in early access!Of course, there were some technical difficulties, the main ones of which ...

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Villains that did nothing wrong: Enrico Pucci is blameless and justified

Enrico Pucci is blameless and justified. [Warning: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 6; Stone Ocean spoilers ahead!] Enrico Pucch is the antagonist of the Jojo's in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 6; Stone Ocean. Although he is the "bad guy...