The Weekend Hotness: Super Smash Bros. Board

Somebody had the balls to make a custom Super Smash Bros. board game. Watching the demonstration gave me flashbacks to those crazy complicated board games of the 90s, like Hero Quest.

As gamescom wraps up, we deliver an explosion of on-site interviews, which I’ve collected under the “gamescom” banner below. Also, our week-long celebration of the 25th anniversary of the SNES continues with two more pieces by Chad and Allistair. Finally, go download Dtoider AlphaDeus’ community music album right now!

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gamescom 2011:
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Five bucks gets you Jamestown on Steam today

Freak out, Minecraft has Pokemon
QWOP: The feel-good underdog drama of the summer
X gets equipped with … an itchy holiday sweater

Sengoku Basara 3 Utage release date announced
I Am Alive has a new leaked trailer
Portal’s turrets find their way into Bastion on Steam
Stranded: Gears of War 3’s opening scene
New PlanetSide 2 screenshots and concept art
Spoilers: Rhthym Heaven Wii’s biggest secrets unlocked
Robocop avatar gear: I’d buy that for a dollar

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