The Complete Euphrosyne Guide for Final Fantasy XIV

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Euphrosyne is the newest 24-player alliance raid introduced to Final Fantasy XIV in Patch 6.3. This is the second part of the Myths of the Realm endgame storyline that pits you against The Twelve through a series of boss battles. Completion of the previous raid Agalia and its subsequent quests are required to access Euphrosyne.

If you took a break from Final Fantasy XIV and want to know how to unlock Euphrosyne in Patch 6.3, check out our unlock guide here. Though this fight is generally easier than the NeiR alliance raids from Shadowbringers, there are still many mechanics here that can catch you off guard. Here’s what you need to know!

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Boss 1: Nophica

As the first of the Twelve to greet you into Euphrosyne, it’s only fitting that Nophica is your first boss as well. This is a generally easy fight once you grasp Nophica’s central mechanic of telegraphing her AoEs by transforming the arena. In short: be away from her when the arena is a flower field, and get close to her when the arena is a grassy forest.

Check out our detailed guide for more information.

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Trash Mobs

Once you defeat Nophica, move forward until you see three groups of mobs. Tanks from each party in the alliance should grab each group of three and bring them to the center of the platform. From there, hit them with your AoE skills like you would in any dungeon. Once the mobs are down, ride the jump pads until you see three more enemies. Rinse and repeat with the AoE burn.

Once those monsters are down, a Behemoth will spawn on the platform. All tanks should prepare to share a tank buster with the main tank shortly after the battle starts, and everyone must dodge the proximity AoE when it appears. Otherwise just burn it down with your single-target attacks.

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Boss 2: Althyk and Nymeia

Nymeia will join Althyk for this encounter, requiring two tanks to separate them immediately. They will routinely inflict a debuff on you via the move Spinner’s Fate, requiring you to either look away from Nymeia or stand still to avoid fire damage. Watch out for water attacks that will push you back and prepare for Spinner’s Fate to reverse its initial effect roughly halfway through the fight.

Read our dedicated guide for more information.

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More Trash Mobs

Proceed along the path and you’ll find yourself in an ice arena. Three groups of three monsters will be waiting for you, so tanks from each alliance should grab them and bring them to the center as before. These monsters will telegraph several AoEs, so keep your eyes peeled to prevent avoidable damage.

Otherwise, this is the same deal as before, use your AoE skills to burn them down quickly and move on. There will be no more trash mobs from here.

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Boss 3: Halone

Ride the slide waiting for you after the monsters to approach Halone. This fight will greet you with Tetrapagos, requiring you to dodge four telegraphed AoEs in the order they appear. The majority of Halone’s other attacks are some variation of cleaving the arena, so keep identifying safe slices of the arena to hide in. Watch out for her add phase, the rotating line AoEs can catch you off guard if you aren’t careful.

Check out our Halone guide for more information.

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Boss 4: Menphina

The final boss of Euphrosyne is The Lover Menphina. There are two central mechanics here. The first is Love’s Light and Full Bright, which will make one or four moons appear that telegraph AoEs once they finish waxing. The second is Midnight Frost, which will cleave half the arena relative to Menphina’s position. Mater these mechanics to prepare for the second phase in which Dalamud will join her and add extra arena cleaves to Menphina’s attacks.

To fully prepare for this encounter, look over our full boss guide for Menphina.

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That’s the raid!

Like previous alliance raids, Euphrosyne will drop a unique minion and a handful of Triple Triad cards. There are orchestrion rolls here too, so run this raid to expand your music collection

All gear here is ilevel 620. Some of this gear may have more optimal substats compared to Lunar Envoy armor you can buy with tomestones. That said, note that you can only get one piece of gear from Euphrosyne per week until the loot lockout is removed in a subsequent patch. Also remember that you can obtain one Euphrosyne Coin per week, which can be used to purchase upgrade materials for your Lunar Envoy gear in conjunction with Aglaia Coins. This also is locked to one drop per week until the loot lockout is removed in a later patch.

For casual and midcore players, running this alliance raid weekly is an expedient way to get valuable upgrade materials. Even if your main job is geared, grab those weekly loot drops for your alt jobs or your glamour chest. May your duty finder be ever in your favor.

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